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  1. I never saw it as important. In fact I never noticed it until a few years ago. What mental gymnastics? Fixed it for you. No need to thank me.
  2. I don't like the idea of Silver being able to time travel at will. Do you have any idea how OP that would make him?
  3. Mickey's ears and Homer's skin tone are iconic. Sonic's mono-eye is a minor detail. Nothing of value is lost by removing it. Would you mind explaining why you think it looks "wrong" or "not like Sonic"? Because it looks fine to me. But I don't like mono-eye Sonic! And anyway, Mr Mime and Ditto are supposed to look weird. Sonic isn't.
  4. We've known they had a society since Sonic 1, which had two different cities. And if rings are part of a barter system, doesn't that make them currency? Sonic X isn't canon, the comic even less so. He's the leader of Team Sonic. Why do you think it's named after him?
  5. I try to ignore it. I never cared for humans (Eggman included) in the Sonic series anyway. I agree. Going further, he should be Blaze's bodyguard!
  6. This makes no sense. Chaotix aside, some form of currency is needed for society to function. Plus if money doesn't exist then what the fuck are rings? This makes me sad. Buddy is one of my favorite characters... This is what I've been saying for a while, but nobody listens to me.
  7. It's clearly supposed to be one now. Eggman's the only human we've seen for at least a decade. Sega might as well retcon his species so he'll fit in better.
  8. Probably an unpopular opinion, but I really wish Eggman wasn't a human. As it is he's out of place in what's supposed to be a furry/anthro setting.
  9. I hope it looks cool. Most of these new Pokemon have been lacking something in terms of design.
  10. While we're on the subject of voice actors, I don't think William Corkery did a bad job as Tails.
  11. I want all three of them in the modern games.
  12. The thing about Modern fans is that they aren't all the same. There's a sizable portion of them who want a return to the Dreamcast era, and who can blame them? Their only choices right now are Classic Sonic or putting up with Boost gameplay, Wisps, Pontaff's writing and Zavok. I can totally understand why Miragnarok wants a Dreamcast/Modern split.
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