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  1. I'd rather have Rough and Tumble in the games than Tangle and Whisper.
  2. So does anyone else think Alcremie might be related to Slurpuff? They look kind of similar, have the same type and are both based on cakes!
  3. I don't like the implication in recent games that Tails is only good for tinkering with machines and following Sonic around. I want him to have his own adventures.
  4. Can I just ask why Knuckles has to be the last of his kind? I mean when you get down to it, what does it really add to him as a character? Plus it doesn't make sense for every echidna in the world to have been part of the same tribe.
  5. Sonic Jam had that really cool 3D world. I still want a full game based on that.
  6. Hopefully very low. I want GameFreak to learn something from this.
  7. If it's like the Klonoa games? I'd definitely consider it.
  8. I disagree. I think Sega should take more cues from games like Sonic Adventure and Black Knight.
  9. Then how are we going to get better Pokemon games?
  10. It's because according to those critics, Mario can do no wrong. Conversely, Sonic can do no right.
  11. They could have promised to patch the remaining Pokemon in post-launch.
  12. If any Sonic character should get into Smash Bros it's Tails. But it doesn't matter because Sakurai said everyone in the Fighter's Pass would be from series that aren't represented yet.
  13. Junichi Masuda responded to the backlash: This...is not what I wanted to hear at all. You have no idea how upset I am at GameFreak and Masuda right now.
  14. I didn't think it was that bad. Can you imagine how boring Sonic games would be without any story though? I'd rather have a bad plot than none at all.
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