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  1. With all the promotional material next to it, maybe it was some kind of convention? Anyway since I don't really post here I figure I'll get at least some of my thoughts out about this game right now. Biggest disappointment for me so far is the roster, or lack thereof. I'm really holding out for (MAYBE free?) DLC akin to what Mario Tennis Aces or Kirby Star Allies did if that's what needed, but 15 is such an abysmal number when the Sonic franchise has so many characters. No Babylon Rogues, Cream and 2/3 of Team Chaotix missing are all rather weird. Wish they'd stop trying to force Zavok on us... Sochi Olympics, Speed Battle, Forces and now this... which is especially weird considering the rest of the Deadly Six haven't shown up since Lost World bar Zazz who was also in the Olympics game. Disappointed with the returning tracks we've seen so far. Just like others I'm holding out for Galactic Parade to return in some form. I hope they get creative with the other zones. Please god no more Green Hill or Chemical Plant. Give us stuff we haven't seen in years like a Green Jungle or Kingdom Valley track. Also the art for this game weirdly reminds me of the Shadow the Hedgehog renders. Is that just me? Very similar lighting/shading. For example... Tails render from TSR vs Tails render from ShTH. Compare to renders for, say, Generations where the shadows are a lot more subtler. Still somewhat sceptical of the whole 'team' mechanic but I guess we'll see when the game comes out.
  2. You guys are aware the CN app's ratings are much more important than the views the actual channel gets, right? They're much more inclusive. Much more easier to keep track of who's watching on the app as opposed to the selective method of who's using a Nielsen box to watch CN.
  3. dammit mlp, if back to the future couldn't fit in time travel shenanigans in 2 parts then neither can you
  4. honestly just give silver blaze's speed and he wouldn't have been that terrible. his telekinesis is a really interesting concept, it was just handled poorly
  5. it's a shame too, the CGI cutscenes in the game still look amazing by today's standards. just take out all the humanxhedgehog garbage and fix the glitches and it probably wouldn't be that bad.
  6. I kinda wanna see them take an approach where they start building up towards stuff like arcs and backstories, kinda like how Teen Titans and Steven Universe started out (but still lighted out with the comedy, maybe not as deep as TT and SU). Just some backstory on the characters would be nice.
  7. I really hope they get a 30 minute timeslot next season, there are so many more things you could do with that. Also, the one joke this episode was missing was a joke to SA2 about Shadow being ""mistaken"" for Sonic. I know it's never gonna happen, but with the way they handled Shadow... I really, really wanna see other characters, especially Silver, Blaze, and the Chaotix (they would be amazing in this show!!). All in all, I liked the little jabs and fourth wall breakers, and I'm excited to see what to do with the second season. edit: ech, forgot the mention shadow's voice... i know people aren't a fan of the 4cast, but oh dear lord bring back Jason Griffith or just find someone better.
  8. Has the idea of remaking Sonic '06 for the franchises 25th anniversary and it's 10th anniversary ever been brought up? I'd love to see it with Generation's models... and an Unleashed style Elise (seriously the human models in that game were Pixar quality stuff!)
  9. this game screwed 10 year old me up in so many ways. imagine playing sonic heroes with it's corny one liners, and then you get to the store with your dad and rather than sonic and friends with a good ol' smile on their faces having a jolly good time punching eggman in the face you see shadow the edgehog holding a gun mimicking every call of duty cover ever i.. i didn't know how to feel. i can't even come up with a metaphor or simile for it i was so confused. needless to say, it was terrible. the only (slight) fun i had with this game was getting to be the envy of all my friends and playing multiplayer with them. other than that... this game isn't... ech. it isn't sonic 06 / RoL bad, but it isn't sonic heroes / before good. it's just kinda... there.
  10. my it's been a long time

    1. Osmium
    2. silverthepsychic
    3. Klinsy


      Hi, boss!

    4. Failinhearts
    5. silverthepsychic


      haven't been here in ages (almost 3 years)

      how's everyone doin? doubt i can remember names...


      also think i had a main account or something. i might've made this one after losing that one... i definitely remember having more than 2 posts here

    6. Osmium


      You wouldn't know who I am anyway since I'm relatively new. 

      But I'm pretty good. How about yourself? 

    7. silverthepsychic


      i'm alright. i recently rediscovered tcrf.net, which led to me finding sonic retro, which led me back to here. crazy what can happen in the course of 1 day

    8. Osmium


      Yep, I know that feel. 

  11. Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Yes. But seriously, I adore Chao Garden, I know tons of people do, even if it didn't fee it belongedel lik, it was completely optional and no one was ever forcing you to use it unlike the other characters. It's a totally optional, bonus minigame, that's actually pretty quality to the right demographic. LIES. You had to use it to get emblems (which would get you GHZ) and something else. I think if they did a HD port of the stand alone Chao Garden from SA2 and SA1 or just a collection of them both,Sonic fans would have something to do while waiting for the next game. Although I still wonder why they didn't bring it back in Generations. It belonged there.
  12. Sonic - He's fine Tails - Out of all the personalities he should have, I'd have the smart ones from Unleashed and Colours. He'd be useful in a way lot more games. Knuckles - keep him like he is, but more smart Amy - SA1 personality, try and get respect from Sonic Big - GIVE HIM THE PERSONALITY OF DUKE NUKEM. is only logic Shadow - Burn the Amnesia plot line and everything will be fine.
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