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  1. The answer is so simple guys. Cheese is a level 100 chao! As in he (she?/it?/whatever) has broken the threshold and achieved the triple digit mark in every stat.
  2. Haven't played the Rivals games myself. Not getting a PSP just to play two games. That being said, I have seen playthroughs of each game (Thanks Great Clement ) and from what I saw, the Sonic Rivals are decent titles. By which I mean they're on the good side of average. Also I agree with Soni, that I found Silver and Espio's collab to be awesome. The fact that Takeshi Iizuka himself wrote the stories (and came up with the concept with) for these games is pretty interesting. It's clear that he knows the characters and for the few who played the Rivals games after Sonic 06, it must have been quite satisfying seeing the Sonic cast act like themselves again. The music of the games is fairly average but people seem to like Forest Falls (Rivals 1) and Race the Win (Rivals 2) but that's probably because those tracks were composed by Jun Senoue. The rest of the music is done by Chris Rezanson, who I know nothing about. On a final note, despite their relative obscurity, both games managed to obtain the "Greatest Hits" label.
  3. Who else dug this collab in Sonic Rivals 2? I know I did
  4. Until Discotek announces they got the subs for the DVDs, I ain't interested.
  5. Since Sonic's introduction has had many a plotline of varying degrees of quality throughout the series' run. But who do you think is best writer (or writers) we've had so far? You can answer any way you want to. Whether it being who wrote your favorite story, who do you think has had to most success, and/or who's impressed you the most. My favorite would be Shiro Maekawa since he wrote SA2's story, my personal favorite in the series. I also give a special mention to none other than Takeshi Iizuka. Yeah, there was Shadow the Hedgehog (the game) but I think Sonic Rivals 1&2 makes up for that (mostly). I really dig how he wrote Silver (making him competent and teaming him up with Espio was just great), he gave Eggman Nega his real backstory and showed just how much of a real psycho Nega is, and he helped me like Shadow again. Have fun with this one.
  6. While I am still cautiously optimistic about the 25th Anniversary game, I do take notice of the negative atmosphere around Sonic lately. Boom angered, disappointed, and confused a lot of people last year and it would be foolish to suggest that that negativity wasn't warranted. Sega's made mistakes like this in past. They've should have known better. The latest word from Sega's CEO are cathartic in that it seems they have finally realize that they had a problem and are going to NOT repeat these mistakes. That said, I can't really blame those who take those words with a HUGE grain of salt or just flat out don't buy it at all. There's also the matter of the current games: Sonic Runners, Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom,and Fire & Ice. The former being a mobile endless runner made by Sonic Team that had a solid soft launch but had a very mixed int'l launch (thought I believe it'll sort itself out like the first Dash game); the latter being two more Boom games because folks were clearly asking for more that (sigh). One can only hope that Sonic 25th can bring something fans can at least feel good about for a while.
  7. People have problems with water levels in video games in general. That ain't exactly Sonic-exclusive. That being said, those levels you mentioned, I like them too. A lot people do. Why? Because Sonic is speed-based platfomer. This allows Sonic to have some the best water levels in video games. That's my opinion anyway.
  8. It's because it's not so simple. Sega has never had the best writers on staff and even hiring outside talent has proven difficult for them. Even the better written games of the series have their varying degrees of success. They most they can do is to do the best they can but the thing is... sometimes your best just isn't enough :/
  9. From my perspective, The SA2 version of "It Doesn't Matter" seems to fit Sonic to a T; especially nowadays. For Tails, I'd go with SA2 version of "Believe in Myself" since that was used most recently for a level in Sonic Lost World. Knuckles, it's SA1's "Unknown from M.E.". I just feel that fits his character more. For Amy, it's "Follow Me" easily. I'm sorry but I've never been fond of "My Sweet Passion" Cream doesn't seem to have a theme, not of her own anyway. Though somebody previously mentioned that Sonic Advance 2's ending credits theme could fit for her and I agree. Big's theme is "Lazy Days ~Living in Paradise~. Next. Hmmm Shadow. I'm gonna go with "I AM...All of Me" as it makes Shadow sound like the badass he is. I will add that "Never Turn Back" fits him pretty well his character nowadays. Rouge's theme is "Fly in the Freedom". A great theme for her. Next. Omega I'm not sure of. I think he should get an instrumental theme like Gamma. The Chaotix already have a theme that I absolutely adore. Next. For Metal Sonic, it's definitely gotta be his theme from Sonic 4. That tune is just awesome! Silver's theme is "Dreams of an Absolution". While I do like the original, I prefer the remix as Jun Senoue provides the much needed cool factor Silver's theme needed. Blaze's theme seems to be Vela Nova and also this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCVkg46noA0. Both fit her quite nicely. And last, but definitely not least, is Dr. Eggman. For our favorite comedic evil scientist you can't go wrong with "E.G.G.M.A.N." He's got the master plan!
  10. If there were to be a Generations 2, I want more zones per era. The more levels the better I say.
  11. Personally, nope. Wouldn't even be the slightest bit curious.
  12. Hmmm.... Nope, still don't get it. And apparently, neither did Sega since they went in a complete 180° with the series in terms of direction. Come to think of it, you could say the game, Sonic Colors, is the "Anti-Sonic 06"
  13. Why don't you guys just play Sonic Adventure?
  14. Since Rush is Blaze's backstory, it's a pretty safe bet that Sonic Rush is indeed canon. On the subject of Knuckles in 06, well he does give Sonic a card containing Egghead's holographic message. Yeah Eggman kinda forces Knuckles into the plot. Afterwards Knuckles does what he can do help (he doesn't really do anything until Flame Core though). He can help out in an optional mission (okay...). And he just sort of disappears until Aquatic Base (the final level of Sonic's story). Finally, in the Last Story, he goes to retrieve a Chaos Emerald to help revive a dead Sonic. So in conclusion, Knux isn't totally useless, but he's only helpful when the plot remembers remembers him and it would have been real easy to revise scenes and the parts where he is featured. Knux actually wasn't necessary for 06 but since the game decided to include him he at least makes himself useful, if only a little bit.
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