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  1. Come on, folks, with that joker umpeached, we can get the real president to the oval office. Me. I am a maverick, I will fight for you and for our blessedly stucco God. Let me clean up this rancor excuse of what we call standards, my vision of America is a GameCube on every corner with Sonic Advent 2: Bubble included in them disc trays.
  2. Don Quix-WHO? A'course I don't want Shadow to be a anti-hero, I've been careened with enough of that since he was inducted into the series! I want him to be a wholesome, purify, American character and to be darn-tootin' truthful with ya, Americans have a gene against delusions so none of that squirrel fur, either!
  3. Hey, Mitt, sorry that thing with the darn-tootin' election didn't work out and all!
  4. I hope I don't make a fool of myself by saying this! I'm darn-tootin' sick of being the butt of all the jokes... Every time I've played as Shadow, (most notably in Sonic Advent 1 and his spinner game) I can't stop portraying him as an "outdoorsmen" in my mind. I've had many a quixotitic fantas--dream about that luciously patriotic hedgehog wearing only a flannel shirt (and nothing else, if you know what I mean) with a 12-gauge slung on his shoulder gleaning in the sunlight. I think he'd fit in ambitously in Alaska. Rhetorically, his spin-off game almost pantomimes this idea for me; he's so naturally obtuse with weapons of any kind - human or alium, it just boggles my mind! Don't even get me started on Sonic '06, all the vehicles he has at his disposables; motorcycles, jeeps, buggies. I'd call you a liar if you said he wasn't a country boy at heart, that's for sure!
  5. Fellow citizens, I would be honored to become part of this glorified community. I accept this call to bring quality to Sonic Stadium and fight the tough fight of vouching for my personal opinions and beliefs. Thank you for allowing me this benign oppurtunity to become one of ya'll. With all that aside, howdy! I'm sure you all know who I am and I'm absolutely thrilled to get the chance to meet all of you beautiful Americans. I won't sit here and tell you a load of propajected lies, this is my attempt at reaching the youth vote for my 2016 presidential bid. What's more hipper than Sonic? Nothing, darn-tootin'! Oh, and if you all could do me a big favor and not tell anyone about my bid for presidency, that'd be spectacular, okay? Okay! Hey, look! I can see Mobius from my house!
  6. If you put lipstick on a pig, is it still a pig?

    1. Enderwoman


      Oh god damnit.

    2. Mr. Awesomest
    3. Mitt Romney

      Mitt Romney

      I've still yet to catch one to try.

    4. Crow the BOOLET
    5. Celestia


      Huh, I had forgotten that Sarah Palin exists until now.

    6. Tara


      its a sexy hawg

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