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  1. I like that one of the new Wisp/Wispon choices is a hammer. Totally doesn't fit any existing character. Ice sounds interesting, though. Makes me think of Kirby for some reason. I wonder if that "double boost" is what we saw back in the reveal trailer when the two Sonics rushed toward the Death Egg Robot at the end. And if that means there will be stages where they team up/assist each other in addition to there being stages with one of them assisting the avatar? Admittedly it'd be nice to see this extended to other characters, but I can't say I'm disappointed since I just don't expect them at this point in spite of their added involvement in the narrative.
  2. This is apparently streaming at 6:50AM in my time (based on the YouTube counter). I will most definitely be catching it after the fact lol I'm assuming this will be streamed only in Japanese, so we'll have to wait for translations anyway, but I am curious what they'll show off if they're dedicating a stream to it. Don't want to set my expectations too high, but I'm hoping for maybe a slight look beyond Park Avenue and Green Hill, or at least some story tidbits. For all I know it might just be the E3 demo with Nakamura commenting on the development and things we've heard about in previous interviews, though.
  3. Just curious, can Mania on Switch be played with the individual Joy-Cons? I might cave and get it and I thought it might be fun to try it in co-op whenever I do.

    1. Strickerx5


      Yes it can. Just tried it myself.

    2. Josh


      Me and my brother played Competition Mode like this yesterday.

  4. Forces story: what would you like to see.

    Honestly, if we're going to go hard on this reboot garbage, I expect Classic fans to take a hit too. I don't see why only one branch of the franchise needs to put up with it. I see no benefits to this approach when it's not even a guarantee it'll improve. The series' issues are all fixable--Sonic Team is just incompetent so maybe that's where a shake-up needs to happen. Then just ignore him, geez. These threads wouldn't descend into the circular bullshit they always tend to if y'all would quit making these things so personal. We get it, it's annoying. Either find a way to actually argue his point or just put him on your ignore list. We shut down a thread last night for this crap and I'm getting tired of seeing the discussion go nowhere and making me feel less inclined to even participate in these threads.
  5. No More Megathreads (For Now?)

    That's pretty unnecessary, honestly. Every thread is clearly marked with what game it's for, a little extra scrolling (you can probably just CTRL+F "Mania") isn't going to be a big deal. And you can always subscribe/follow certain threads (see at the top) and curate what you're interested in and get to it more quickly. I know it's added convenience for the members, but from what I've observed even if we open a sub-forum for a game, it eventually gets closed after the game's been out and its contents are moved to a more appropriate general part of the forum. It's a lot of extra work for something that's fairly shortlived. I'm pretty sure that's why we abandoned an E3 sub-forum (it'd only last a week).
  6. Sonic Forces is Rated E10+...

    Honestly, what are you doing other than fanning the flames with this kind of nonsense? Also, don't respond, just knock it off with this sort of thing and continue the discussion without getting personal.
  7. The only Mania video I need, tbh

    1. Strickerx5


      "my bois, we got like a little ANIME!"

      omg XD

    2. Kiah


      Oh I'm sure this is going to be a treat...Going to have to find out later 🙂

    3. Depression Kong

      Depression Kong

      "which tail is the real one, because there's two of them, i'm sorry" got me

  8. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    The solicits are usually kind of exaggerated, though, and I think there's also something to be said about reader expectations versus what actually happens. Besides which, the solicit only says: ...it's just that they were quite literal about it (they save a wedding and they themselves were probably recently married prior to Sonic's return). The story is still boring filler, and it's a shame it cuts into the first part of "Control," but I can't say I feel like was lied to. And certainly nowhere near as offensively bad and overhyped as "Worlds Unite."
  9. Fixed. And, yeah, as said before any profile changes besides avatars and signatures seem to erase the birthdates. If you notice when you go to edit your profile, the date will just be displayed as MM/DD/YYYY, and saving changes will cause it to blank out. It's a weird and inconvenient thing.
  10. DG5loZfXoAAAhY9.jpg

    This is neat. I do notice the differences when I watch Super sometimes, but I feel like there's generally a lot more consistency between animation teams now than there was between the teams in the 90s on Dragon Ball Z.

  11. Pokemon Sun/Moon PLUS ULTRA (Alola Region Games)

    Oh come on. Are they actually tying this new hyped up form to an event? I am so tired of this shit. Can't they just, I dunno, let it evolve exactly like Espeon and Umbreon do and base it on the time? This is dumb.
  12. This doesn't even answer their question lmao This might be a useful resource for you if you only just preordered and want a refund that badly.
  13. I mean, they mostly only do localization work anyway. Not sure how I feel about this, though. Maybe with this supposedly clearer vision SEGA has for Sonic it won't be as off the rails as Nakamura's directorial debut. I am kinda glad the writing on the Japanese side isn't from whoever was responsible for the last few games, and I do like some of what's been presented for the story so far. Hopefully they stick the landing this time.
  14. Hey guys just a heads up, I'm noticing members are posting about stuff we haven't actually seen yet, so I've added spoiler tags to a couple posts. Please be courteous to your fellow members and either use the spoiler tags or take it to the appropriate thread. Thanks!
  15. Where could I watch Hellsing Ultimate

    Outside of those official sources (which I guess are incomplete from the sounds of it), I'm not sure if I can recommend much else. Unfortunately we don't allow links to non-official streaming websites (we all know the ones) so you may need to do some digging on your own or maybe import the BD but then that might cause another issue with region locking and whatnot. Sorry can't be of more help!