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  1. You know, I think Bryce Papenbrook is a much better Silver than what we've had before.

    1. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      He's never had a consistent voice so...

    2. Zaysho


      I mean, the first two are just "discount English Trunks"

    3. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      And now discount he's discount Kirito/Eren Yaeger.  

      I'm not saying he's bad, but Silver has had such minor roles since 06 that it's hard to really internalize his voice compared to the more prominent characters like Sonic Tails or Eggman

    4. Zaysho


      True. It is basically Papenbrook playing Papenbrook, but I like the tone a bit better than previous actors who were just imitating Eric Vale.

  2. "Worlds Unite" has many problems, but my issue, which seems to sail right over your head, is you acting like including characters already part of the comic's ongoing narrative (which "Worlds Unite" was advertised as being a part of unlike "Worlds Collide") is part of the problem. This really has nothing to do with preference, I just think your stance is misinformed and ignores that the crossover's shortcomings stem from things that had nothing to do with the ongoing comics that were already crossing over. Never mind you made it abundantly clear that those characters should have been given the axe in favor of others already. But whatever, "do you" I guess.
  3. No it isn't. It's a comic book crossover. It takes place in the comic book continuity. It was, in fact, sold and marketed specifically as being different from the first crossover because it was going to be disrupting an already drawn out story arc. I'm not saying Team Dark getting killed off wasn't shitty, because I was pretty pissed that they didn't come back until everything was magically reset at the end, but I can't wrap my head around how it's somehow the Freedom Fighters' fault Shadow dies and not all the unrelated IP (that were used to sell this garbage) cluttering the last third of the comic and had no impact on the story. Whether you like the DiC characters or not, it's simply not true they were the reason x Sonic game character was sidelined. But hey, look, Chun-li kicks Sigma--worth it
  4. Is Willingham still voicing Knuckles because from a couple of clips I've heard he sounds completely off

  5. Had to do a bit of clean up just now. Though the discussion about the game being leaked or any of its contents is fine (we can't really control that), I don't think it's a good idea to be linking to downloads of the music (or anything else) when the game isn't even out nor posting links for people to follow that might be on the sketchy side.
  6. Oh you've played to lose, all right. You have a pretty terrible history of this kind of behavior on this site, and I've about had it with your trolling. Bye.
  7. Why is every dubbed theme in the English version of Dragon Ball Super garbage

    1. Ferno


      *sigh* why did Vic turn out to be a terrible person, he would've killed it with all these songs just like he killed it with Dragon Soul back in the day..

    2. Polkadi~♪


      because natewantstobattle is ok at best

    3. Ferno


      I still think natewantstobattle's cover of Fist Bump was better than the original tho

      But yeah if they were going for YouTube talent then they probably should've gone with Jonathan Young, his voice is pretty powerful tbh.

    4. Zaysho


      @Ferno They've had talented singers besides Mignogna but Super is using none of them. I get wanting DBS to be a lot more modern sounding and bringing in new talent to reflect a new generation, but the choices they make just don't sound good to me. Funi has Alejandro Saab (KaggyFilms) on their roster now and it's weird to me they didn't just let him cut an official version of "Ultimate Battle" since his cover on Youtube is fucking amazing. There are a lot of fan covers on YT that I think sound so much better than what we got officially.

      I think the only decent-ish sounding dub them they did was the first ED, and even then it just sounds like a poor copy of the Japanese version.

    5. Ferno


      Funi seems to be slipping up alot with DB lately, which is weird because you'd think with one of the few dubbed anime out there that has the privilege of being liked just as much, if not more than the Japanese version on a regular basis, (something that dub fans of other anime only dream about when they have to deal with sub-only fans clogging up comment sections of dub videos, etc.) that they'd be giving their A+, 5 Star, All-Out effort.

    6. Zaysho


      To be honest, I always had the impression that Funi just sells DB under the impression that regardless of what they put out it'll sell and the Japanese fans will shut up as long as the show isn't censored and they have their audio track/subs. But I've watched this company treat the series like dirt for years (I've given up on getting a good, non-limited home release after what they were doing with the recent DBZ set).

      Though it's not all bad. More recent productions show a respect for the original Japanese versions and how scripts are localized (ignoring that Toei is now tampering with the sub scripts and insisting dub terms and names be used to standardize everything), and I'd actually say Super's dub is generally pretty good in that regard. The casting and direction just seems all over the place these days and it's been like that since the later parts of Kai to me.

      I admit I have a pretty cynical view for how DB is treated by Funi overall, though.

    7. Polkadi~♪


      I don't really watch much of Funimation's stuff, but what I have seen gives respect to the show, like My Hero Academia and Assassination Classroom. While MHA had some dub lines that weren't as impactful as (what's been translated from) the original script, they're still very close.

      Everything I hear coming out of DB just sounds so... strange. The Blu-Ray boxset was the thing to top it all off, as well as having their old dubs for DBZ that don't fit right to the original audio (all while refusing to acknowledge the fault), it feels so badly handled.

    8. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      @Ferno Jonathon Young did the first DB Super End Credits, why Super doesn't bring him back I don't know.

  8. I'm not all that great with fighting games, but after messing with it for a few days I'm starting to really enjoy Dragon Ball FighterZ.

  9. Okay, since you can't seem to listen to Sean or Celestia and insist on digging yourself deeper (not unlike Ken Penders when he's called out) I'm going to be the one to shove you back over the line and hand you a strike for being insubordinate and for your constant derailing. This thread is not a hub for you to come in and look for any excuse to whip up an Internet lynch mob because Ken "SRS WRITER" Penders says blatantly stupid things on a regular fucking basis especially if it has nothing to do with anything related to Archie or LSC. Enough is enough. Posts trying to get the last word in on this from this point on will be subject to deletion. If you don't like this, go complain to an administrator. jfc and this is coming from the guy who everyone knows can't stand Penders.
  10. I took off the week to do some work, what happ--

    ah. Never mind

    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush


  11. -opens Twitter-

    Why the fuck is Etika already back online

    1. Dejimon11


      Be grateful you don't live in the same area as him.

    2. Blacklightning


      What did I miss here?

    3. Zaysho


      @Blacklightning He had another episode where he was clearly losing his mind. Even livestreamed it. Got carried off in an ambulance but I guess they just let him go.

      @Dejimon11 Man, I watched some of that stream. They like shut down part of the street. I couldn't deal with that.

    4. Blacklightning


      Fucking hell. I knew Etika had issues being any kind of calm but I didn't think it was that bad.

    5. tailsBOOM!


      @ZayshoI watched the full thing on YouTube.  Shit was crazy... And he's back on now.

    6. Zaysho


      I couldn't watch more than a few minutes of that. It was pretty disturbing and I got the impression he wasn't in the best health. That and the video of him getting wheeled out on a stretcher screaming "JOYCON BOYS". I was honestly worried he'd get hurt but after coming back and doubling down on it I just unfollowed him altogether. Sucks what's reduced himself to, but I've lost all respect for him after all this fake art school bullshit he's been doing.

  12. Don't use my post as an excuse to antagonize another user, thanks. Actually don't do that at all. It's not any better than what we had to ask people defending the movie to stop doing.
  13. I'm very interested in Detective Pikachu because they found a way to do what people keep claiming is impossible and translate these simple, cartoony designs into a "realistic" space, but it also doesn't shy away from the fact that it's a fantasy movie. It's instantly recognizable and I think it's resonating with people because of that. Are some of the designs a little grotesque looking or overdone? Sure, and it's a caveat that comes with those sorts of design decisions, but I don't feel it's a detriment to the film at all. I can't say the same about Sonic, though. From what we've seen in leaks, and seen of the trailer transcripts, it just sounds really generic and dull. It takes a recognizable design and makes a general approximation and then buffs up the legs because people need to believe this character can run. If you took out the Sonic elements and replaced them with another IP--a similar premise of a strange creature from another dimension come to our world and is trying to find a way back home--you'd lose absolutely nothing. Can you imagine if they did this with Lord of the Rings? Some guy is reading in the library a day and a portal opens up, and the entire movie is him commenting on how absurd or weird it is just so audiences could relate to it? I refuse to believe this is the only way it could have been done if a full animated feature was off limits. I'm actually fine with Carrey's appearance. Again, it falls into being a little generic, though Carrey himself is the film's draw and probably only saving grace, I can grant some concessions here. I think they could have done a bit more with the suit and added the shades. People aren't asking for much, but this is way less off-putting than what was done with Sonic.
  14. I'm deleting some posts but I want to make clear as well that this thread is not the place to continue arguing with moderation because you want to equate any time we step in as trying to quash any positive discussion about the movie. If you feel that way, you'd best take it up privately with Chris. We're not doing this shit anymore just because two or three people don't like that their opinion isn't being validated by the majority who have looked at the exact same information (or even across the aisle at Detective Pikachu) and aren't happy about the direction of this movie. Further posts trying to make this an issue will be deleted. End of discussion. And while I'm here there's a handful of people just posting clamoring for the trailer. This is coming across as spammy and is being deleted if I see it too. Just wait. Posts should be more substantial.
  15. I love the way Tyson designed the cast for these shorts. It's a shame it's only two episodes so we don't get to see other characters like Vector, Blaze, or Silver. It would be great if Sega would consider working with Hesse and Neko Productions on a proper cartoon, because I think they could have something really special set in the regular Sonic universe that oozes this kind of charm.
  16. I was going to merge this with the main topic, but it appears discussion is already ongoing there so I'm going to lock this and update the other title.
  17. Well taking efforts to actually resemble the property they're adapting probably helps.
  18. Any time you want to knock off this annoying complaining about complaining and try actually participating in the discussion, feel free.
  19. I think that depends more on its implementation in those cases. It was poorly and hastily added to Sonic Mania and caused performance issues and required a day one patch to allow mostly offline play for example. It only got worse when a new version was used with the Plus update. I don't recall hearing much of anything about other Sega games that used it but those games weren't held back just to slap it in there. We knew for sure Forces had it months before release, for example. The bigger issue with DRM like Denuvo is the lack of ownership in the long term. There are no end of life plans for when those servers close and you're locked out of a product you legally paid for because of the compulsory online checks. Now that won't happen for a long time (probably), but it does become a concern from a preservation standpoint and it's why people don't want it.
  20. Is Etika losing his mind again

    1. tailsBOOM!



      In a deleted tweet he asked if anyone saw the shots he took (Someone screenshot it):


      So I'm hoping that's all it is

    2. Adamabba
    3. tailsBOOM!


      Yeah Zaysho I follow him and get notified every time he posts... Rip my phone

    4. KHCast


      Wasn’t he just attention seeking before? Guess we’ll see how this plays out 

    5. Zaysho


      Yeah, I follow him too. He's been doing this all day lol

      @KHCast I'm not... quite sure what happened still the first time. I think he hinted he was trying to get out of his YouTube network contract and fucked around with his channel on purpose.

    6. tailsBOOM!


      He also posted about waiting for Nintendo to do it finally, so for a bit I thought it was a weird joke about growing insane for waiting for Joker... then it continued.  I don't even know anymore.  Now he's Chaos (Capitalized like the character) and the God of Death.  I hope he just gets some sleep at this point

      So he's talked about:  Being Chaos as well as Sonic Adventure in general, either Joker or the NIntendo direct, being the god of death (Just now) Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, posted lewds of Ridley from Metroid, Zelda, and another character I don't know called random people cute, spammed "hehe,"  talked about the black hole, Game of Thrones, and mor and it hasn't even been 6 hours.  I can't even sometime LMFAO

  21. Zaysho


    Can confirm this happens with cats as well.
  22. That and the whole thing with Evil Sonic not Scourge hitting on every single major girl. Or like "the Legion would eat Robotnik for breakfast" or whatever other ridiculous shit he could come up with. Dude's just a hack.
  23. That in itself sounds like a trope from old movies, and given his track record and the way he wants to approach his own stories (seemingly wanting to tackle "serious" subjects including teen sex), I figure that's where he was going with it. It's all really skeevy, but somehow the things he tossed out the other day about Sally and St. John aren't terribly surprising he'd say them. Considering how open he seemed to be about past story ideas and this one only now coming up, I'm thinking this is either something that got laughed out of an editor's meeting or he made it up just to look edgy and serious and continued to dig himself deeper because it's the only way he can get attention anymore. Boggles my mind this guy got what he wanted over seven years ago and can't seem to shut the fuck up about a book he obviously had disdain for.
  24. MLP discussion has been moved to the appropriate thread. Please redirect the conversation there. Thanks!
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