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  1. remember the good days speed running sonic generations and competing here in the tourney? good times. still speed run any games?

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Nappa of RespawnPoint and Sonic Marathon is me! 'eyyyyy

    1. TCB



      Is the 'album' available?

    2. sayi50


      Not yet. Jay will tag every song properly this week and then the link will be given out at @RPMarathons on twitter so keep an eye out there.

      Also.. *looks at his avatar* Oh no. Oh no. Give it your best-Oh no.

    3. TCB


      oh no


  4. Hmm. Boost is only for Super Sonic? I like that idea. Something broken like that given to the supposedly game breaker Super Sonic is nice. now if only they could give me a Hyper Sonic with more power... and seizures. I wouldn't mind Boost being a Super Sonic only thing from now on.
  5. You know. Seeing Zazz take more hits here, I'm inclined to wonder: Could it be the multiple lock-on that's causing it? Remember how 3DS version could lock on to single enemy more than once, increasing the power of Homing Attack with each lock on. This Spanish guy never locked on more than once. It was all one lock HAs on Zazz. The other video we've seen... I think that guy locked on at least twice on Zazz before launching a Homing Attack. At least that's what I remember. And if you look at it, one of the big snail badniks get locked multiple times in the Spanish video. So I think it's like a game of chicken. How long can you keep locking on before you chicken out and fire your premature Homing Attack or can you go for the full lock on hit for more damage on the boss? Anyways, if that is the case it's not "Zazz is taking more hits now" but "Sonic is doing less damage with his one lock Homing Attacks." I think I like that. Game is daring you. Take risks and wait for more lock ons and you'll get your reward as a shorter stage time. Mmm, speed runs will be crazy on later bosses
  6. I like the "Wait for a bit to lock on three times on a big enemy to use a powerful Homing Attack" thing. It makes you stay close to the big guy and dodge it actively while waiting for the locks and the right moment to strike.
  7. They are not 4 tiers. Sorry for the confusion. What I meant was that the Sprint button activates Parkour as well as you know... Extra speed. Normally people will be running most of the time. There will be times where you want to slow down for platforming. There will be times you'll need Parkour for platforming. So you'll be using Parkour or Walking at certain places. For the rest, you'll be running. Unless this game is platforming from start to finish, you will be using regular run most of the time. It only makes sense that the MOST USED state should be the one that takes no extra button presses. Well, this doesn't go for Unleashed or Gen.. Because that would mean we'd be stuck in perma boost and press a button to slow down. In that sense you are right, it doesn't make sense. But this is Lost World, not Generations.
  8. Why must I be a sucker for that tapping feet noise when he's running! *tapatapatapatapatapatapatapatapa* Just gives me jiggles and puts a smile on my face every time I hear it! As much as I like the music of this game, my second play through will be with music off as I want to hear more of that running.
  9. I do agree with the homing attack camera stop thing. It's quite discomforting when Sonic goes and attacks the enemy that is JUST in the range of HA and camera just sits there and smokes one. Ever since I first played Assassin's Creed, I always thought it would be nice to have a free-flowing Sonic game like that. I think 2 or 3 more games if they keep this Parkour style and perfect it, my wish will be granted. Edit: Also, thanks for the Assassin's Creed experience, I get the feeling that I'll quickly get used to the controls... I mean come on, Right Trigger to run = High Profile speed. No buttons = Low Profile speed.
  10. I like how this game is looking and playing. There is one thing I noticed though. When Sonic is doing all the parkour stuff, he gains speed if he chains parkour moves. Really visible in 3DS Windy Hill Zone. So you got your jogging speed, insta-run speed and then "chaining parkour OH GOD FAST" speed if you can keep your flow or so I believe. So, speed is still a reward, if you know what you are doing. I'm going to love watching people speed run this.
  11. I'd say they are both just fine. Sure not being able to see ahead is a bit of a problem but with Sonic, you always have enough time to react and even if you are at one of those high speed sections, you should be smart enough to think "Oh, something might pop out!" and then give rolling a spin. I'd say 3D is worse in this situation since all that motion blur and the speed makes it hard to see the enemy or the obstacle.
  12. Wouldn't that mean that we will be holding the button down to go fast most of the time and slow down when we want to platform, avoid stuff, search around an area or whatever? If we are going to be holding it down mostly, then why not a "Slow Down" button instead? So we can go "Alright, sure this is Sonic and speed and all but shit just got real, let's chill". Like a "walk" button in a Tomb Raider. So that's less holding down but still achieving what you guys want. Control.
  13. I personally love Chao Garden and I'd be happy to see it return but I also admit that lots of people can find that aspect of the game boring and they don't want to bother with the Chao to get emblems and stuff. So they should be there for the sake of being there, shouldn't affect 100% runs or achievements or anything. Let people act like the Garden was never there if they want to. Of course there will be other people saying "But they should use the time for the Garden for polishing the game"(There already are people saying that... Since long time ago) but just like you want a extra polished game, me and the other Chao lovers would like to get the Garden. So I'd say a DLC sounds good, wouldn't get in the way of making a the game since they can give us the Chao later... Unless they make it a Day 1 DLC. Then I would curse... A lot.
  14. Thank you! I hope you are doing fine! Here, have this. *Gives him a slice of cake*

    1. 188Eternal


      Thanks man! Cake is something I can't refuse! ^_^ *gulps it all down and burps with satisfaction*

  15. Happy Birthday!

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