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  1. Hello there everybody, my names K.Nitrogat, I haven't been on a Sonic forum in such a long time, but this fandom has sucked me back in, I hope to make some new friends here, I am very easy to approach and chat with so just hit me up with a PM if you want, as for interests, Well Video Games to get the obvious one out of the way, Comic Books and animations, I also enjoy a good roleplay here and there, my favorite character in the franchise (As well as to roleplay as) is Tails, I don't much like any of the other characters for reasons I'll go into if so asked, but here I am. As for my character, The reason there's a K there instead of a actual first name is cause my OC's are twins, male and female meerkats, Kagura (she) and Kaguna (he), it's only for roleplay purposes though, feel free to call me Nitro, or Gat, or ever Nitrogat, no preferance, anyway I'm just prattling on now, hope to chat to you all soon!
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