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  1. I don't want to get my hopes up, but what if its from Sonic 3K, the mini-boss theme for example. Also what if, and hear me out here, they have gotten around the music issues by getting Tee to remix the tracks, since so many people loved his remixes in Sonic Mania, or have finally cleared up the issues for a standard music release, and they plan to finally release Sonic 3K Taxman Edition this year? Don't worry I'm prepared to be totally and utterly wrong come Thursday.
  2. Clearly all these people have never seen or heard of a motion comic before, or a motion comic housed in an app. Because the things he describes basically sound like just that. A motion comic, but housed in an app, with extra crud like the character bios etc. I mean besides the voice acting and motion part most comic apps are exactally what he described his amazing project as. I mean the free apps you can use on your smart phone to load up downloaded comics have all the same features. Menus, bookshelves, covers you click on to open and flip through the comics page by page, filters for colour or black and white, retaining where you left off in each comic etc etc. It ain't a new concept, and adding the voice acting and motion to it isn't going to make it an amazing new thing that the industry hasn't seen or tried before. Plus his mock images looked like a 90's webpage, far cruder than any of the free offerings on the app store. I just don't get what he thinks is so groundbreaking. Or what these people he shows apparently see in it. Is he putting words in their mouth or what?
  3. Long time no see Stadium gang, I've been saving my sanity by staying away from old Penders for a while now. I decided to pop onto his Twitter the other day tho and saw this gem.. So.. from what I heard he was talking up getting it launched in Nov/Dec stay tuned for news. But here hes basically admitted that he hasn't even finished drawing the panels for the 1st volume.. Nice to see things haven't changed one bit in my absence.
  4. Going to totally get that shirt, tho I wish they had like the Tornado under him, fading out at the edges of the shirt so it doesn't look like he's floating in midair. Loving them embracing the community view and working fast to make bank on popular opinion, it's actually good business for a change rather than ignoring the money waiting for them like they did with Generations DLC...that still burns me.
  5. Yup, the PS4 version at least has no updates to download if you got physical. My previous copy was digital on Steam. So the PS4 version was new to my system and i just popped the disc in and away it went. Plus version etc all seems to be on disc even tho the disc comes up as "Sonic Mania".
  6. I will be getting that poster, the glow-in-the-dark one...No.. the Mighty one...No BOTH!! Those pogs tho, they remind me of that set they licenced way back in the day. Still got mine, and the shiny slammers and cases they came in. As for Tails at the end, as I said on Twitter which Aaron agreed with, I like to think it's a nod to him and his constant claims "Tails will die at the end of <insert product here>", and he did say he would die at the end of Mania Adventures not that long ago. He did, by choking!
  7. I'll put it here too in case anyone is interested. I'm streaming Mania Plus via Twich on my Playstation 4. TenkoTAiLS in a search sjould bring it up. There will obviously be spoilers tho. One of many now I'm sure
  8. Why do quite a few people seem to think it's Forces related? That sentence isn't anywhere in the Forces theme. Tho I guess it could be attributed to Forces general theme and its link to Mania. But again no more potentially implied than Mania itself with all 3 characters, now 5, working together seen through the few transitions and end scene etc to bring down Eggman, it fits the working together theme too. Heroes as well came to mind due to the team setup and the whole "together" and team aspect... Infinite is a stretch, he was all about power and being strong, in himself, not much of a team player after his crew got taken out. I don't think it's in reference to him. It does make me wonder why it's in code tho, besides a bit of fun. Edit : I'm also streaming Mania Plus on my PlayStation 4 via Twitch, TenkoTAiLS should bring it up in a search if anyone is interested. Double Edit : Was this one in the original?
  9. Just got my copy, little bit sad that the Australian/New Zealand run doesn't have the poster that everyone seems to be sharing with their pics. Was that a retailer exclusive overseas? I also found the hidden message in the manual that Aaron mentioned, haven't seen anyone else with early copies mention this. It's hidden Morse Code. I'll let people figure it out for themselves, but for those of you that want spoiled I'll put this here : Edit : My bad, seems it was posted about a few days ago. Curse you Donni!!
  10. Depends which version, Steam you will have to wait till the Americans get it. Console you should be fine, it will go live on your release day since it's a local release on the local store front. You and I are in the same boat since I live in NZ, counting the final 12 hours till EB opens tomorrow and I can pick it up. Luckily I'll be asleep for most of those hours...if the kids let me 😕
  11. These surprises planned for the IDW Sonic panel have me pondering. Aaron seemed to imply that they would be comic related in the last stream when people were coaxing him about it being a new game etc. So the only things I can think of that would warrent shock or surprise would be either the return of the SatAM cast, predictable after the amount of people asking after them and the love Ian has for them, or the announcement of a companion comic perhaps. While I would like a new classic themed comic to run alongside the current modern one, I'm hoping it isn't an announcement that Mania Adventures will continue in comic form. Would much rather they green lit a cartoon or a second "season" of the web series than continuing it in a comic series.
  12. I'm really hoping that the AUS/NZ version comes with that double sided poster!! I'm picking up my copy tomorrow and I can't wait, even booked the day off work. Got it on Steam the first time. PS4 this time so I'll have all of Mania Mode to do all over again with all 5 characters and gettibg the trophies etc from scratch, and then Encore..will be a grand time playing from a fresh start on a new system!!
  13. Hmm I wonder if there is anything to the words Aaron used when talking about the art book in Mania Plus's physical release in the recent Sega Stream. "There's some fun stuff on there...yeah..and make sure you look at it closely. That's all I'll say. Look at it closely. Might be some fun things we have hidden there...you never know." Now is this just related to art, silly sketches etc. Or is this more of Aarons special mystery clue trail?
  14. So..now I'm conflicted. I would love to believe Ray is doing the double thumbs up Fonz style at the end of each act in Mania Plus. But now I'm left wondering if it's meant to be a nod to his character select screen animation from Sega Sonic Arcade. Mighty's seems to share some similarity with it too.. I'm so torn!!
  15. Sonic Mania Plus DX? With a Titanic Monarch boss set up like the scrapped Final Fever with Phantom Ruby induced time shenanigans. I'm also kind of sad they didn't use it as a boss fight, or at least patch up the current final boss with its presumed missing elements based on what was left in Mania. Pinch mode and the extra level elements etc. But over all, it's $5 and you get two unique characters and a hard mode of sorts, any chance to play through this fantastic game again is a "plus" in my books. Seeing Mighty and Ray get attention again after all these years is worth it to me personally too. Also if we support Plus then it shows we want more like it, which can only be a good thing!
  16. It's kind of reminiscent of that old classic style poster with Metal, his eyes in the background. But it's also similar to the final scene from the intro to Mania but instead of the HBH with Eggman's face in the background it's got all the heroes and Metal's face in the background. Now that just makes me sad that we won't be getting an updated intro. Aaron already covered that in the stream. Now if it was a poster for the announcement of a new Sonic Mania TV series with Adventures 5-parts being merged into one pilot...that would be something. Getting my hopes up, I know, I know.
  17. No, I meant PG, not all countries have the same standards on their ratings, and not all countries have the same rating system. I was speaking of PG as it stands in my country. "PG - These films contain material that a parent might need to explain to younger children. The content is mild." As oppose to the next rating up over here which is an M rating, for mature audiences. Which I really don't think Sonic would end up in regardless of direction. I also wouldn't peddle those particular movies as dismantling the discussion. Transformers while terrible (with the exception of the 80's animated movie), followed it's source material in as far as having giant robots scrap it out. The "Bay" Turtles movies, while also terrible, besides their origins and a fair few other points fans would point out, followed it's general formula. Fast and the Furious is an original work as far as I'm aware so is in a different ball park, and the Avengers also while making some changes followed the basics of the comic formula it stems from. What we have heard so far screams that they aren't even sticking to the general basis and formula of it's source material. Even more so than those movies you mention sans Fast and the Furious. That inherently seems to be most of the detractors for this movies problem. People will take a punt if its not too far removed, cross that line tho and people lose interest and ask why it needs to be attached to the franchise in the first place. Aka, comments about it looking like someone wanted to make a buddy cop movie, and to increase the chances of a green light they stretched it to a going property movie needing a script.
  18. That holographic art print!! I must acquire one some how!! It is BEAUTIFUL!! I'm hoping Sega can get it up on the Sega Shop for the merch for Ep.5. Seriously!!
  19. 1) While it might not be aimed in it's entirety at kids, that doesn't mean it's not going to be kid friendly. 2) Also just because certain directors etc have previously worked on adult or child rated material doesn't mean all of their movies will fit that billing. Steven Spielberg for example... It's a franchise aimed at kids, who's "main" (being the operative word here) gross income comes from kids (and their parents), and is populated by colourful anthropomorphic animals. It's not going to rate children out of it's ticket sales, it would be box office self inflicted suicide to a degree higher than what they are already aiming for with this project. If it did make it into PG territory it would be a light PG so as to not exclude said children and the ticket sales their inclusion would generate, especially over what is a holiday period in a fair few countries. Those of you thinking it will be a hard PG or above just because of the people making the film, and some of their previous projects being as such, will be sorely disappointed.
  20. Well I suppose Jim can't really hurt his career any more than he already has as of late by signing up to a bad kids movie. He may be able to hold the thing above water with his zany acting style, it wouldn't be the first time he kept a film from totally tanking. You do have to wonder if it will work as well this time around tho with him turning a lot of people off with his odd ranting and raving's of late. I suppose Tom Cruise has done that too and can still draw a crowd...depending on the movie.. sure didn't work out well for The Mummy.
  21. I'm hoping that's the case, assuming they were all taken out in the explosion when Sonic destroyed the Psycho Egg or whatever that boss for Titantic Monarch Act 2 is called seems a bit lazy. I'm not counting on it, but having more than just the missing transitions and the Metal Sonic fight altered for Plus to give it a more suitable resolution would be great. Considering Mania Adventures and all I'm crossing fingers we get a revised intro, or at least a new ending cinematic. It saddens me to think we may not get more animation after Adventures episode 5...So I'll take all I can get elsewhere.
  22. If Eggman has a base in Angel Island Zone as seen in Mania Adventures, then what's the chances we get to visit there in some capacity in Mania Plus? Unless of course something happens in the last episode that destroys the base, it seems odd that a plot point like that would be unresolved.
  23. Would anyone be interested in a stream of Mania Plus on PS4 using the "Broadcast Gameplay" feature when I grab my copy? Got screwed over having to wait for the American release time on Steam for Mania's original release, but I'll be grabbing a physical PS4 copy of Mania Plus which means I'll get it a day early due to timezones etc being in New Zealand. If everyone's happy waiting for their copy then I won't bother streaming, tho I may post any interesting pics and info I find out during my play through if people are happy with spoilers etc.
  24. I'm kind of gutted the merch for this episode isn't Mighty & Ray merch. Would have jumped all over that. The cup is nice...but...ehh..
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