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  1. Which is rather ironic since the man used to go on about the technologically advanced echidna being "his" idea, even tho it was mentioned in the game manuals that they were advanced before their dissapearance. As well as it being "his" idea to have other echidna etc, and getting into debates with people over who did it first based on publishing dates, which always ended up with him moving goal posts and changing the rules of the debate where if he didn't know about a media like the French comics then it didn't count, or that if they were published in his terms a close proximity, like Fleetsay and Archie, then he had the idea first or penned it up first, without showing proof, and not taking into account that with Fleetway publishing it first their writer must have had the idea earlier than the publishing date too as they didn't just come up with stuff on the spot and would have planned out arcs etc too. There were a great many debates over owning certain plot points or story ideas, which as had been pointed out isn't something that can be owned. Ill bet if someone brought any of them up again on his Twitter he would still argue it even knowing as he does now that he can't "own" those concepts, even tho pretty much all of them were done before he introduced them in other media anyway. That's always what did and still does infuriate me about him, even when he knew something wasn't possible, even when he knew court documents proving otherwise were available, even when he knew there was evidence to the contrary, and even when he knew he had said something else earlier and was changing his story he STILL continues to spread lies and misconceptions to anyone who will listen, his followers and people that engage with him. He will contest things to the very last, even changing tactics or the main questioned point just to "win". Even to this day. It just boggles the mind.
  2. Sonic Mania Sales Thread

    I'm still hoping for a Sonic Mania DX or something to that extent. I will never stop being curious as to what the missing level transitions looked like, what the intended level order was, and the full scope of the "story" which if it wasn't missing transitions and potential cut scenes could have made a lot more cohesive sense. Hopefully in any potential sequel, due to the critical and commercial success of Mania, the team could be given more extra time and backing as needed to finish the full vision of whatever project is next if they need it. While the game went over better than people could have hoped with the public and critics alike, I still can't help but feel it was rushed at the end and polishing touches could have made what was great into perfection. Sonic 3K hasn't been toppled yet Mania crew, but it was bloody close!
  3. He got pretty darn close to outright saying he should be able to use Knuckles remember. Not own mind you, but use, and this was after previously saying he didn't want or need to use him which made it all the more silly.
  4. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Weird how the date thing works against even media outlets, it's out for sale legally here in NZ today, yet Gamexplain can't show footage as it's not "legally" out over there. Yet the internet being what it is, people could watch me streaming Forces now due to it being legally available here, but Gamexplain can't upload footage, seems silly.
  5. Nope jokes on us, we are incorrect, because his case for Lara-Su etc went his way late in his case, he has informed us that the early court documents from this first tango are "meaningless" and that things are totally looking up for Scott. His inside info trumps anything official and in black and white yet again. Willing to bet a cherry coke that if the early documents said the case was going well for Scott then the court documents would be a defining point, and would prove Scott's going to wipe the floor with them...can't win lol
  6. He doesn't seem to be grasping that IDW, if it is even publishing the collection sets in the USA, is recieving all the material from Eaglemoss. It is the one putting the contents together, editing it, and sending out the product ready to print to IDW by the sounds of it. That Ben Robinson guy is listed as the Editorial Manager of Global Developments, he looks after the franchises and he also is supervisor on the collection sets, he's even listed as being the one that gathered the artists to create additional material for the sets. So being the GLOBAL person in charge, as well as personal supervisor on that project and the one who hired the artists, and he works at EAGLEMOSS etc you would think Penders should be interested in talking to him or Eaglemoss...but no apparently my information is not helpful as he only deals with things there in the USA and it's IDW that is distributing it there.. sigh.
  7. What little I could find on the details of the project is that it's being overseen by Ben Robinson who currently works for Eaglemoss Publishing, and Eaglemoss Collections Ltd. seems to be, from Ben's project descriptions, the publisher and as you say Tylinos it seems IDW is prominently mentioned as they hold the licence and print the material in the U.S. This does seem to be entirely Eaglemoss's baby tho, why I'm essentially helping Penders by pointing him in the direction to get his compensation when he replors to me the way he does is anyone's guess however. He really bites in a toxic manner when he's being corrected even if it's to his advantage...
  8. Pointed out some of your issues Tylinos, since I know you don't like getting personally involved much anymore, will see how he responds. I'm not going to get roped into a debate this time, promising myself that, last time almost did my head in haha. I don't like his misinformation spreading just as much, as you know, so it's worth it just to see his response. He's going on about the Archie back catalog now, and it supposidly being hot property, one that IDW and Sega would be clamoring to get their hands on to exploit apparently. Regardless of the fact they have shown no interest and clearly haven't contacted him and are starting fresh etc. He's also making out that Archie are likely wanting to reprint or sell what little they own for their own profit or to IDW and Sega to make use of but...hold the phone..they can't cause he and the other creators own it all from 1993-2005 so a deal must be made. Its like dude, seriously, they have ALL moved on, and it's not as hot a property as you seem to believe. For someone over the whole thing and moving on with his work, he sure likes to force subject back to the Archie material and continuously tries to make it sound super important and that Sega and the others are going to have to come back to it at some point as they can't just ignore it etc etc. More impressing how he personally feels onto others basically. He can't move on, so they totally can't, they will be back, you will see, they all come back in the end.
  9. http://www.eurogamer.net/amp/2017-10-23-sonic-mania-and-its-impact-on-the-future-of-the-sonic-series This was a recent pretty interesting interview, it seems we were right and the overall philosophy for creating Mania and Forces was to try please everyone. What's even more interesting is that they seem to have taken proper notice of the positive reception and the high scores for Mania. Even mentioning that it's possible if Forces works out as well that they would like to continue releasing content to please both camps in this way.
  10. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    So April solicits would likely drop some time in Jan? Gives them plenty of time to drip feed us info. I would like to see IDW and Capcom have a couple meetings, would love to see Megaman get picked back up again. The way it was being handled, retelling the game stories in order, with the exception of the crossovers and the odd filler material to world build, was a really nice approach, even going so far as the adapt Japanese only content/games. Speaking of Capcom, bit unreleated to Sonic etc but does UDON still do Street Fighter comics? Or just the art books etc now? Wouldn't mind seeing more of those.
  11. I'm more concerned for Mighty...his arm, bicep, fist etc seem to be the same size as his body. His legs look super thin too. Guy has been skipping leg day more than Boom Knux lol
  12. Even back then you see random filler characters getting names and guidelines etc, could have had Knuckles turn up on the cover for the trial, or Sally and King Maxx what with being ruling monarchs etc. Or other prominent "council" members along with Dylan and Penelope, any other characters living in the area or allied with the Freedom Fighters really. But instead you get Whitney, and some horse dude named after an actual car model, and a shark (orca?).
  13. Seriously? There's not a bandwagon this man won't get on is there? If theres a current event that's managed to make it big in media he's going to try squeeze it into his Lara-Su business somehow isn't he... "I discovered.." more like "this is big at the moment so if I use it in my story I could draw in more potential buyers" *rubs hands together* I've said it once and I'll say it again, this shit has no place in Sonic, not even a far removed spin-off originally hailing from a previous Sonic incarnation..if he wanted to tell these kinds of stories he should have started fresh using these characters, not touting it as a continuation of stories once connected to Sonic. I really want to send him my thoughts, but..I am burnt on Penders at the moment. I need time to recharge 😥 Edit : Damnit Tylinos buddy you beat me too it, I'm officially ninja'd haha.
  14. I personally disliked his recent rebuttal that was brought up in regards to working for free. To counter his point that no one would go in to work every day if it wasn't for the money I had brought up those in the rescue service that work for free as volunteers, which while perhaps not entirely appropriate for the conversation proved a point pretty satisfactorily. His retort... I've drawn a couple free pictures before and helped people vote, I'm no stranger to charity or using my time without pay. Because those compare. At this point I can't be bothered, I've already tried numerous times to get through to him on the original point, that his mindset on creators and creating being not worth the time without a reward for said act of creation. KingScoopaKoopa is pretty much right on the button. The only way to win is to not play. Until Lara-Su comes out he's pretty irrelevant himself anyway. Archie's Sonic is gone, Sonic's new home at IDW has 0% involvement with him, and until he actually finishes one of his many projects like Lara-Su he hasn't created anything of import lately, his "legacy" has gone belly up. I'll bet he didn't account for Archie Sonic being taken off the market, now his active links to the series for Lara-Su will only serve old fans and people that still have the books, without being able to buy them now new fans will only get what little altered pre-story he can get away with, likely by editing out or changing licences characters into his not!Sonic versions. When then begs the original question of why have the links at all? He's meant to be a creator, why not start fresh with all the creative freedom that brings? Rather than piggybacking off a now dead comic series with ties to material he can't use?
  15. Geez..he can't help himself can he. In a debate about his post that creation is only "worth it" with some form of remuneration at the end vs my rebuttal that there are plenty of creators that create without reward and even ones that while they do get monetary gain, earn it enjoying, even loving the task at hand, that the money or job was in essence a bonus. The money wasn't the main goal. Every counterpoint, if you can call them that, has reverted to irrelevant nonsense about the lawsuit, his work on the Sonic comics or that apparently I'm wanting something for nothing and he has to put food on the table. Even tho those topics never came up on my side beyond using Ian, Christian and Simon as points of reference as people who love the work and didn't start out doing it for the money but the love of the things they were creating, people he would at least know of rather than using names he may not know. To him, Lara-Su is, he hopes, an eventual profit. If his tweet is to be believed he's only creating it for the money at the end of the tunnel, otherwise it's not worth it. It's pointless to create without it. To me that screams that Lara-Su will be rather soulless, as things made purely for profit generally are. It's upsetting that he sees creation this way now, he used to say he loved the characters, the stories, that he enjoyed creating. But now, if the money isn't there, it's not worth it. Yes, he's done stupid, nay terrible things to some people, to the Sonic franchise, to his fans even, but seeing that post...hes not even a real creator anymore. It may not have been our cup of tea, but Lara-Su would have, may still make some of his few fans happy, but he's not really creating this new direction with care or love now, his excitement and creationism for the product is all for the money it could bring. That's just really sad, that as low as he may have gotten to some of us, he's now added sellout to the list of adjectives used to describe him and his work ethic on Lara-Su. It's weird that after all that's happened it actually makes me sad to hear that. Edit : So it seems he's now saying that he was only referring to creators working for big business. He did mention IDW etc in the original post but the way it was said came across, to me anyway, that creative's shouldn't bother without reward being offered, otherwise why bother. I did say if it was only big business he meant then I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, not that I expect the same for his misunderstanding that I was arguing against creators in business not getting their fair share, which I wasnt. Could have been cleared up a lot sooner with normal talking rather than him jumping on the defensive with his usual skirting on rude comments. While I don't agree that all creators should get continuing payments for their contributions when working on licenced properties they don't own, I do believe that they should all have fair pay just like every other job.