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  1. Issue will be $4.99 (according to comiXology), so that must be a misprint. Doubt it's double length or anything though. It probably just has a few extra pages like #13 did. Double length IDW books aren't less than $8 usually (which is, frankly, too fucking much, but that's another story)
  2. Eh, if I can deal with people complaining about Incineroar being picked over Decidueye, FE fans can weather Sakurai picking Dimitri.
  3. On the real, though, I can't say this was what I expected the first expansion pass to end on. I'm a bit disappointed, but I'm not really upset about another FE character either. Honestly, I just think the avatar is a boring choice. While I admit I haven't played 3H, I think I'd have preferred seeing one of the other characters like any of the lords, who would just bring a new weapon class entirely to FE's representation in Smash Bros.. To be clear, I don't really have anything against swordsmen in Smash--hell, my most wanted characters all fucking use them. But I think FE draws some ire because it's almost always protagonists or avatars. Now Ike, Robin, Corrin, and Byleth are all unique in their own way at least (which is more than I can say for Marth and his clones--speaking as a Lucina player), and I think giving Byleth the other lords' weapons is clever, it still feels like a half-measure because they ultimately didn't want to favor a particular house. Just commit and get it over with, people would be mad anyway, but it'd just be a more interesting creative choice in my mind to just pick one and get it over with. This would be like putting in Cross from Xenoblade X and giving them access to all the different classes' weapons instead of just using Elma, the actual main character, because she only has the one class. Boring and safe for marketing purposes.
  4. This not being the tagline is actually the biggest disappointment
  5. The best part about today's Smash reveal is that people will finally start throwing the leakers in the trash.

    1. Teoskaven


      Yes, one can hope.

    2. DiamondX


      No leaker said "It's not Byleth". Not to my knowledge at least.

      They like everyone else assumed it would be 3rd party and confirmed it won't be SEGA, Square and so on.

    3. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      Nope, vergeben was right once, his word is god forever, doesn't matter how many times he told us minecraft was in the game or that starfox grand prix was a thing

  6. I can feel it. This is the day



    Mario will finally join Smash.




    1. Teoskaven


      Yeah, like that's gonna ever happen. You need to stop having these flights of fancy.

  7. (tweet)


  8. Honestly, I'm not seeing this as being worth much of a discussion here. CDi Nintendo games and how notoriously bad they are dead horses, I expect this topic to turn spammy and I don't really expect you to have much to contribute to it yourself based on your post history. Just gonna lock this.
  9. The Expansion Pass details are leaning me toward actually checking out Sword and Shield. It's nice to see third versions/repackagings of the same games being done away with in favor of DLC, and I think it's a smart move by Game Freak that hopefully extends the life of a Pokémon generation for a change. My one issue, as someone who was not impressed enough with the base game to buy it, is that I'm looking at a premium of $90 for just this game and its expansion. There's also the online subscription to account for, if I wanted to actually get a bit more out of the game with online play or trading. It's a bit pricy for me right now, but I guess SwSh are back on my radar, so I hope the DLC is as substantial an update as it appears to be teased. I'm really interested in the new regions and especially those new forms for the Kanto Legendary birds.
  10. Might actually get SwSh now though I'm not too enthused my point of entry for this gen will be 90-freakin-dollars if I pick it up

    1. Strickerx5


      And you’re still down around 300 mons.

    2. Zaysho


      Yeah... tbh after this GF isn't going to have any excuse for the next major game not being compatible with everything

  11. You're assuming kids and their parents are all as Internet savvy and aware of the minutiae older as Sonic fans whose tastes have developed as they've gotten older and have a disposable income to make informed choices on how they want to spend their time. I don't think kids actually care about the quality of a Sonic product--they like Sonic. And parents don't research or are even aware when games get price drops, especially if a game drops around the holiday season or there's a birthday coming up. They trust content labels and that's it.
  12. It's probably all automated on YouTube's end and requires an appeal to be let back through, but even then it might be difficult. Sonic's in a weird position because it's a cartoony series that can be seen as appealing to kids and that might be what set the flag off.
  13. Dragon Quest XI spoilers:


    "Man, I'm glad I racked up all those tokens in the Octagonia casino, now I just need to beat the boss and I can get Baumren's Bell"

    -defeats boss-

    DQXI: "Oh, those tokens were fake we'll be taking them back now."


    I take back any good things I've said, this game is terrible.

    1. Zaysho


      I hit the jackpot and got enough tokens for Baumren's Bell. All is right now.

  14. I actually think the "Legacy" line was a nice idea, but it quickly became apparent that Archie had no clue how to actually capitalize on the series' back catalog. Black and white's whatever to me, I would have liked the original color plates being used (I hated the retouched colors of the Archives), but if they're budget releases meant to have a lot of content, I can sort of let that slide. The problem was they were little more than "black and white Archives" really, when they could have taken the opportunity to include the side content like the specials and mini-series to create a definitive reading order for the series since even the Archives truly lacked that. Even though "the Saga Series" books weren't without their problems, which you mentioned, I still consider them to be as close to the best of what a collected release from Archie could be: correct, original trim size; original colors mostly intact except for small corrections; majority of content is ordered in a way that makes sense even though it means they aren't in release order and certain things are removed. Really bummed we didn't at least get the remainder of "Hedgehog Havoc," as that is still my favorite pre-reboot storyline, but I guess I should be glad I have the original issues... I agree that Archie just oversaturated these re-releases. I sort of like to think some things would have been farther along if they weren't constantly trying to find new ways of pushing the same content, since by the time they actually did cut their losses and focus on reboot-only material the company was barely in a position to produce them anymore and were busy focusing on relaunching their own brand.
  15. Well, Sega being incompetent and wanting the series to be as bare bones and boring as possible is a bit different from a certain news outlet running a misleading headline about his thoughts on the Freedom Fighters for clicks or a stupid Reddit putting words in his mouth that could make him look bad to his employers all because he said he has to write a certain character differently now.
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