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  1. Maybe. The red clothing and the white hair is similar to Angelo, yeah, and reminded me of him. Oh, I can kind of see that with the similar outfits actually. Even the eye colors appear to match now that I see the higher res version and the outfit colors appear to match in the same places. I'm currently operating under the assumption they're all based on other player characters (Erdrick's alt appearing to be DQV's hero's colors and checking the others in the FS was my starting point) but I could see them referencing other party characters if the heroes' appearances matched enough with others. Makes me want to try to get back into these games at some point.
  2. Random observation: The more I look at him, the more interested I am in the Dragon Quest Hero. Was looking at his alts earlier and trying to place where the second colorations are probably based off of. I admit I'm really casual about Dragon Quest so I could always be a bit wrong with my guesses, but I can definitely recognize Erdrick's (DQIII) second color is an obvious reference to the DQV hero. Eight's (DQVIII) looks like it may be based on the second. I'm having a hard time placing Eleven's and Solo's (DQIV) colors though. With the Final Smash as a reference, I'm guessing Eleven's might be based on the default hero from DQX (the online game--you can also see him behind DQV's hero in the FS) but he doesn't have white hair. Solo's, from looking around, might be based on the first Dragon Quest hero (center in the FS). The coloration seems to match more closely compared to the DQVI hero (who I initially thought it might be, but the hair color doesn't match). For a character I wasn't particularly excited about, and wrote off for a variety of reasons, I can't help but be excited for him now that he's been revealed in full and there are just so many little things that I notice as a casual fan.
  3. Can we not do this hit and run posting of videos with obvious bait titles that's just going to stir up people in this topic? If you're not gonna follow it up with your own comments, it's just spam as far as I'm concerned. And no, I'm not giving this views.
  4. The thing about the Pokémon being restricted is probably the most disappointing thing I've heard about any new Pokémon game. Game should have been delayed another year so they could have worked all this shit out. I'm hoping that the other 'mons will be patched in over time to make up for this (lol), but I'm honestly expecting that we'll see an upgraded "full" game in a year like Game Freak loves to do and we'll all be told to "keep up." It's pretty maddening because the base games typically don't have more than 300 Pokémon available under normal circumstances--to get anything older or that's been ignored for a while, you have to transfer them in anyway and you don't get to do that until the postgame where you're probably doing things for competitive purposes or battle facilities. I don't give a shit about the National Pokédex so if it's gone, fine. I don't really agree with removing Pokémon though. Shame too, because what I've seen of the game so far looks great but this definitely puts a damper on things for me. I'd like to bring some of the Battle Tree Pokémon I raised to the next gen, but now I don't even know if some of them will be able to make the jump.
  5. I'll happily eat crow for my naysaying about Dragon Quest. He seemed just a little too lofty with all the different rights, and if I can be perfectly honest, I was hesitant about him being in because I didn't like the idea of a shithead like Sugiyama profiting off of this from his music. But, separate the art from the artist, I guess. The Hero looks great, and I was really impressed with the callbacks that I could actually recognize. I was especially excited that the eighth hero as an alt, and was then even more surprised to see the fourth and third. Then I saw the fifth as part of a final smash and fucking lost it. I'm really pleased even if he wouldn't have been a personal pick (if we really were gonna do a Toriyama designed character, Crono would've been my pick). But what makes me absolutely giddy is seeing Banjo and Kazooie make their way into the roster. If there was any third party character I really wanted and felt deserved to be a part of Smash Bros., Banjo was definitely as the top. So, so happy to see them back and I can't wait to see more of them. These were much, much better reveals than Joker was for me and if these are the best in the pass, hell, I'll just buy these two and call it a day.

  7. *deep breath*




  8. That issue was colored by Josh and Aimee Ray, who were regular colorists around then so it wasn't unique to any particular colorist. Yeah, Penders does it a lot too, but it's not really a surprise his approach is probably on the dated side. Archie around this time also was just obsessed with digital techniques that were sometimes a detriment to the art. Just look at most of Spaz's covers that have tons of overlays and transparencies that are confused and muddled with the coloring and you'll probably see it.
  9. Hey there AnonymousGameCritic, just giving you a heads up you're welcome to update the current thread you made with more findings. It was moved to the Green Hill Zone sub-forum, which is where Sonic-related discussion threads go (not sure if you noticed or not). Since we don't really need two threads about the same subject, I'll be locking this for now. Feel free to contact me or another moderator if you have any questions! I'll probably give this a view myself later since I'd like to see some of this early stuff.
  10. I think about Nichijou a lot.

    1. TCB


      There's a dub coming right

    2. Zaysho


      Yeah. BD is due out next month.

      Actually kinda pissed about that because I bought the sub-only release last year, but I'll probably end up double-dipping when it's discounted.

  11. Finally starting the "Invasion of the Triceratons" story in IDW TMNT...


    Of course this is all Bishop's fault.

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      When isn't it Bishop's fault?

    2. Zaysho


      True, but I admit this is better than the Triceratons just lighting up the planet as soon as they made their way home.

      Now they're doing it because of one asshole (and I guess Splinter).

    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      Being fair, that one asshole is the leader of a massive army taskforce who was trying to brainwash and weaponise as many mutants, aliens, and whatever else as he could.

    4. Dejimon11


      Why Splinter? 

    5. Ryannumber1gamer



      In the IDW comics, Splinter had taken over the Foot Clan after killing Shredder, and had been becoming darker and darker, eventually driving the Turtles away into becoming their own clan.

      In the story, despite the Turtles trying their hardest to achieve peace, Splinter would rather ally himself with Bishop, who not only brainwashed Slash, but had tried to kill the turtles multiple times, and attempted to brutally injury and brainwash Raph in a later story, and the both of them together tried to kill all of the Triceratons.

    6. Dejimon11



      What. The. Fuck? 

  12. Personally the characters I wanted most pre-release were either not used at all despite being a good time to introduce them (Elma), turned into Assist Trophies (Shadow or Knuckles) or costumes (Rex, but also Nia). I lowered my expectations on the fighter pass with Joker's reveal, though I am glad that his treatment means whatever gets in will get a lot of care and attention, so I'm sure whatever gets revealed will at least be cool even if I have no intention of buying them.
  13. Literally the one girl he runs away from is pushy as fuck with her affection.
  14. Shovel Knight is a licensed character, there is absolutely no way they wouldn't have been aware they were adding him in any capacity. If they were "surprised" it's because they got the offer. Let's chill out.
  15. Starting to catch up with this series bit by bit. The other day I reviewed #70 (end of the Bishop arc I mentioned I stopped at a couple years ago) which got me pumped up to read the series again and tonight I blasted through issues 71-75. So the two part story about the Pantheon and the Trial of Krang. I thought the Pantheon story was alright. The first part reads a hell of a lot like an issue of Fables (at least really early Fables) and that is probably the most entertaining aspect about it. Rat King in particular is a highlight in this story. He's a fucking troll who seems to have a quip for just about everyone in the room, and I honestly don't think this two-parter would have been anywhere near as entertaining without him. The newer Pantheon members (so Toad Baron, Gothano, Jagwar, and Manmoth) don't leave a very strong impression at the moment, and most just seem to fill in personality types. Toad Baron is a hedonist. Gothano a mysterious creature from the deep. Jagwar, humorless killing machine, whose only point of interest is that she is a new incarnation of a character from Archie (and admittedly one I don't remember a lot of besides his design). Manmoth is the wandering hunter. I like these characters by design and I know with the way the book is structured, they'll eventually get their time in the limelight, so introducing them in a big group isn't a bad thing (and I'm aware the Turtles will face Manmoth relatively soon) but they don't do much but rely on well-established personalities to bring them together (so Rat King, Kitsune, and to a lesser degree, Aka). Gothano in particular would be an interesting foe, but he seems like the least likely for the Turtles to ever face off with, and if they ever do, it'd be at least after another thirty or forty fucking issues at the rate this book goes sometimes. I thought it was pretty fascinating seeing that Kitsune is not only the youngest, but that she's certainly treated like it. It's a complete 180 from her focused and cunning personality, probably one of the Turtles' most dangerous adversaries, treated as little more than a child by everyone else. Her finally revealing her plan for Shredder and bringing back the Dragon Warrior to unite the family (which is probably not even entirely accurate, because of course it isn't) was interesting. It makes me want to pick up "Shredder in Hell" when it's finally collected and while I'm not currently buying the book, I know I'll probably grab another batch of books when Shredder inevitably returns because I honestly think this book is feeling the loss of his presence finally. I also hated how many footnotes needed to remind me to read TMNT Universe. Maybe I will some day, but sure as hell not now. I'm grateful I can glean just enough from character dialogue that sounds normal and one can assume it happened in the space of time where the Turtles had to work with Hob to try to rescue the Mutanimals in the previous storyline. Then we have the trial of Krang. I skipped the "Dimension X" mini which details the individual stories of the key witnesses, I really didn't want anything to kill the momentum, and to be honest, I wasn't terribly interested in that stuff. The characters are fine and serve their purpose, so while it might be fun to know the details of how they're involved in this stuff, it's also all established in their testimonies. So while the details are lost on me, I thought it was a fun read primarily because of Hakk-R running around and the sub-plot with the king and the Triceratons. Maligna is kind of just a footnote (and probably feels that way moreso because I didn't read the mini) and doesn't seem to really do much other than give a backdrop for the Triceratons and their upcoming conflict. If she wasn't there, they wouldn't, and there probably wouldn't be much else that can really be done with them. So while she seems necessary, she's also a pretty unimportant threat that I don't expect to see unless the Turtles get dragged back to Dimension X--so not any time soon. The ending was one part expected, due to Krang pointing out that the king's hands aren't clean either (and it's hard to say if he's actually aware of how destructive his decision at the end of the story is) but what I honestly didn't see coming was Leatherhead dishing out justice and killing Krang himself. Unlike Shredder, you know he's not coming back, and the story seeded that Ch'rell (named after the character from the 2003 series) will be his successor. Now that's going to be interesting. I vaguely remember he was brought up during the Leatherhead arc a few years ago, so knowing he's going to show up is pretty exciting. Will he end up being possessed by the spirit of the Shredder? Or is Ch'rell just going to be there to fill in IDW Krang's shoes? I might actually go back to the "Dimension X" mini but I feel pretty satisfied with how things ended up that it feels even less pressing or necessary. And that's about that for the night. I might be a little too critical right now, but since these two storylines rely heavily on reading extra material I don't care about, it admittedly sours the experience just a bit. With this stuff out of the way, I'm going to pick up with the Triceraton invasion tomorrow. I'm definitely looking forward to that.
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