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  1. After some thought, I've decided that maybe Eggman does need a mustache of some kind. Here's an edit of my previous drawing that makes him an otter instead. As you can see, his whiskers look a lot like a mustache.
  2. I don't think his mustache or baldness are that integral to his design. The red jacket is what I notice first and foremost.
  3. I guess we're going to have to agree to disagree on that. And my point is that the series is called "Sonic the Hedgehog", not "Sonic and Eggman".
  4. Morain Blackthorn is my favorite character from the Fleetway canon.
  5. It's only "Sonic vs Eggman" because Sega can't be bothered to use other bad guys instead. Just because Mario uses the same villain over and over AND OVER doesn't mean Sonic should do the same. Well you need Sonic because he's the title character, but otherwise you could replace him with any other hero. Wow, thanks for the sympathy. Anyway, I believe I mentioned Rough and Tumble earlier in this thread. Am I the only one who thinks they'd fit perfectly in the games?
  6. All that signifies is that he's male. I actually have a design that I think looks good. It was meant to be for a hypothetical "new Eggman", but I think it could work for Robotnik himself.
  7. How about you stop telling me what to do? And I am NOT being unreasonable! I have a perfectly valid reason for keeping the Freedom Fighters out of my vision for Sonic and you know it!
  8. Here's my concept for what Eggman's successor might look like. What do you guys think?
  9. I've always interpreted "crying" in Elise's case to mean giving in to despair, like she did when Sonic died. Thus cutting an onion near her wouldn't have caused Iblis to be released.
  10. It wouldn't necessarily help, but it would certainly make me happy. You got a problem with furries? Who says Eggman would be a human?
  11. I don't care whose fault it is. The Freedom Fighters would do nothing but remind me of what I lost, so I'm not allowing them in my ideal universe.
  12. It isn't, but that wouldn't make their inclusion in IDW Sonic any less upsetting. He's only the "main villain" by default. If the series had a better rogues' gallery, Eggman wouldn't necessarily get priority over the other bad guys. Or maybe he would because of nostalgia, but you get my point. No, the driving conflict is Sonic vs "a bad guy", the latter of whom could be literally anyone. The series doesn't need Eggman specifically.
  13. SA1 > Black Knight > Forces > Unleashed > Rise of Lyric > Heroes > SA2 > Generations > Lost World > Colors > Next Gen > Secret Rings > Shadow
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