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  1. Speaking of Sonic CD, I'm wondering why more people haven't been scrutinizing this piece of Eggman art released along with the new press releases and interviews. He seems to be juggling different cut gems ala the original Sonic's bad ending, but there is definite differences between most of them. Is the 3rd from the right a Time Stone? The first on the right looks like the original shape from the first game, the 2nd on the right looks a lot like the ones in Sonic 2. Could the 4th and 5th represent Sonic 3, while the 6th and 7th represent Sonic & Knuckles? If so is that a hint at the amount of returning levels from each game? Or give a hint to the story, that Eggman is collecting gems from each location, giving Sonic the reason to travel to each plave? But then what about the "new item" that was mentioned to be the focus? Any ideas?
  2. I must admit while I'm an avid believer that the Japanese/Euro soundtrack is the better of the two. (Even tho I originally had the PC version that used the USA soundtrack and didn't get the Mega CD version until later). There are a couple tracks in the American version that while I wouldn't go so far as to say were better, they are still catchy and suit the level. Stardust Speedway is one of those, so if they choose one over the other or a remix including bits from both tracks it wouldn't bother me at all.
  3. I find it interesting that he mentions "our team went to work coming up with a new story, and ideas to go with it". That sounds like they were even given free reign on the story and direction for this title too. That we may get something more interesting than Sonic Teams usual boiled down English story treatment. While our manuals did have story for the classic games they weren't anywhere near Japan's depth or use of continuity for the classics from their manuals etc.
  4. Act 1 to Act 2 transition via cutscene seems likely. Tho I do remember Taxman saying he had devised a way for the "true final boss" to have instant warps during the fight, perhaps that could be used in the level if it's built in segments rather than whole differing zones. Or could be utilized in the Act 1 boss so the player feels they have warped back from the past rather than it being done for them in a cutscene.
  5. I'm hoping they still decide to release the remasters on other systems. It's a pity they couldn't have bundled them with the collector's edition or something a Mania Maniac's Edition if you will.
  6. I'm guessing there will be a Sonic 3 zone drop at some point, even if it's just in the final release trailer. Every other classic game they are covering has had one of its zones shown except for Sonic 3, and the team likely knows the positive response news on Sonic 3 would get. Especially from fans who know about the presumed music issues, and Sonic 3 Remastered not being greenlit, plus the missing representation in Generations etc etc. the list goes on. Aaron did mention they aren't showing most of the game prior to release, especially new zones, due to wanting the people who purchase the game to still have surprises left, but at the same time he said they are prefering to show off the old remastered zones in the clips they do show. So it wouldn't shock me if leaving Sonic 3 till last, in a release trailer or final drop of info is not only a thing that's going to happen, but because of the fans, might have even been planned as the final "OMG WOW" moment before the game hits.
  7. It would be a nice fan nod if they had Ice Cap right after Flying Battery, complete with the door being used as the board ala Sonic 3 Complete. While it would be nice to see what has happened to Launch Base after the Death Egg was launched, I feel a zone like that, an Eggman base, would be best left for whatever contraption Eggman is working on now. Leading up to or being the final area. So my vote would go to having Hydrocity and Ice Cap return for Sonic 3's zone representation. If we arent getting Mystic Cave for Sonic 2 then I would love to see Lava Reef from 3K was it's second zone while we are at it.
  8. Part of me is holding out hope that it has the boys, those dudes in it. Tho the sensible side of me knows that the preview from that website mentioning the outlaw animals from the wanted posters appearing was likely just a mistake or some wishful thinking. Tho it does sound like the sites that got to play at the media event did have a lot more stages to play through than what we have seen so far.
  9. Hmm..with what the team have mentioned regarding the world being treated as a more cohesive thing, and there being small S3K style cut scenes etc is anyone else wondering what the end of Act 2 in Green Hill could mean? Eggman's mech explodes into pieces and the ground under it goes too, the body of the mech unit falls into said hole with him still in it. Does that mean Sonic will then follow him down the hole into the next zone? Labyrinth? Or a new zone located underground on South Island? Or am I thinking to hard about this? Edit : My bad, posted this before I saw the conversation that has been going on in the E3 footage topic a good 12 hours ago haha. Guess I was thinking along the same lines before I even saw the posts.
  10. Considering it was mentioned that your "avatar" or custom hero would be very important to the plot. I'm guessing that the warped hero/anti version of the hero guesses that were made earlier will end up being accurate. The mask is likely to disguise that the character is an evil version of your own uniquie custom hero. So the face will be disguised in all the advertising not only to look menacing/"cool", but due to Infinite's facial features being revealed in an in-game cutscene to be whatever you made your character to look like. So it will be different each play through. That's my wild guess anywho. I wouldn't give them much more creativity or originality than that. Especially after seeing what this cluster of a game is turning out to be so far 😓 Edit : Also if anyone at E3 is still reading through these posts, if it's possible to snag a Sonic Mania E3 Poster I would be more than happy to pay for shipping and a nice tip
  11. You know who would have made sense more than Shadow, who has a proper grudge against Sonic from the past and would have an interest in helping take over the world, for a price...Nack the Weasel...just sayin. Why they can't use existing characters when the situation fits is beyond me.
  12. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/features/archive/2017/06/10/more-burning-questions-about-the-sonic-the-hedgehog-franchise-answered.aspx Had any burning Sonic the Hedgehog related questions running around in your head lately? Perhaps this recent interview with Iizuka and Hoshino will cool that fire, and supply some interesting topics to discuss. Sonic is apparently a vagrant, and does indeed have two eyes. Metal Sonic's favourite pastime is idling, and Mighty the Armadillo is in fact part of the "classic world and still exists" with potential to be seen again. Find out what Iizuka and Hoshino have to say about Mephiles, Elise and other hot topics like how many times have Sonic & Tails crashed the Tornado? Do any of these answers put your mind at ease? Have they just opened up more questions with these answers? Did you find out something you didn't already know? Let's discuss below!!
  13. Personal opinion and all, but it just looks so bland. I liked the art style in Runners, it was almost like they mashed the classic style head first into the modern style and created a new one. Nice black outlines and chibi'ish design, it worked well for the title. Now.. it just looks rather bland. It's borrowing more from the modern style than making it's own thing, but at the same time seems more 2006'ish in style than any recent modern title. It's been refreshed..but somehow seems like it's lost a little something along the way.
  14. Yup, twice even to my knowledge. Once in the early 90's to help promote Cherry Coke, they had special units they lugged around in trailers to advertise the games and sell product. They also shared advertising space in the late 90's for Sonic Adventure advertising too, though I'm not sure if they had any special events etc to go along with it.
  15. It really is like the 90's again. Sonic is being used to product place Coke (Cherry Coke) and the general public and differing media outlets are all hyped for the next Sonic game release...madness!!