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  1. Happy Birthday. I still miss you.

  2. I still don't prefer the whole idea of the wisps and whatsoever. So yeah, my point in this round belongs to Sonic Unleashed.
  3. Yeah I like it... as a design you know, it's really cool, small planets, moons, unknown and unseen stuff... But as a mission? I FREAKING HATE IT!
  4. Dude, let's not just focus on the physical power here. Knuckles is much more powerful and this is one of the advantages, and if Knuckles could sense him or see him when he's invisible, then he won't use cloaking and it won't be anyone's advantage, but he's a ninja, I'm pretty sure Knuckles will have a hard time trying to hit him, I think Knuckles does have 'some' agility, but it doesn't compare to Espio's. So Espio's agility counts as one advantage.
  5. Really? Then replace the finish ring with a cheeseburger!
  6. Now everything makes sense... Thank you guys. You're not slow it's probably your browser not showing the new posts. I really don't know whether he is the last or not, and because I don't know I wouldn't make an opinion on my own out of my own assumptions. And I really don't think it's fair to say they're just insisting you're wrong. You have a theory so you should give it a proof. And of course, everyone should do the same.
  7. Sure explains a lot... Then another question, where did Mobius originate from? And yet another question, Sonic X is not canon... Is it? And also when an opinion is against facts. Like saying "In my opinion Sonic is a cat."
  8. I have a question, the events of Sonic Adventure 2 happened on Earth or Sonic's world?
  9. I would definitely support Digital Dimension! I suppose the album should contain at least one track from the Riders series.
  10. Live and Learn instrumental! Well the vocal version plays in The Finalhazard, but I'm guessing the instrumental version (which is in the main menu of Sonic Adventure 2) would fit better.
  11. Want You Gone is good, but auto tuning isn't really special. The My December re-remix is nice, it's a smart idea to remix a Reanimation. I'll check the rest later.
  12. These are some nice pieces. I was checking the topic and I noticed that you got partially improved since the first post over time, where Sonic looked a little plump in some pictures.
  13. Oh, it's okay really, gotta check the ones already made! Hey good luck with this album, I like the idea and I hope to see it well done.
  14. I'm wondering if it's possible for Sonic the Hedgehog Episode II. Like, Oil Desert zone, act 2: Beneath the Sands. It's one of my favorites in that game, so.
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