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  1. It's more like the people on the other side are calling anyone who disagrees with them SJWs and inserting their personal politics into this.
  2. After yesterday's Smash presentation, this video is still relevant

  3. I guess I'm buying Xenoblade 1 a third time

  4. The above page is actually from Sally's last appearance in that design. Issue #16 was the first appearance of the SatAM design, and then a few issues later she started wearing the vest (I believe this tied in with her getting it in the "In Your Face" special?).
  5. I wanted to update about this earlier but due to working on other things I hadn't had time, but I've been following a tribute zine for Etika that recently got its print run funded. It's called JoyConBoyz Forever, and it's a hardcover limited run filled with tribute art and writings with most of the proceeds going to NAMI, a mental health awareness organization (the initial funding goal was to fund the physical book being printed). The pre-order window will be closing after tomorrow so if you were interested in a copy and wanted to give something to charity in Etika's name maybe someone here would like to check it out.
  6. Yeah to clear things up, normally we would say this belongs in the marketplace, but as pointed out that has a minimum post requirement of 50. Having reached out privately we realized that was going to be a long time coming and after verifying some other information we decided to allow this topic to stand as is. I also think artwork from the earlier era of Archie, such as DeCesare's work, is a rare treat and something that people would love to discuss.
  7. Huh, really? Didn't think they listed new characters until they were ready to drop, or if they have pages they just give a vague window of when they were going to drop like "Summer" or "Fall." I don't really check the eShop pages for updates though.
  8. One thing that I am curious about is that the date on the Nintendo page mentions it's February 2020, but this is character pack #4. The pass is supposed to be completed by then, so either that's a placeholder date or maybe there's something to it being a mix up for another game (though I didn't think SNK Heroines was even still getting new content). I'm totally cool with an SNK character though. My first thought was Mai, but if it lines up with the other rumor about a girl and a mecha, then Metal Slug could be interesting too. I'm not familiar enough with their games, but this is certainly more interesting than past rumors about Doom or Overwatch or whatever.
  9. Every time I read some plot related thing about Kingdom Hearts 3, I'm so glad I dropped out after KH2.

    1. Solly


      I can't help but think I missed the boat for even starting Kingdom Hearts. Everything about its plot/basic premise is totally absurd to me as an outsider looking in. Maybe the surrealism is part of the charm but I really wouldn't know. 

    2. Zaysho


      Most of the plots after 2 are just running a single storyline into the ground and pretending to build complexity by adding things that contradict the older games and for some reason it just really annoys me and puts me off later games. I think the first two PS2 games are really charming and I have a nostalgic fondness for them, but when they started taking their own original plot too seriously it became a distracting mess that's not worth the time investment.

    3. Polkadi~☆


      Currently playing Kingdom Hearts 1, and it all makes sense, and it’s fun. When you think Disney / Final Fantasy crossover RPG, it’s exactly what you get and more.

      Going beyond that, to hearing about Dream Drop Distance, that’s... Well... It speaks for itself.

    4. JosepHenry


      KH3 is not even complete by any stretch of the imagination

      I see a loooooot of people leaving the series next game which is fine since I love the direction the series is going. The story makes sense if you put the pieces together. Is a giant puzzle which nomura gives a few hints here  and there and you put it together, the last few months really made me appreciate how crazy KH has gotten cuz it is still, a an incomplete story. Everything has a purpose. Nothing is made just cuz. I walked off KH3 with a sour taste in my mouth but then I disgested it all and saw... many puzzles. If you don't like solving puzzles that's fine, but if you don't like doing that while playing KH you are missing out on 60% of the fun. Nomura doesn't need to make things cut and clear. Doesn't make it bad either, is just not your thing. I think is very worth my investement.

    5. Wraith


      I would be able to tolerate it if the games were as fun as they used to be

    6. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      People waited over a decade for that game and most are disappointed with it lol 

    7. Soniman


      At least it came out I guess 

    8. JosepHenry


      people play it as KH2 instead of  KH3 and miss out on a lot of combo potentials


    9. Ryannumber1gamer


      If you ask me, the storyline works a lot better if you just ignore any time travel happening in Dream Drop Distance, with exception to Ansem, Xemnas and YX being from the past.

    10. Ryannumber1gamer



      Being fair though, I think that’s still KH3’s problem. It was still meant to be a conclusion to a story arc running for 10 years. A shutting of one book, and opening of another. A fresh start basically.

      I’m fine with tying it into a future title, as long as it has a definitive ending, but as is, what feels like the grand finale ended up being just another puzzle piece for something larger, and that IMO is just frustrating. KH2 managed to do the same thing 13 years ago, leaving plot threads open for sequels down the line, but still conclusively ending the plot threads established by the first two games.

    11. JosepHenry


      yeah. the time travel part makes a lot of people freak out but... is not that bad. enjoy riku's lovely character development.

    12. Ryannumber1gamer


      Riku’s development is great, it just luckily doesn’t tie into any time travelling nonsense. 

    13. JosepHenry


      @Ryannumber1gameri think ReMind will tie KH3's loose ends, and like, to say how confident i am, Kairi will be redeemed.

    14. Forgetful Panda

      Forgetful Panda

      When it comes to plot, KH1 is the simplest, most straightforward of the whole thing, and can easily stand on its own.

      Things were so much simpler when Ansem was just one man, I can tell you that much.

    15. Wraith


      Kingdom Hearts 3 probably has the most potential for variety in terms of combos but the fundamentals the game is built on are just poor imo so it's not fun.

    16. JosepHenry


      .... Says you! *flowmotions away.*

    17. JosepHenry


      @Forgetful Panda  KH1 is not straight forward at all :)

  10. No one's saying you're not. It's being pointed out to you that your bias is making you blow this out of proportion and that your comments read as especially fanboyish. If Flynn had that much of a bias against Shadow, I have a hard time believing he'd taken as much trouble with the character that he did during his run on Archie. Within his first year he broke Shadow away from Eggman, by the third he formed Team Dark, developed his personality and gave him the most spin-off issues of any Sega character, with the character rivaling Knuckles in terms of importance to that continuity. In the second continuity he was given a unique conflict tied to his origins and his group is protecting the Earth at large while Sonic is doing his thing. Him not getting his way when Sonic said it wouldn't be right to kill an amnesiac Eggman or getting turned into a zombie because he thought he was better isn't Flynn selling the character short and I think this is just ridiculous. It's not fucking "Worlds Unite" where he got edged out because we really needed Street Fighter characters in a Sonic and Mega Man comic, for crying out loud.
  11. I'm personally for another character I would absolute love on the roster but probably can't fucking play (I got just what I wanted with Shulk last time lol), and if it had to be a third-party character, KOS-MOS is definitely my top pick. Not holding my breath, but after Banjo, I can't think of anyone other than her or Lloyd at this point. And at least her home game was on Nintendo DS, but after Cloud and Joker I'm assuming that doesn't matter anymore.
  12. Excellent news. I just hope Capcom puts all the games on the cart this time but I'm looking forward to getting this. I own Zero Collection in DS and played it for a while, but I have no problem upgrading if it's including more games.
  13. As a Shadow fan, I approve of this comic.

    1. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      Lmao. Knuckles wasn't having any of that shit.

  14. Lil Boulder always with the hits


  15. Stuff from Gamescom (linked instead of embedded): Cell Saga trailer (English dubbed). Gameplay from the Raditz section. Producer interview and Gohan vs. Perfect Cell fight. I'm still on the fence about this game. I'm enjoying a lot of the side stuff I've seen and the emphasis on the character moments (most importantly the game doesn't have the huge "MANGA ONLY" stick up its ass, so getting stuff like the driving school episode sounds fun), as well as revelations like a new (or ex) Ginyu Force member, but the Xenoverse battle system doesn't really do much for me right now. One thing that does surprise me is the use of older music from the (Japanese) anime, some of them being remixes. It's really nice to hear.
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