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  1. You mean the #Ianfornextsonicgame thing might have worked?
  2. I really hope those annoying "helper" springs and extra boost pads etc are part of some kind of easy/action mode akin to the recent Mario games and their horrid hand holding mode for oversimplified platforming, which is meant to combat different people's idea of difficulty. If those are all part of the standard version of the level..then I dont know what to think really. If thats the case then yet again they are using band-aids on bullet holes, and trying to cover for their own failings at capturing proper momentum with their own game engine, as well as forcing a false sense of speed and progress on the player by giving them less overall control. I can't speak for everyone but I enjoyed controlling Sonic, mastering his momentum, physics and platforming. Not being pushed along by boosters often, and forced up in the air by a hidden spring that seems to strategically located at every potential spot where platforming and my own reaction timing comes into play and I should be jumping myself. Thank goodness I have Mania to fall back on. Sonic Team should be taking away more from Mania than the Drop Dash that's for sure >.<'
  3. I wonder if Izuka would allow the Mania team to ever touch the idea of Christmas Island as a location with zones in it, much like South Island or Westside Island. Or perhaps as a zone itself. Or if Sonic's place of birth will always be a mystery like much of his past and how he first met/came to blows with Eggman etc. Perhaps that could be used in an eventual Mania 2 when they hopefully get to go full on original content.
  4. Hard Boiled Heavies for ASR3? If it wasn't for the fact Mecha Sonic destroyed that Egg Robo that harassed Knux all the way through Sonic 3 & Knuckles, I would have loved some kind of reveal that the Hard Boiled King (Emperor, Commander, General, whatever he ends up being) was made from the parts of that original Egg Robo making use of all the data he had gathered etc.
  5. Who would have guessed that the HBH's were working under Nack the Weasel this whole time with an end game credits reveal hyping a possible sequel. What? A guy can't dream no more? Pfft.
  6. I have the PC CE on pre-order, mainly due to not having any of the other consoles it's on. Planing on getting a Switch and PS4 at some point in tge near future tho and will support Mania as much as I can by buying it again on those consoles. I really hope it gets all the attention and the sales to match that it deserves, as this is shaping up to be an amazing work of care and love and so much attention to detail.
  7. I don't know about the rest of you, but watching that Mania animation and having read Mega Drive, as well as having seen Sonic CD's opening and ending countless times...I would watch the hell out of a classic style old school animated series if one existed. Heck it could even be in that Mickey Mouse Shorts format, or even have no speaking lines at all with it just being all pantomime by the characters and it would be a blast to watch if done in the expressive style that Tyson draws the classic characters in the comics. Personally I have always enjoyed fluid classic style animation to the often chunky 3D stuff that seems to be used a lot in modern kids TV animation. Even Sonic Boom is a little to stiff for my liking. Sure it can look fantastic with big movie budgets like Pixar for example, and even when done right by video game companies like Blizzard and yes even Sonic Team at times, but as far as TV series go they seem to go for less frames of animation to produce it cheaper and it ends up looking quite stiff compared to the good stuff. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the end result for Mania will look like.
  8. Considering what I just saw on Twitter, damage control is being done, the artist is asking people to remove the image and GIF file from news posts etc and the initial upload of the image was indeed a mistake which they want to stop from spreading. Sadly I think it's a bit too late to stop the spread now. Suprise partially ruined, but regardless of how we all and up finding out it's still going to be fantastic news when it "officially" hits. Edit : I would post the messages from him asking for it to be taken down but I don't know if it breaks any kind of privacy rules etc on the forum. If not I'll post an image or link to the post if moderators etc are interested.
  9. That Sonic CD style animation is very smooth and a pleasure to watch, fingers crossed it, or something like it ends up in the finished game. It is supposed to be a "What if Sonic had continued onto the Sega Saturn as a 2D platformer" project after all, and a good few Saturn games had nicely animated intro sequences, like Saturn Bomberman. If this is one of the things they are using the extra time because of the later release date then I approve, and would wait a lot longer if it meant more polish, love and quality being put into this project on this level. Some media outlets have stated that this kind of game won't get as much mainstream attention as say another Fallout or a polished indie game like Shovel Knight regardless of how good it is (Even if they themselves have given it a great preview report). But personally, if the kind of high quality detail, work and care keeps going into this project, and Sega continues to give them the room to breath and grow that they need, I would be almost willing to say it may just get that mainstream attention that has seemed out of reach for a game in the Sonic franchise since the early years.
  10. Couldn't see this posted anywhere on here around the time Twinfinite posted it on their website so here is a bit of an interesting interview. http://twinfinite.net/2017/04/sega-admits-sonics-evolution-hasnt-worked-forces-about-reinvigorating-sonic/ Basically its Jim Dyer (SEGA Product Manager) speaking on Sonic Forces and SEGA trying to reinvigorate the franchise. There are mentions of Sonic's evolution to 3D being less than sucessful and wanting to use sucesses like Generations and Colours as stepping stones for the future after Lost World's less than stellar reception as well as wanting to take Modern Sonic and make it "something more". The talk of exploration in Lost World being unsucessful and therefor having emphasis on pacey-platforming, speed being obtained via wisp boosters and homing attacks making a return all have me worried that it's going to be far to linear even for Sonic...
  11. The Sonic the Hedgehog OVA would like to have a word. It was released long before Sonic Adventure and the Dreamcast were even a thing.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rDCmCd8BVo We already have answers about the returning locations importance to the plot, and that they will be treated as seperate areas of a wider world. If you skip ahead to the 6:30 mark Christian (Taxman) in the interview explains that all of the old zones aren't just there for nostalgia and Sonic has a reason for revisiting all of the returning locations. That the team wants to create a connected world using the classic locations. Taxman and Stealth know the lore, the locations, and the cutscenes will likely explain how they get from place to place, even Little Planet. We talked about all this back in August. Have faith in Mania it will provide!!
  13. The Sonic 3/Sonic & Knuckles representation in Sonic Mania thing was answered quite a while ago on Neogaf by Taxman himself. I don't know why the question as to if they are being treated separate or not is still popping up and being debated. You will get both. http://m.neogaf.com/showpost.php?p=211224651&postcount=1660
  14. Mystic Cave is after Hill Top right? What if they remixed both together due to the Hill Top mountain erupting as seen during the events of Sonic 2? You could have Mystic Cave, but with caved in sections and lava flows coming in from the erupted Hill Top area which you could see through holes in the cave walls/ceiling, which would all kind of pay homage to Lava Reef at the same time too. Tho if Green Hill Act 2 and Flying Battery are anything to go by, the remixes aren't quite that extreme even when Green Hill is said to be the tamest among them.
  15. I had forgotten about that. Unless we are getting Emerald Hill for the Sonic 2 zone, which seems unlikely, that boss does seem out of place, and the single sprite sheet does make it look small. Like you suggest perhaps it's a badnik or some kind of set piece if that. I was wondering if they would be going for more of a Sonic through 3K kind of style or more Sonic CD type style in design. The small differences between their sprites gives of a different feel.