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  1. Happy birthday, man. Hope it's a good one.

  2. Happy birthday, dude. Hope it's a good one.

  3. I've been picking at IDW TMNT again recently. I read "Shredder in Hell", a bit of the prelude to "City at War" and then backtracked to the Leo and Raph macro-series. I think I've been reading a lot of stuff out of order recently so I don't understand all of it, which is kind of frustrating, but I'm liking what I'm seeing so far because I fell off this book a while ago. I don't think I can keep up with a monthly book and all its side-stuff anymore though.

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      A general idea of the timeline is that the macro-series takes place roughly around #90-100, it's a paving of the way to 100, tying up or progressing important plot elements to be finished. The general thing to remember IIRC is City at War takes place after the Micro-Series (IIRC - it takes place before the Christmas issue too, since Mikey's micro-series issue is the first turning point for Splinter realising the errors of his ways). The microseries takes place prior to Issue 86 IIRC, just before the Battle Lines arc.

      Shredder in Hell takes place alongside the City at War arc. It's more or less irrelevant to it, the only important detail where it ties into the main series is the final issue's conclusion happens directly in Issue 100.

      The order is this:

      -Microseries - Donnie 2 - tackles Donnie making amends with Harold

      -Microseries - Mikey 2 - tackles Mikey's feelings about Splinter, and Splinter's redemption

      -Microseries - Leo 2 - tackles Leo's hunt for Koya and Karai in Northampton

      -Microseries - Raph 2 - tackles Raph being ambushed by Bishop 


      -Shredder in Hell happens during City at War

    2. CleverSonicUsername


      The collected editions IDW puts out are great because they're comprehensive and order everything into a canonical timeline. Even the Ghostbusters crossover stuff.

  4. Could probably do like what Lost World did and make it strictly for time attack missions. Say 2:00 minutes is an S rank, then 2:45 is an A, 3:15 is a B, so on and so forth. Those are generous estimates but you get the idea. Regular gameplay could be used to afford the player more time to familiarize and explore the level, and then speedrunning missions can be additional things to play later on.
  5. Welcome back to the Stadium. I'm afraid this doesn't really warrant its own topic, and since you've already reintroduced yourself in the introduction topic I'll go ahead and lock this.
  6. Had to do some clean up because a certain user is a regular ban-dodger and they are never here to have productive discussions anyway. Carry on.
  7. Sonic Adventure's soundtrack is just nothing but hits tbh

    1. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      4 real tho

  8. The zine from last year I mentioned is now available as a free PDF on Gumroad. If you couldn't get a copy before, and just want something to flip through celebrating Etika's career you can grab it here.
  9. I went back to DQXI to do the Tickington quests and there's a lot of charm to revisiting the old 2D style of Dragon Quest and seeing past worlds, some of which I can recognize and others not as much. I get really giddy with all the Dragon Quest V-related quests and homages, in particular when you find Sabre wandering around in the Chateau de Felix (DQVIII) and you need Bianca's ribbon to bring him home. It really gives me the itch to go back and play those older games and familiarize myself with the series. Though that does raise an issue with these quests as they are, in many ways, designed to be fanservice rather than just introductions to the older games. I've gotten more than a few questlines already that require me to travel to different DQ worlds to collect things or find certain characters to complete them. Sure I can just stumble around from one book to the next following hints in the questlog, complete other quests as I go along, and sometimes I get lucky that where I need to go is actually listed on the books in Tickington, but it'd be helpful if every book had summaries that tell you where you're going to land when you select a section. Still though, I'm having a blast experiencing these bite-sized moments of Dragon Quest history. I'm also very slowly making my way through the postgame. I started it back in January, got a few hours in, and was rather put off by the premise of it that I honestly considered stopping there and didn't touch the game for months.
  10. Glad to see best box art as the first banner.
  11. IDW has usually been a lot better about licensing stuff overseas from what I've seen. I don't know about actual monthlies but it usually sounds like collected volumes are more easily distributed. Archie seemed to be completely random what got licensed and translated to other parts of the world, and to my knowledge a lot of it was material from just prior to the reboot like "Genesis" and other random issues. It's a shame neither Sega nor Archie really tried when the series was doing better (complete with Sega's near total apathy of promoting the fucking book except for "Mega Drive") but it's nice to see Sega and IDW aren't screwing up with this one as much.
  12. People who don't know what AIM was are too young to be on this message board. -shakes cane-
  13. IDW's TMNT Shredder in Hell is weird and confusing for me because I haven't been following the main book for over a year, but damn something about those pages really stirred something in me.

  14. Welp. That's what I get for putting off buying those earlier volumes I wanted lol I'm hoping that particular version won't have any problems getting reprinted and continued under a publisher like Udon, if it comes back at all. It was a really good book from what I read and only having a passing familiarity with Mega Man.
  15. Nintendo really can't help themselves peppering late-game spoilers for Xenoblade lol

    I actually don't think the overview has enough surrounding context for the things that stuck out to me (which I recognized immediately), and it's not as bad as the 3DS version's trailers, but if you never played the game and want to go in as fresh as possible there's really no reason to watch any more material that's put out; just buy the game. I'm really excited for the epilogue chapter, myself.

  16. If pre-reboot Archie wasn't interrupted I could have seen that coming up in a Moebius story.
  17. I feel like Jon is trying to tell us something

  18. I'd personally want a character, but it's really cool they're giving Seiken Densetsu 3/Trials of Mana some shine with this. Might have to load up the game to collect these, and I really don't care about Spirit collecting normally.
  19. 🙃

    1. TheOcelot
    2. Bowbowis


      Claude? Is that you?

  20. It just occurred to me that Sonic 4 and Colors were released ten years ago and I'm here to remind everyone that we're all old.

    1. Polkadi~☆


      i'm one of the youngest on the board and even i feel old

    2. Ferno


      As mediocre as the game turned out to be, it was still a euphoric experience being on here celebrating the game's positive review scores when they broke out, in a way that I really wish we were able to do during Unleashed's release a few years prior.

    3. DanJ86


      Speak for yourself!

      *Checks Birthdate*


  21. Oh thank God, a storyline where IDW Shadow might actually have a personality. Finally.
  22. -thinking about when I was playing Sonic Adventure the other day-


  23. As I was replaying Knuckles's story in Sonic Adventure last night, I couldn't get over how much the past segments with the Knuckles Tribe reminded me of wandering around Enhasa in Chrono Trigger. All the NPC dialogue about how proud they are of their society and how they were planning to take the Chaos Emeralds to take over everything really stuck out knowing how badly it all bites them in the ass later on.

  24. Can we make this the last of delay complaints in this thread. It's really obnoxious and IDW fans have zero idea how good they have it. And it's really not appropriate when the entire industry and beyond is in a situation that's difficult all over. It's getting to be like all the trailer begging we had to constantly tell people to stop doing in the movie thread. Go find other things to read or take up some new hobbies in the meantime.
  25. I'm afraid we don't allow threads for project recruitment. While it's clear you have a premise it'd probably be better if you just posted the stories you're working on and look into collaborating with/commissioning someone else later (a comic is a huge undertaking, after all).
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