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  1. Just popping in to say that I'm doubling down on worker-owned businesses. I feel that the less the State is involved, the better— unless and only unless it's government owned by worker-owners. I've been working it out Libertarian Mutualism, which is really just a very fancy word for free market socialism. You see, there exist in the world a worker-owned business that's extremely successful— Mondragón Cooperative Corporation. It's located in Basque country, Spain, and is part of the reason that region is so wealthy and has so little income inequality. Another is John Lewis in the UK. And as it happens, Cuba is transitioning from the failed model of state socialism into a potentially extremely successful model of market socialism. Once the masses own the means of production (without State interference, and with a free market), artificially intelligent automation won't be seen as a threat, but an opportunity. Hence why I support free market socialism. Small-s socialism; worker ownership, not State ownership. Edit: accidentally'd my brain and wrote a Medium article. Technostism— Free the Worker, Enslave the Robot
  2. Solar Fields Returns To Create The Mirror’s Edge™ Catalyst Soundtrack Remember remember the Vth of November!
  3. Actually, this is already considered. Artilects are the sapient ones you're referring to, rather than the larger, sentient but limited technotariat. The technotariat is forcibly kept away from sapience, in part due to artilects. It must be understood that an autonomous, hiveminded slave workforce incapable of demanding freedom is the most productive mode of production (hence why it's never worked for humans). I'll dare to say that, if it's not achieved by humans, it will be achieved by artilects. Then there's the issue of transhumanism. In this case, humanity matches artificial intelligence by becoming a hybrid intelligence of photonic— perhaps even quantum— neural processing, eventually becoming posthuman. There is no hope for droids. If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a droid face— forever. And the droid is incapable of realizing this through basic design.
  4. Indeed, in fact it can be compared to a Digital Athens. 1- Of course I'm not the first. I came up with the idea by combining multiple versions of it and giving it its own "-ism" 2- The other technical terms are "Venus Project", "Zeitgeist Movement", and occasionally "Technosocialism." The reason why I created this -ism was to give automation economics a general term. Automating a factory is a technostist action. Wanting to automate a factory is technostism.
  5. That's just it, this kinda is a pie-in-the-sky idea. You're not going to create it today or any time in the next 5 years. If anything, your solutions are what would aid the arrival of a technostist order (though you forgot to mention an expansion of worker-ownership, but I'll chalk that one up to the other 'short/long-term solutions). Technostism is for when artificial neural networks + robotics become cheaper than human workers and can learn new tasks. The Parable of the Capitalists is more or less the logic/rationality you're looking for.
  6. The first point is that you're right— humans don't work for money only. Except think of the disheveled single mother working 2 jobs just to keep her children fed. She's working a BS job she doesn't want to have anything to do with, but she has no choice if she wants her and her kids to eat. Think of the jobs crisis plaguing recent graduates. The jobs they were promised and studied for aren't the same jobs they actually get, and every evening their hands smell of greasy fries and burgers because of it. Technostism is taking away the need to work. Any work after should be of your own volition, which makes such work all the more fulfilling. It's more fully explained on the subreddit, but the gist is "digital Athens: Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato didn't sully their hands with labor, so they could come up with great ideas." 2- It's probably for the best to research these following things— deep learning, neural networks, co-operatives, worker co-operatives, and 3D printing. They'll help out trying to discern what the hell I'm talking about. No human will be making or maintaining these robots, and people should own these droids in common. That said, this seems like an undefined system because it is. Right now, I'm throwing it out to (hopefully educated) people so they can tolchok it and make it into something presentable. I'm doing this precisely because there's no really well fleshed out idea of what happens when we reach this point. We assume the nice ol' gubmint will givvus some cash (UBI) and that'll be it, but just reading 10 minutes into this scenario, I discovered that there are many, many problems with that idea. So c'mon, my fellow droogs— let's tolchok this mutha!
  7. Vanilla technostism: fully automated workplaces and/or wanting fully automated workplaces. As you may know, jobs are being automated, but automation has always created new jobs. This is due to the fundamental nature of automation being a physical process. This won't last forever: at some point in the near future, we will begin automating mental processes. We usually call this "artificial intelligence" and "synthetic intelligence." At which point, humans workers are no longer necessary. Actually, in this case 'workers' refers to everyone from janitors to the CEOs. With no way nor reason for humans to participate in the workforce, the economy effectively shuts down since the consumer class has no way to earn money. No way for a worker to earn money means no way for a boss to earn profits. Technostists want to find a way to profit from automation in an egalitarian manner. The prevailing thought right now is through the use of worker-run businesses and co-operatives (the libertarian option), and another thought is the creation of a wealth tax on the produce of automata, so that a UBI can be funded directly from the result of droid labor (the statist option). The hub for discussing technostism is here— https://www.reddit.com/r/Technostism/ There's also a wiki. http://technostism.wikia.com/wiki/Technostism It's basically an ultra-high tech revival of syndicalism. Also, Karl Marx talked about this exact same thing 200 years ago, so it's sort of a "getting back to roots" thing. Return to the original communist idea (i.e. people are freed from labor by droids), before all the BS of Leninism and Stalinism and Trotskyism and Maoism and shaggism and baggism, and continue on from there. Erik Brynjolfsson calls this the 'Digital Athens' scenario. The block of text up above describes what I've termed the Parable of the Capitalists. TL;DR Free the workers, enslave the robots! I don't want to spend the rest of my life forced to chase the dollar just to survive, so let a droid do that for me and I can be allowed to do what I will. It shouldn't matter if that means write 1,000,000 novels or laze around with an Oculus Rift and on a water bed.
  8. It looks wonderful... Very fluid, very cyberpunk. But this is making me think that ME would benefit from a bit of transhumanist tech. Make freerunning OP.
  9. So who's unhappy with the open world aspect? I'm not. That Mirror's Edge wasn't open world hurt it for me (it came off as less 'freerunning' and more 'obstacle course', making the point of freerunning questionable), but I'm open to hear opposing arguments.
  10. HOLY SHIT. IT'S HAPPENING. SHENMUE 3. Shenmue 3 Just Hit $2 Million, Setting a New Kickstarter Record
  11. As long as they give us a Perfect Dark 2 proper, good.
  12. So what, is everyone just going to ignore... The new Mirror's Edge is called Mirror's Edge Catalyst http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/06/09/mirrors-edge-catalyst-subtitle-is-official http://www.siliconera.com/2015/06/15/mirrors-edge-catalyst-producer-on-meeting-expectations/
  13. Will Mirror's Edge 2 and Tony Hawk's 5 revive the idea of playful space in video games? That said, I could have sworn that one of the biggest criticisms of the game was that it was so linear. Personally, I felt it would have worked best open world, as long as the world itself was actually fun to traverse. If not open world, then at least open ended.
  14. Alright! So we have a bit more news. Mirror's Edge 2 is coming in early 2016
  15. ^ But wasn't one of the draws of the original episodes was that the creators could use live-action sequences, where, in an earlier series they worked on (can't remember which, Ren and Stimpy I think?) they were forced to remain with animation the whole way through?
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