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  1. Rock Lee from Naruto I LOVE him. He's so adorable in his own geeky way. XD Shiny bowl cut and green jumpsuit FTW. <3 He's also a very inspiring character since he has a disability where he can't use ninjutsu or genjutsu so he can only use taijutsu but wants to become an excellent ninja even with these disabilities. (and he works hard on it!) Oh, and love the big large eyebrows too. XD The Merchant from Resident Evil 4 "Welcome! Heh heh heh"This guy always makes me laugh; he's one of my favorite characters just because of that. XD Too lazy to post more of them...I'll just leave it to these guys for now. (Plus it's getting late)
  2. Now while all you n00bs tried to spindash, I've tried numerous times to double jump Didn't work out very well though.
  3. Yeah, alot of games are best for thier online play. I'm guessing you've been playing Prince of Persia alot as well.

  4. Yeah it's really addictive. :) Doesn't have much of a storyline at all but I like it mostly for the online play.

  5. Cool. Is left 4 dead good?

  6. Not much. Waiting for spring break so I can go to Florida. :P Otherwise sitting down and playing Left 4 Dead.

  7. Cool, we had snow here in England a couple of months ago but its gone now. So what have you been up to recently?

  8. Pretty well, thanks. XD The snow is finally starting to melt away and it was a nice 60 degrees F! :D Bwahahaha it's so nice to go outside in short sleeves again.

  9. Things have been going ok with me thanks, how have things been for you?

  10. Dude I know. XD How are things with you?

  11. I've been playing Left 4 Dead and Prince of Persia a lot lately on my brother's Xbox 360. They're both awesome games. I played some of Fallout 3 when my brother's friend brought the game over and now I want to get it for myself. I'm also playing Final Fantasy Tactics A2 on my DS a lot as well. I love my ninja to bits. <3
  12. I would fix up Knuckles... Nowdays he's super gullible and kind of seen as a bit st00pid. Though I think his VA might have to do with a part of my opinion. I liked SA2 Knuckles a lot. He was independent and not tagging along with Sonic and Tails, etc. and was mostly doing his own thing. I would make him more SA2 styled. c: Plus, what happened to the Master Emerald?? Shouldn't he be guarding that thing? --- With Shadow, once again I prefered SA2 personality. I dunno, I kinda like the whole Maria thing. Showed that Mr. Grumpy has a soft side and that Maria's words could suddenly change his role or actions in the game and make him more passionate about what he was doing. Though I don't know how I would work that into the current games, seeing how he just happened to forget all that crap that happened to him and that he doesn't want to deal with his past anymore. *shrug* Also, I think he works how for him better if he could easily work for the good or bad side depending on what he feels like. --- Tails, I think he could get into more of the action instead of just being a side character that helps with technology crap. Him in SA1 was pretty good, I thought.
  13. Hi PrincessTikal, long time no see...or should I say long time no talk

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