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  1. I personally disliked his recent rebuttal that was brought up in regards to working for free. To counter his point that no one would go in to work every day if it wasn't for the money I had brought up those in the rescue service that work for free as volunteers, which while perhaps not entirely appropriate for the conversation proved a point pretty satisfactorily. His retort... I've drawn a couple free pictures before and helped people vote, I'm no stranger to charity or using my time without pay. Because those compare. At this point I can't be bothered, I've already tried numerous times to get through to him on the original point, that his mindset on creators and creating being not worth the time without a reward for said act of creation. KingScoopaKoopa is pretty much right on the button. The only way to win is to not play. Until Lara-Su comes out he's pretty irrelevant himself anyway. Archie's Sonic is gone, Sonic's new home at IDW has 0% involvement with him, and until he actually finishes one of his many projects like Lara-Su he hasn't created anything of import lately, his "legacy" has gone belly up. I'll bet he didn't account for Archie Sonic being taken off the market, now his active links to the series for Lara-Su will only serve old fans and people that still have the books, without being able to buy them now new fans will only get what little altered pre-story he can get away with, likely by editing out or changing licences characters into his not!Sonic versions. When then begs the original question of why have the links at all? He's meant to be a creator, why not start fresh with all the creative freedom that brings? Rather than piggybacking off a now dead comic series with ties to material he can't use?
  2. Geez..he can't help himself can he. In a debate about his post that creation is only "worth it" with some form of remuneration at the end vs my rebuttal that there are plenty of creators that create without reward and even ones that while they do get monetary gain, earn it enjoying, even loving the task at hand, that the money or job was in essence a bonus. The money wasn't the main goal. Every counterpoint, if you can call them that, has reverted to irrelevant nonsense about the lawsuit, his work on the Sonic comics or that apparently I'm wanting something for nothing and he has to put food on the table. Even tho those topics never came up on my side beyond using Ian, Christian and Simon as points of reference as people who love the work and didn't start out doing it for the money but the love of the things they were creating, people he would at least know of rather than using names he may not know. To him, Lara-Su is, he hopes, an eventual profit. If his tweet is to be believed he's only creating it for the money at the end of the tunnel, otherwise it's not worth it. It's pointless to create without it. To me that screams that Lara-Su will be rather soulless, as things made purely for profit generally are. It's upsetting that he sees creation this way now, he used to say he loved the characters, the stories, that he enjoyed creating. But now, if the money isn't there, it's not worth it. Yes, he's done stupid, nay terrible things to some people, to the Sonic franchise, to his fans even, but seeing that post...hes not even a real creator anymore. It may not have been our cup of tea, but Lara-Su would have, may still make some of his few fans happy, but he's not really creating this new direction with care or love now, his excitement and creationism for the product is all for the money it could bring. That's just really sad, that as low as he may have gotten to some of us, he's now added sellout to the list of adjectives used to describe him and his work ethic on Lara-Su. It's weird that after all that's happened it actually makes me sad to hear that. Edit : So it seems he's now saying that he was only referring to creators working for big business. He did mention IDW etc in the original post but the way it was said came across, to me anyway, that creative's shouldn't bother without reward being offered, otherwise why bother. I did say if it was only big business he meant then I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, not that I expect the same for his misunderstanding that I was arguing against creators in business not getting their fair share, which I wasnt. Could have been cleared up a lot sooner with normal talking rather than him jumping on the defensive with his usual skirting on rude comments. While I don't agree that all creators should get continuing payments for their contributions when working on licenced properties they don't own, I do believe that they should all have fair pay just like every other job.
  3. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    While I think it would be interesting to finally get to see Christmas Island where he came from, or the origin of his rivalry with Eggman, how they met and their first battle etc, I don't think he or any one outside Cream who already has one, should have parents. During Penders run when he created them all, they acted too much like a tethering point for the heroes. Which was a terrible idea. Same reason some people hated the Sky Patrol, or Sonic's house in Boom, they are a point to constantly go back to, where as in the games he is always on the move, always looking for the next adventure, is described as not staying in the same place long. Heck he left his birthplace and home behind and hasn't been back since. Only place he's been described as returning to a lot because he enjoys it is Green Hill on South Island, but even then it's apparently because of the freedom and beauty of the place. So no I think having parents is a bad idea.
  4. It makes me wonder what he will have to sell at the conventions he frequents. He has said he's sold out of a good number of issues previously and that others are low in stock. Archie isn't printing anymore and it will start to get harder to find them to on sell as he does. Putting his signature all over issues he had nothing to do with and all. What's he going to have beside his Lara-Su stuff? IDW issues? Comics he had absolutely zero influence in? He's going to have to put the pedal to the metal if he wants to have enough material, and collectable items to sell from now on.
  5. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    Some of their mandates and guidelines are pretty old fashioned or nonsensical. I too thought the way it was handled in the comic was very well done and great fan service to boot. Now treating standard Sonic fare as separate to the likes of Boom I can understand. But not wanting to use the classic era style to portray a younger Sonic or show events in the past really doesn't make sense, especially when like it or not Sega, most people that see the main games as some sort of timeline of events see the classic era games as the "past" and the modern era titles as the "future" of said last, not only in real life but in their own headcannon. As people have pointed out even Sega themselves wrote into that with Generations. The flip flopping on the subject is kind of annoying.
  6. So apparently he's a "One-Man band" now? If I was any of the number of people working for him on this project I would likely feel a bit offended by that comment. The dude that made some models for him, all the translators (one of whome frequents here), whoever is creating that app for him cause it sure as hell isn't him, the voice actors he's apparently scouted to do voice work on the app, the animators for again, the app, as he's mentioned getting it into a motion comic format. But no, he's a one-man band, creators rights and disclosure my left nut!!
  7. Its not just research and respect, Ian was, and still is, a fan of the franchise. He used to write fan comics with the characters back in the day, Other M being the most well known. He has a real love for everything in the franchise, it's not just for show like with some creators, it's genuine.
  8. There's also the legacy you can leave behind, if it wasn't for his greed his characters would still potentially have a place in the Sonic mythos, would still be enjoyed by readers for years to come, would delight readers new and old alike. But he decided to squander all that for a potential pay off, which never happened as his material was swiftly dumped from the book due to his unreasonable demands, and in turn they are now nothing more than a non-cannon footnote in the continuing franchise. Now with Archie gone as the publisher too, no more books being reprinted, they will only live on via articles on the net, and the older fans who remember them. His potential legacy and mark on the franchise, over time, with the new material replacing it, will be mostly forgotten and he himself (as has seemed to have happened already) remembered as a greedy, duplicitous creator with a little bit of a superiority complex. If we all hadn't had nasty dealings with the guy, it would be a little bit sad.
  9. I couldn't help but bring up Horridus's points with him on Twitter. Good points, he's seriously lost his passion for creating if everything needs to be an eventual paycheck to be worth the time. He's not even that well known in the comic book world to be able to monetize all his "creations" and doodles for coin. Im just hoping when Lara-Su fails it teaches him some much needed lessons, but if Lost Ones is anything to go by...I'm not holding my breath on that one.
  10. There's 6 months between now and the comics launch, there shouldn't really be any great rush in getting all the info out and having 5 months of pure waiting with nothing new to share. It will all come in time, like with Manias marketing, or Forces. Plus they will likely need to talk about some things before the April solicits hit, or it might be spoiled before they get a chance to officially announce things. Also common sense dictates if Penders says it's terrible marketing then your probably doing it right.
  11. In response to not getting any info on if the Freedom Fighters would be involved from the stream today. Such a bunch of horses ass, seriously, comic shops wouldn't care if it continued from Archie's run, or if it had the Freedom Fighters. It's the name, the brand that sells, I doubt many comic shop owners would even know the contents of something like Sonic besides the fact it stars Sonic. The non main cast characters in something that isn't "mainstream" like a Marvel or DC title wouldn't be common knowledge outside of the fans. Guy will do and say anything if it means trying to prove points he's brought up.
  12. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    Shows how much interest I had in that game haha. I went through it once, saw all the branching paths and went screw that and never returned. Perhaps I should throw it in the Gamecube one weekend and give it another go. If there is still lore to glean no matter how horrid it's worth the slog.
  13. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    Why is Shadow back then...he died. His convoluted story arc in the games also didn't make it any more clear as to if he was the real one or one of Eggmans weird robot clone things post Heroes... Oh wait..hes super popular. For whatever reason, so rules don't apply. Logic.
  14. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    "Bits from Classic and Boom", as in one shot comics, mini filler stories, off-panel type material? What? What damnit?!
  15. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    Not an IDW Forces adaptation but still Forces related, sorry Shaddy lol. I wouldn't mind Adam being a regular contributor to the IDW series tho, the artwork is nice and crisp, the emotion in characters faces is nicely portrayed, and the battle panels are exciting to look at, love the one with Vector chomping down and holding off a couple of bots. Only thing that detracted a bit for me was the almost MS Paint looking blur on Charmy' s wings, almost looked like they were glued up to me, but a small complaint overall. The point of view being from a rookie was interesting too, seeing things from the "outside", makes me wish they had gotten Ian in on the game script, he could have done what they are trying to portray in Forces some justice. Well done Ian and Adam, you made a Forces adaption look interesting, instead of bland and generic like the game is looking. Colour me interested in the next 3 parts.