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  1. Happy bir4thday, boss!

  2. Wow, that was really rude. By the way, did anyone else think Pinkie Pie in the Music Video looked like Ashley Tisdale?
  3. I kind of don't hate to say this, guys. But apparently the Hub has messed up, yet again. Good thing they made some "finishing touches" right in time, I'm sure some people were starting to get worried. EDIT: While I'm here, has anyone else been doing the Trivia Challenge on the Hub's website? EDIT2: Also, how old do you guys think the Mane 6 are?
  4. I missed it by accident, I didn't think it would be too much of a big deal since I've purchased the DVD. Sounds like they butchered it...but why?
  5. About the Poll... Just had a discussion with my Bro about this, he was voting for Rainbow Dash. I thought it was kind of funny how people on Facebook would flip out over this, it's purely a matter of preference because they're all awesome! We all just have our favorites. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyways, about the video. Am I the only one who kinda wants to learn the dance? It'd be cool to find the song download as well, very catchy! Well...I mean, maybe they really didn't have that much room to squeeze in everything that makes her awesome in just a few words? Had to wing it, I guess. ^^"
  6. Well, I can see this commercial has everyone upset :/ But, all I have to say is I liked it. I know it was a marketing kind of thing, but I didn't flip my lid over it. Hell, I took about an hour and a half trying to get YouTube to play it (Internet Problems ^^"). I thought the remix of the song was pretty cool, like the Hub promotion song "Equestria Girls", and "Helping Twilight win the Crown", am I close? Haha. Anyways, I totally trust what all Hasbro is doing with MLP, I've watched the series since the beginning and I've already learned to have faith in them (unlike how I did with Princess Twilight, Equestria Girls Movie, etc.) So, let there be Ponies!
  7. I didn't really think EG would be canon, but then only real difference it would be is Flash, giving a possible love interest for Twilight. But didn't someone already confirm Flash wouldn't be in Season 4? Weird. I'm okay with it being canon though, never had a problem with it to begin with. Oh, and by the way, I was mowing earlier today and jamming to one of my favorite Pony tunes (not my all time favorite!) Babs Seed, and it made me think how this: [Cutie Mark Crusaders Song] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__IirsffY_4 Went to this: ---> [babs Seed] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUorBvADBOs Right when I was typing this, it made me think practice makes perfect. But weren't the CMC supposed to sing bad? Maybe it was for just that one episode? Also, I think it's pretty funny how the VAs had to actually practice singing bad to sing the CMC song the way they did xD
  8. I think it was because he used up too much energy, although Shadow was still wearing his inhibitor rings, the Super Form was brand new to him, so may have caused him to push himself over his limits. Also, he probably ran out of rings, using the rest of his energy to help Super Sonic use Chaos Control on the ARK, as well as sending him (Sonic) back to it (the ARK).
  9. Just curious, but is there an actual topic going on here? I don't mean to sound like a jerk if I do xD I just didn't know if we were on a certain topic or not? Twilight is best Pony!
  10. I'm going to go with Sonic Adventure 1, I really love all the level songs, and the Character themes are dead-on. Now, I was going to say Sonic Adventure 2, but in close comparison, I decided I enjoy the SA1 version of It Doesn't Matter better than the SA2, Tails in that game is garbage, period, and his song matches. Knuckles has a great theme in SA1, but I don't care much for the SA2 version. Was there a difference with Amy's? Oh, almost forgot, Shadow's theme was okay, but Eggman's theme is legendary in SA2. Live and Learn is one of my favorite Sonic song in the series, I'd prefer it over Open Your Heart by a long shot, they're both still good songs. But I think SA1 has a way better soundtrack.
  11. No, it's cool Bro xD think we both got confused there. My bad! (/
  12. Just from an all around gamer's perspective, I'd have to say the 3DS may get quite a big chunk of the sales, the bigger half anyways. The Nintendo 3DS (around here) can vary from about $160 - $210, depending on what kind you want, and a Wii U is about $330 - $400. Now, I bought a Wii U just to play Lost World, no other real reason. But if I didn't have one, and cared a lot about how much a console would cost, I'd probably have to go with a 3DS, I have both, I'm just saying. It would kinda depend on the price of the console, if you didn't have one.
  13. You know, that makes A LOT of sense, I appreciate you posting this. It makes sense that a lot of power like Super Sonic would take a large amount of concentration. Makes me thing whenever Sonic/Shadow pass out in their Super Forms, they turn back to their normal selves. I must have missed something here, there was a lawsuit?
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