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    Sega, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Rouge, Shadow, Blaze, and Sally Acorn.
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  1. happy birthday if you ever come back ! :D

  2. in a good mood. I got a new sonic hat at the mall today ^^

    1. Kiah


      Cool : ) I need to get me a Sonic hat...anyway, I don't think I welcomed you to the SSMB yet so welcome! : )

  3. That is one awesome avatar. Welcome aboard, and do enjoy your stay~

    1. DarkieSan1986


      Thank you very much Diz. And thanks I plan to stay for a long long time X3

  4. Just wanting to get my foot in the door as far as getting to know you all. And plus what's one more sonic fan for the ride right? Anyway been a fan of this little blue blur for god.....21 years now. Basically since the first system he was on so yay! Yea I am like a super big fan with a even bigger heart for the fans as well. Anyway I just wanted to Say hello to all. And note I will be on from time to time. Anyway ALL HAIL SONIC! XD
  5. Ok if we want go with who is the bad ass character: Metal Sonic comes to mind
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