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  1. yeah if sega brought out a game just for chao or they brought out an app for it that would be amazing but i still dont mind them in sonic games
  2. Which one is most entertaining to play? Sonic dash or Sonic jump? In my opinion i would have to say sonic jump as i have never played sonic dash although i will get it soon. According to my friends sonic dash is better but i can not make that choice yet. What is your opinion? Also it depends if you have android or ios so when you make your opinion see if you can add which version is better.
  3. personally knuckles because he is just awesome
  4. Should sega bring out another game where we can raise chao. In my opinion I think we should have another game as raising chao is one of my favourite things to do
  5. I would have to say villainous music as IMO it makes it more epic and builds up tension
  6. With three versions of City Escape which one do you prefer? SA2 or one of the acts on Generations?
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