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  1. This week's character is not actually a character but a species, namely chao! Chao in Sonic Apex are pretty much the same as in the games, so I won't go into much detail here. Pictured here are a common chao, a dark chao and a hero chao, but there are several other varieties. This is unfortunately the last picture I drew for this AU before I got overwhelmed from the sheer size of the project. Some day I hope to pick it back up and try again, but on a smaller scale.
  2. This week's character is Big! Like with Rouge, I don't have much to say about him. I gave him a more Incineroar-like build as well as paws instead of those awful sock feet Sega insists on giving Sonic characters. I picture him being what TV Tropes calls a "Boisterous Bruiser".
  3. This week's Sonic character is Rouge! I don't actually have much to say about her. If I were to turn Sonic Apex into a story she'd probably team up with Eggman to gather the Chaos Emeralds with the intent of taking them herself. I merged her arms with her wings (seriously, what's up with her canon design having six limbs?) and made her a heart nosed bat to go with her heart motif. The background is both a reference to her species and her love of gems.
  4. Cream is next! I don't actually have much to say about her. She lives with her mother and isn't very good at fighting like in the games, but she isn't quite as formal. Cheese is Cream's pet Chao (more about Chao later). I chose to depict Cream in her Riders outfit because I prefer it over her regular attire. I got writer's cramp (or something similar) while drawing these two, or maybe it was muscle soreness from my Covid shot. The background is a relatively deep pull. Do you know what it's a reference to?
  5. Next we have Shadow! Now to be honest, I don't like Shadow very much. I'm only including him in this because he's popular and because he has a profile on Sonic Channel. Anyway, Shadow's backstory is completely different from the source material. In this he's an artificial warrior created by the Nocturne tribe (which is kind of like the Nocturne tribe from Sonic Chronicles, but also different), but he has no memory of his origin. Eggman finds him in stasis and convinces him to work for him. Shadow does that for a while, but makes friends with Amy and gradually shifts into heing a hero before leaving the Egg Empire. In addition to having agility nearly on par with Sonic, Shadow is capable of using Chaos magic. This gives him a number of abilities including teleportation, electric arrows and even generating an explosion. However, using this power tires him out and he must rest tor egain energy. I wasn't satisfied with the first pose I drew because it didn't have enough energy, so I changed it to something more dynamic.
  6. It's Amy's turn now! I wanted there to be more to Amy as a character than just being in love with Sonic, so I made her a wizard. There's a precedent for it in the games too, since she's associated with tarot cards and Pikopiko was called a magical hammer at least once. Amy's personality is similar to Amitie's from the Puyo Puyo series, being upbeat and wanting to be a powerful magician some day. I combined elements of her classic, modern and Sonic Boom designs to create what I thought was an ideal appearance for her. I also chose to make her dress green instead of red so it would contrast better with her fur.
  7. Next in my character series/AU is Tails, my favorite Sonic character! Tails is also similar to his game counterpart, specifically during the Classic and Dreamcast eras. He usually follows Sonic's lead, but has potential to be an even greater hero than Sonic some day. I didn't change his appearance much, but I gave him a red scarf as a reference to the fox statues outside some Japanese shrines. I thought it would be appropriate since he's based on a fox spirit.
  8. Hey everyone! It's been a while since the last time I was here. Recently I've been working on an AU/art project of sorts, and I wanted to share it with you guys. I call it Sonic Apex. Basically, I'll be drawing a bunch of Sonic characters in my style. I'll post a new picture every Wednesday with notes describing what the character is like in my AU. First up we have Sonic himself! Sonic isn't that different from his game counterpart, being a sporty and fun-loving adventurer who stands for his ideals. He lives in Green Hill on South Island, but is usually away on an adventure. In terms of appearance I basically just used his design from the movie because that's my favorite look for him. The gold ring around his neck is a good luck charm that his mother gave him before he moved to South Island. Please feel free to give feedback. I want to know what you think of this project!
  9. After some thought, I've decided that maybe Eggman does need a mustache of some kind. Here's an edit of my previous drawing that makes him an otter instead. As you can see, his whiskers look a lot like a mustache.
  10. I don't think his mustache or baldness are that integral to his design. The red jacket is what I notice first and foremost.
  11. I guess we're going to have to agree to disagree on that. And my point is that the series is called "Sonic the Hedgehog", not "Sonic and Eggman".
  12. Morain Blackthorn is my favorite character from the Fleetway canon.
  13. It's only "Sonic vs Eggman" because Sega can't be bothered to use other bad guys instead. Just because Mario uses the same villain over and over AND OVER doesn't mean Sonic should do the same. Well you need Sonic because he's the title character, but otherwise you could replace him with any other hero. Wow, thanks for the sympathy. Anyway, I believe I mentioned Rough and Tumble earlier in this thread. Am I the only one who thinks they'd fit perfectly in the games?
  14. All that signifies is that he's male. I actually have a design that I think looks good. It was meant to be for a hypothetical "new Eggman", but I think it could work for Robotnik himself.
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