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  1. The Sonic the Hedgehog OVA would like to have a word. It was released long before Sonic Adventure and the Dreamcast were even a thing.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rDCmCd8BVo We already have answers about the returning locations importance to the plot, and that they will be treated as seperate areas of a wider world. If you skip ahead to the 6:30 mark Christian (Taxman) in the interview explains that all of the old zones aren't just there for nostalgia and Sonic has a reason for revisiting all of the returning locations. That the team wants to create a connected world using the classic locations. Taxman and Stealth know the lore, the locations, and the cutscenes will likely explain how they get from place to place, even Little Planet. We talked about all this back in August. Have faith in Mania it will provide!!
  3. The Sonic 3/Sonic & Knuckles representation in Sonic Mania thing was answered quite a while ago on Neogaf by Taxman himself. I don't know why the question as to if they are being treated separate or not is still popping up and being debated. You will get both. http://m.neogaf.com/showpost.php?p=211224651&postcount=1660
  4. Mystic Cave is after Hill Top right? What if they remixed both together due to the Hill Top mountain erupting as seen during the events of Sonic 2? You could have Mystic Cave, but with caved in sections and lava flows coming in from the erupted Hill Top area which you could see through holes in the cave walls/ceiling, which would all kind of pay homage to Lava Reef at the same time too. Tho if Green Hill Act 2 and Flying Battery are anything to go by, the remixes aren't quite that extreme even when Green Hill is said to be the tamest among them.
  5. I had forgotten about that. Unless we are getting Emerald Hill for the Sonic 2 zone, which seems unlikely, that boss does seem out of place, and the single sprite sheet does make it look small. Like you suggest perhaps it's a badnik or some kind of set piece if that. I was wondering if they would be going for more of a Sonic through 3K kind of style or more Sonic CD type style in design. The small differences between their sprites gives of a different feel.
  6. Won't the power sneaker be on the other foot then. No longer will comments like "overzealous nostalgia-submersed nutjobs" and "times change, so has the franchise get over it already" be delivered by them, but to them by the new fans attracted to the fresh new version of Sonic. Perhaps then what fans of the classic approach have felt since 1996 will dawn on them, and they will truely understand. More on topic however, does anyone else feel it strange that Eggman hasn't really been brought up or shown at all yet. The suspense is clawing at my insides. The Hard-Boiled Heavies are a brilliant touch, and besides a screen grab we outside the press haven't even seen them in action either. I'm hoping it's because they have some really fancy dynamic wouldn't have been possible on the Mega Drive style boss fights planned and they simply dont want to spoil too much of the game before launch. But that makes me want to see at least one Eggman mech even more >.<;
  7. Ugh it really would take a miracle wouldn't it, I mean after seeing the wanted posters pop up again I pretty much knew the chances were slim. Christians exposition on Twitter wondering what the Hooligans had been up to in the Saloon to be on wanted posters however was great, as it gave some hope that the devs would potentially like to use said characters perhaps. I expect Mania will do very well, amazingly well even. But it seems every opportunity where it would make perfect sense to include older characters, like Generations, or even the spin-off titles like All-Stars etc, and now even a full new classic themed game like Mania, come and go without their inclusion. People do seem curious as they do get brought up, usually via fan Q&A's, even getting a lot of positive fan feedback like that vote in All-Stars Racing for example where Nack got a lot of votes in a much shorter time frame than the other potential DLC characters had for votes. But alas it's "maybe next time". I can't be the only one that would lose their proverbial shit (in a good way) if Nack, Mighty or Ray etc showed up in a new classic themed title. Even if they arent "in" Mania I was perhaps hoping for an end game tease like 3K got at the end of Sonic 2 Remastered. Guess I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed that not only does Mania do as well as I expect, but that it will pave the way for more classic titles to get the go ahead creating a new branch. Maybe then Tenko...maybe then...
  8. You've got to feel for Aaron and Gene, they were really excited for this and have been PR'ing up a storm and now this happens to them. It's got to be disappointing and a real kick in the guts. Really odd that SXSW with its panels and what not doesn't have decent streaming equipment for them to use. Regardless, at least we can look forward to the trailers (if any) going up at the same time using other avenues, and panel highlights etc being put together and released a bit later on. No ones missing out in the end.
  9. Looks like the stream may possibly end up canned in favor of a video with highlights and reveals etc released on YouTube and Twitch etc an hour or so after the live event. Gene has been posting on Twitter saying that the streaming equipment seems to be having issues and it might not go ahead as they don't want a sub-par experience for those watching from home. Here's hoping they can get it worked out but it's not looking good.
  10. My maths might be way out, especially if I'm accidentally using the wrong time zone..but I'm pretty sure it's roughly 11 hours and 15 mins from now.
  11. Perhaps from the older western fans or the outspoken few on message boards.The younger fans that joined the franchise post Adventure games, or the even younger crowd joining after watching Sonic Boom on TV etc would all know him only as Eggman. It would inadvertently cause confusion bringing back his old western name now after 15 odd years of non use. Especially in Sonic's target audience, the 7-12 year old demographic who would never have heard him refered to as Robotnik before (except that line in the English version of Sonic Generations). When you look at it in hindsight the Robotnik stuff in Sonic Adventure and it's sequel seemed more for the purpose of streamlining and introducing Eggman as his new name and eventually fading the Robotnik name out rather than truely combining them as it implies. Like you said, besides Generations we havent really heard it since the Adventure series, and even in Generations it was only used in the English dub, and only for the setup to a joke. Hell Sonic Adventure didn't mention Robotnik in its original Japanese script, it was only in the English version. The only cannon Sonic Team game that has it in both the Japanese version as well as the English version is Sonic Adventure 2, and my memory might be off a bit but I'm pretty sure follow up media in Japan only refers to the "Robotnik" characters as Maria and Gerald, excluding their last names (Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic X). Yes in the west it was his name for a good while in the early days, but as others have said, it's been abandoned for 15 odd years, even in the English versions of the media. As has also been said, besides the manuals the early games were never graphically localized for western markets (Egg, Eggman, Miles etc) so to do so for Mania would buck the trend. It is a shame for those older long time fans who prefer the name Robotnik, and who will probably continue to use it till the day they die, but as it stands now it doesnt look like its returning. In Mania or in any other media. Tho in saying that it will be interesting to see what they decide to do with this upcoming movie. If anything brought it back I could see it being that, I could imagine American movie executives thinking that Eggman isnt threatening enough and asking to use his old western name.
  12. Looks like those worried about Act 2 not having an individual remix don't need to be worried after all. The team are very good at hiding/removing what they don't want spoiled just yet...Unlike previous Sonic game demo's etc Edit : Also I'm wondering if perhaps this member of the Hard Boiled Heavies is in reference to a certain hard to find game in the series...
  13. To be fair to Sonic Chronicles its cliffhanger was spinetingling, I did really want to see a sequel just to find out how it would get resolved. Eggman actually winning, even if for a while is an interesting concept. That's one thing P2017 has going for it.
  14. If the Sega marketing team hadn't had the bright idea of renaming the upcoming mobile project as Sonic 4 then we wouldn't be in this situation. It shouldn't even be a thing, it wasnt even meant to be Sonic 4 in the first place. Then they compound that issue by not even finishing up the project, and thus leaving an unfinished story arc. Which also really messed up where Sonic CD was meant to cannonically take place in the timeline. Personally I too would rather it was just chalked up to a massive balls up and forgotten about. That or somehow overwritten. It's basically the '06 of the classic series. Except '06 had the decency to write itself out of existence at the end of its story haha.
  15. Well it's not Metal Sonic Mk V hahaha. I keep waiting for a nod to X-Treme since it's supposed to be as if the classic series continued into the Saturn Era. Nothing yet.