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  1. Why the hell do so many trainers in gen 7 only have one Pokémon

    1. Ferno
    2. Nix


      exclusive look at the gyms in gen 8


    3. Ferno


      Earlier gens:


    4. Ellipsis-Ultima


      That's when you're battling Cynthia and Whitney right

    5. Celestia


      Having played Emerald and Platinum for the first time(!) recently I've realized the third versions are when they ramp up the difficulty, that's probably why I never really understood the sentiment that the games were getting easier. Like, tbh the base games are almost always a cakewalk*. But now with that in mind and XY not getting an updated form at all + USUM making only a minimal effort... :thinking:

      *I'd argue Gen 5 is the exception because BW is actually reasonably challenging in my experience (and as a bonus BW2 still tries to be more challenging (Gen 5 is good))

    6. Milo


      i love how the first three responses are all spongebob references and they're all from the same episode

      (so does this mean the pokemon gyms for modern pokemon games represent weenie hut general)

    7. Ellipsis-Ultima


      I was facing Elesa in Pokemon White a few days ago, and because of her Emolgas Volt Switch spam it's the Salty Splatoon.

    8. Kuzu


      USM is hard ,wtf?

    9. Zaysho


      Some of the challenges are a bit harder (though I personally felt like I had less trouble with the Totems this go around) but my issue isnt so much with the difficulty but with how frequent just with battling trainers with one Pokémon even pretty late in the game on Poni island, which wasn't really apparent to me until I was playing UM.

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