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  1. Happy birthday, Kiah!

    1. Kiah


      Thanks Zay! 🙂

  2. Zaysho

    Dragon Ball Game Project Z -Action RPG- (2019)

    There was DBZ Sagas back in the day for PS2, GCN, and Xbox as well. It was pretty awful. I never sent a rental back to Blockbuster so fast. I'm curious what they're going to do and who's developing. They could probably take Xenoverse as a base and develop the movement and make the fights generally quick unless they're boss battles or something. Hopefully it's another original story, too.
  3. Playing Sonic Unleashed HD for the first time. I might enjoy it if my muscle memory stops making me press the wrong face button on the Xbox controller.

    1. Ferno


      I got so used to X being the homing attack button in Unleashed that in Generations I ended up messing up a lot at first since they switched it back to A

    2. Zaysho


      That's something I think I'll adjust to, but my main problem right now is that the buttons on Xbox are reversed from Nintendo. Not really a fault of the game, it's just not something I'm used to

    3. Ferno


      Another reason I wish Nintendo adopted the Gamecube layout as the official one moving forward rather than adopting the diamond button layout that Sony and Microsoft use. To this day I have to look down to remember the positions of Nintendo's X and Y buttons on the DS/3DS/Switch

    4. Sean


      I blame other companies for changing it around since Nintendo did it first with the SNES controller.

    5. Ferno


      I didn't really start gaming as a kid until the N64, so I never got to get familiar with the SNES layout at an early age.

  4. Well hey

    At least it's not Pink Gold Amy and baby versions of everyone

    1. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      Classic Sonic DLC could still be a thing, don't count it out.

    2. KHCast


      Not bowser > pink gold, but I wouldn’t mind classic versions of the characters 

  5. This argument's been thrown around for as long as I've been active on this forum. Sonic Team is incompetent, we know. Even I brought it up as a reason I'm pessimistic about the prospect of a Sonic Adventure remake a couple weeks ago, but this just starts to sound like more and more of an excuse. "It's not your turn yet, they need to get x right." People have been waiting for that for ten years or more, man. There's never going to be a right time at this rate, and something like Mania is not going to light a fire under Sonic Team's asses to get there any sooner. If Sonic Team is going to flounder around trying to get the series "right" anyway, you might as well throw those people a bone in the process besides talking heads on a radio. Not like the current method is gaining them any ground.
  6. Zaysho

    What's wrong with Sonic?

    Yeah, we have some pretty similar topics concerning Sonic's characterization here and here. So with that, I'm going to lock this one.
  7. Zaysho

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I think if Gemerl is on the table for IDW, he'll fill that niche like he did in the Archie book's last year. I also like when Ian does try to get characters to reason with Metal to go beyond his programming, and even if it doesn't go well, it can be interesting at times. We had Shadow and Shard both struggle to bring him over for entire issues respectively to no avail, it's cool that Sonic decides to give him a chance but doesn't really bother to press it. Actually lines up pretty well with Sonic's personality too since he didn't have any reason to believe Eggman was ever coming back at this point (I mean, we know better, but that's not the point).
  8. Per the spoiler discussion, since I don't feel this affects me as heavily, I do want to ask that everyone be courteous about spoilers for the first month when the game is officially out. Yes, we have spoiler tags, but some people may just forget to use them and it helps to make sure we're alerted so we can sort it out since we're not really keeping close tabs on this thread. Don't be afraid to give us a heads up if you think we need to fix something. I got to see the full intro for this game and it makes me feel really nostalgic because I loved KH I and II when I was in high school. The animation is gorgeous and I quite like the new theme. I fell off with this series a little while after KHII because all the in-between shit they were adding to the series killed my interest, along with the near thirteen year wait. But a part of me can't help but be glad the game is finally here, and if nothing else, I hope the pay off is satisfying for everyone else who didn't write this series off and stuck the wait out. I'm really looking forward to seeing people's impressions when it drops and watching some playthroughs to get a feel for it, and I might pick up the game later in the year.
  9. Honestly, "You Can Do Anything" should be the main Sonic theme at this point.

    1. TCB


      I want a new official cover of it in house.

    2. Bowbowis


      Knowing SEGA "You Can't Do Anything" would be more apropriate.


      🏃‍♂️     :tomato:          🤾‍♂️


  10. Zaysho

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS

    From what I have played of World of Light (I think I'm about halfway through), the lack of story doesn't really bother me. It's not terribly dissimilar to Brawl's, perhaps with fewer cutscenes. The initial cutscene did hype me up more than I should have been, I admit, but the lack of cutscenes or more fleshed out character interactions strangely bothers me the least compared to the gameplay just being a boring slog that goes on longer than it should have. Moving around a world map and stopping every few spaces to fight another spirit battle gets tiring after a while. I personally prefer the Spirit Board even if it has its own shortcomings, though I will give WoL credit for making it easier to rematch and obtain spirits without nearly as much hassle as the Spirit Board. I would have liked to have seen the map just have other things to do like simple puzzles that don't just lead to another spirit battle (say some treasure or something) or if it was just a straight up platforming adventure like Subspace where your primary goal is to collect the fighters with a decent assortment of spirits rather than every single one (we have the Spirit Board for everything else).
  11. I have no idea how to play with Cloud but his Limit Gauge was surprisingly useful against Master and Crazy Hand

    1. Maxtiis


      Best I can tell is he's meant to just play keep away until he has his limit gauge full, then go on the offensive and try to land a clean hit with one of his limit breaks.

    2. Zaysho


      Makes sense. He feels pretty different from other sword fighters so a lot of his movements feel weird to me. In the case of his classic mode, I kept getting the gauge filled form Master/Crazy Hand wailing on me and then managed to unleash a Limit Break stun them haha

    3. Maxtiis


      Cloud probably is one of the better characters for that mess of a fight. It's just so lazily slapped together just to fill out content in the game. At least without trophies I don't have any obligation to constantly play classic mode over and over.

      But yeah Cloud is an interesting character for sure. I really started liking Chrom when I picked him up given that he's like a mixture of all the Fire Emblem characters.

  12. About halfway through Ace Attorney 2.

    Why is Phoenix such a bitch in this game whenever Edgeworth is mentioned

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      It’s overplayed, but it’s because he believes Edgeworth committed suicide to run away from his problems after AA1 or something like that.  

    2. Zaysho


      That hardly even makes narrative sense with either of AA1's endings (and from what I can tell, 1-5 was more of an alternate way of interpreting Edgeworth's character since unlike the previous cases he's shown as less underhanded--I'm aware this is DS exclusive and doesn't really apply to anything directly in AA2). It just seems unnecessary, but maybe it will make sense in context when I get to the final case since I was already aware Edgeworth is in the final case, and I knew he was a mainstay character for years. Right now it's just dumb overdramatics that felt really distracting because I actually had to stop and think if I somehow forgot some important detail from the ending of 1-4.

    3. Maxtiis


      It's been a while since I played through the trilogy on my 3ds, but I recall Edgeworth just sort of pulls a Kramer in the last case if I recall correctly. He's more important to Von Karma's backstory in Ace Attorney 2 than Phoenix. Capcom probably wrote it that way just to build up suspense for when he did return.

    4. Sean


      Phoenix acts like a scorned ex in AA2 and it's really, really bad and embarrassing, especially the part where he literally tells Edgeworth to kill himself.

    5. Dejimon11


      Yeah I didn't get it either. It was forced and came out of nowhere which is why I didn't like 2 as much as I wanted to. But yeah Rise from the Ashes was made to explain why he why left 


      Cause from his perspective the reason why he became a famous prosecutor in the firs place was because the entire case was fixed and he was set up. Didn't help that the case happened immediately after he found out that his mentor has been manipulating him throughout his entire life. 

      It's still poorly executed. 


    6. Ryannumber1gamer


      It's pretty bad, and it just adds onto the tons of bad issues with the majority of AA2. Trials and Tribulations is a lot better at least.

  13. They started doing that with older properties they just have sitting around. LizardCube, the company that remade Wonder Boy: the Dragon's Trap (which Sega owns the trademark, but not the game itself iirc--Wonder Boy is really confusing), was just handed the reins to Streets of Rage and Forever Entertainment is handling remakes of Panzer Dragoon (though I cannot speak for how well that will pan out, since I'm not familiar with PD or this developer). I could probably see this becoming a trend for them, and it may not be a bad idea to find a team that could be up to the task with Sonic Team in a overseeing role similar to what they were doing with the GBA/DS games or recently Mania.
  14. I don't really have a horse in this race, I just think they've spent the past twenty years experimenting with so many styles they might as well go back and mess around with a style they've done before. The only issue I have is Sonic Team circa 2019 is not the same Sonic Team circa 1998. Key figures are long gone and the development team seems to cycle through designers and other positions constantly; Forces, despite its advertising saying it was from the same team that developed Sonic Colors and Generations (really they just meant "Sonic Team" as an entity) was made up of mostly newer developers and it showed with clearly being lesser than Generations. Could go either way, really. It's not inherently any worse than making Sonic a werewolf or "fuck it, make your own character". Not my holding my breath it will meet whatever minimum expectations I do have, I just want to see how they go about it.
  15. I started playing the second Ace Attorney game.

    What is with this series and the characters believing the victim managed to scrawl out the culprit's name every single time

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It's quite remarkable. Especially in that case, where the victim died instantly from a broken neck, but still managed to write the culprits name after dying.

      The police aren't incompetent at all.

    2. JosepHenry


      Not just that but in cursive letters


  16. Zaysho

    Christmas 2018! (General Discussion/Christmas Haul)

    I'm always grateful for an easy/quiet Christmas. This year I haven't been in the best of spirits the last couple months due to stress and I really didn't want to bother this year. I did end up with some nice things that really brightened my day, though. 1. Nichijou Blu-Ray/DVD Combo: I watched this show a couple months ago just before Funimation pulled all their shows from Crunchyroll, and it's one of those rare/weird shows I just keep thinking about and remembering all the humorous little bits. I was stoked to receive this and spent part of my afternoon rewatching some of it. Still makes me laugh with all its absurdity. 2. Sonic Generations (360 version): I was sort of interested in picking this up at some point because of the backwards compatibility on Xbox One. I had the PC version years ago, but since I don't really have the means to play that version anymore, this was rather convenient. Going back to it is very strange because I played the PC version with a keyboard at the time, so I was a bit surprised that the game felt a bit jank on a controller. I'm not used to an Xbox controller, either, but the game still felt rather rigid and tanky for me. I also don't really have the reflexes to react to things I used to. It's something I'll probably get used to again, enough to have a good time with it. Game is still gorgeous and the levels so far are fun. 3. Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD: A few years ago I wanted to give Twilight Princess on Wii another spin and when I tried, I found myself struggling with the controls. They were less than precise and pretty frustrating, which was a bit disappointing coming off of Skyward Sword, which I loved. TP is a game that I know I played and spent a ton of time with, but it's also a game that I found less than memorable even a year after I finished it. I couldn't tell you anything about it but the most basic things. I wanted to give the HD version a try for a while, so it's nice to have this to revisit down the line. I'm interested in seeing what sort of impressions I have this time around. 4. Cowboy Bebop Blu-Ray/DVD Combo (Amazon Exclusive): This one was a huge surprise for me since I didn't think this particular set was even still in print, and I didn't recall asking for it. Turns out my sister got it on a flash sale and decided to give it to me. The HD transfer is probably the most beautiful presentation I have ever seen for this show. The image is sharp and clear, and the colors are amazing. Older releases and airings of Cowboy Bebop were always too dark with crushed blacks and artifacting problems. Mostly serviceable, but never the optimal way to view the show. It's really refreshing to see it presented this way and it's something I'm looking forward to rewatching (again).
  17. Zaysho

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I read issue 11 the other day and it's one I'm having a lot of fun just picking up and flipping through more so than any other issue I've read so far. I'm not sure how I feel about the arc getting wrapped in three issues, but I'm not sure if it would have benefited from a fourth issue. Read together with #10, the battle feels like an appropriate length and it's gratifying to see everyone actually chip in one way or the other. Definitely welcome compared to the games making everyone a cheerleader. It's also cool seeing a new villain, another Mobian at that (I like the term more than anthro, don't @ me). It's something I appreciated about Archie, and it's something I don't mind seeing more of to develop Sonic's world here. Starline gives me Finitevus vibes, and that's a good thing in my book, though I'm hoping he won't always only be associated with Eggman. One thing that impressed me about this issue, and why I liked going through it more than any of the others is how well Yardley's style transitioned into Stanley's for me. Though I can definitely tell the last few pages are Stanley's, I'm fairly certain she did the couple of pages that introduced Starline, and it's the kind of collaboration I felt we didn't even get with Archie when two pencil artists were put on an issue. Overall, I'm surprised I liked these last two issues as much as I did. I haven't been super fond of IDW, but I can find things I like here and there, particularly with the art. It's something I'll probably keep up with in trades from this point onward, though. I just can't justify $4 a pop anymore and this book definitely feels like it's better read in chunks versus monthly, probably even more so than Archie (though I was so excited about Archie on a regular basis, and constantly went back and read things, I was a lot more tolerant of the format). Overall I think my earlier assessment of the book still stands that it's "good enough"--it's not really what I was looking for, but it's still enjoyable enough (it's actually gotten better the last couple issues for me, the first eight are kind of a slog and I still don't like them much when I flip through them except for the art) and I'm not terribly worried about the Archie cast being revived for this continuity anymore. I'd rather IDW figure out how to get the old series collected and preserved.
  18. Zaysho

    What if GalaxyTrail Bought the Post-SGW Cast?

    Not really. Ignoring money being an issue or the (lack of) practicality, why exactly should they? What purpose is using Bunnie, an established character, and altering virtually everything about her, serving that can't be filled by a new character? What is so unique about the "non-Sega-friendly" story elements and plot lines that can't simply be adapted for a new character? And why would a company willingly part with parts of their intellectual property if they don't have to? The developers of Freedom Planet don't look like they're hurting for new characters or creative ideas. Anything you think they should buy and use because Sega isn't using them can easily be filled by something original that they have full control over. I see very little they'd gain from it when it's not like Archie/SatAM characters would be the same in the first place, needing to be changed to such a degree that the things people cared about with them are no longer there, and I personally don't want characters I cared about being trotted out for cheap fanservice from either company. Based on what?
  19. I feel like the only things I like about Smash Ultimate's Adventure mode is that I can challenge a spirit as many times as I want if I lose and there's no shooting mini-game to try to hit the puppet fighter. Otherwise I prefer just going through the Spirit Board and seeing what comes up when I want to collect/fight spirits.

  20. Zaysho

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Eh, Pen's just background noise to me these days. Any tweet of his that gets referenced on this message board is, inevitably, some histrionic tantrum about why he isn't given the keys to this series. I already know he couldn't care less about Ian or the others getting their fair share, let alone that consumers aren't being rolled. I was mostly following along with the argument about expenses, which is an issue with comics but it's also one that's been mitigated somewhat through other avenues so most people aren't strongarmed into paying into the direct market.
  21. Zaysho

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    To give it a bit of perspective, Udon is doing a colorized release of a Mega Man manga, Mega Man Master Mix. Those books are a quarterly release, $7.99 for eighty pages. This IDW annual, and this extends to stuff like the recent TMNT Macro-Series and several other premium comics IDW occasionally puts out, are usually about $7.99 for forty pages. The difference between what Udon's currently doing, and what IDW does, I think comes with the presentation more than the page count. These sorts of premium issues have sturdy high gloss covers, better paper stock, and glued binding. Udon's Mega Man's books are regular stock and saddle stitch (stapled). In some ways, I wouldn't mind if IDW dialed back the presentation a bit to reduce the cost, but that's me. It's a bit excessive when you consider how much content you're getting (and not knowing if it's any good *looks at TSR tie-in and is glad his comic shop forgot to order it*). Though monthly comics are just like that at this point if you're a casual reader versus a collector. There are better deals for the same books digitally or when released in collected editions, and IDW is really good about stuff like that (Archie was not).
  22. Zaysho

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Comics are overpriced in general these days. I don't even buy that many on a monthly basis, but I know I've spent $20-30 on average when I empty my subscription box (and IDW randomly releasing a double-sized TMNT book or something tends to be where I see a charge hike). It's actually been a pretty huge motivating factor in me closing it and not buying monthly comics anymore at the start of next year. Personally, I'll probably wait for this to drop in price on comiXology or for a trade to include it.
  23. I feel the modern characters have enough broad strokes traits and quirks that would work for this kind of format, to be honest. Sonic Channel did those comic strips a few years back that felt like what I'd actually expect of the characters, and Sonic Unleashed has "Night of the Werehog" and those bonus shorts--all silent by the way--that worked incredibly well. I could easily see stuff that we already have in the games like Knuckles issuing a random/stupid challenge to Sonic and it blowing up in his face or Tails making an invention that needs tweaking only to accomplish a stupid task or whatever. Shadow gets dragged into something with Rouge, etc. These aren't complicated characters.

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