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  1. Rock Lee from Naruto I LOVE him. He's so adorable in his own geeky way. XD Shiny bowl cut and green jumpsuit FTW. <3 He's also a very inspiring character since he has a disability where he can't use ninjutsu or genjutsu so he can only use taijutsu but wants to become an excellent ninja even with these disabilities. (and he works hard on it!) Oh, and love the big large eyebrows too. XD The Merchant from Resident Evil 4 "Welcome! Heh heh heh"This guy always makes me laugh; he's one of my favorite characters just because of that. XD Too lazy to post more of them...I'll just leave it to these guys for now. (Plus it's getting late)
  2. Yeah, alot of games are best for thier online play. I'm guessing you've been playing Prince of Persia alot as well.

  3. Yeah it's really addictive. :) Doesn't have much of a storyline at all but I like it mostly for the online play.

  4. Cool, we had snow here in England a couple of months ago but its gone now. So what have you been up to recently?

  5. Pretty well, thanks. XD The snow is finally starting to melt away and it was a nice 60 degrees F! :D Bwahahaha it's so nice to go outside in short sleeves again.

  6. Things have been going ok with me thanks, how have things been for you?

  7. Dude I know. XD How are things with you?

  8. Hi PrincessTikal, long time no see...or should I say long time no talk

  9. Join the black side lol.

  10. Bwahahaha Killerbee scares the hell out of me XD

  11. Yeah. People call me Sonic obsessed. I draw Sonic characters all the time, play the video games, and do Sonic online stuff too. Though I'm sure there people that are more worthy of being called "obsessed" than me. XD I'm actually a bit secretive about it; I'm kinda shy to admit things I like. Plus it's not like all the endless mocking from my brother and his friends help me out at all. >>
  12. Haha, not to mention I commonly see both Fang and Rouge paired up with each other as a couple...
  13. Sweet~! I loved Halo 3. Only Halo game I've played, but it was still great. Sadly, my dog chewed up the disk and now it's ruined. D:
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