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  1. Archie doesn't really like Shadow that much to be honest, he is one of the top tiers in the game verse but low key in the archie cannon? LOL trying to nerf Shadow, even in Sonic 06 he doesn't have that inhibitor release limitation. Shadow is truly a game breaker in abilites, and as far as I'm concern defeating Shadow takes PIS than logic IMO. Let me put it like this, if there was a fight between knuckles and shadow and the idea is Knuckles is more resileant and tougher than Shadow thats like saying Kenpachi losing to Chad from bleach in a fight based on the same principles but it's totally ridiculous in hindsight since Shadow is more powerful, more brutal, and more overwhelming in power scaling than knuckles is.
  2. Shadow shoud pretty much steam roll any character bar Sonic power scale wise. Even then, Sonic just gets lucky when he matches Shadow in power. Omega is not beating Shadow.
  3. And then you realise theres a character named Shadow the Hedgehog who makes Sonic look like a humble gentleman in comparison. Shadow literally has a god complex compared to Sonic.
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