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  1. I can spare you so many headaches right now: don't even try to make sense of any sort of canon at this stage. Trying to make sense out of canon is like trying to rationalize how Station Square got completely and utterly obliterated, but had no casualties whatsoever, or how Eggman blew apart the planet in Unleashed and everyone was getting on with their lives without much incident--or casualty. This ain't Zelda where a canon has to be forced, only for Breath of the Wild to show up and go, "HA HA, SWERVED."
  2. The cave thing is actually in Act 1 on an all new bottom path. You can see it in some of the PAX gameplay videos.
  3. Welcome back to SSMB, Gene!

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      He wont be around for long with the way things are going.

  4. So, since this is open back up, let's have a little civil discourse, shall we? -Should you be worried about the level balance old vs new? Nah. Yes, I'm quite aware what Iizuka-san said in that interview (I was there!), but Christian, Stealth, and the rest of the team have a good head on their shoulders. They know we've seen Green Hill Zone done more times than Mario's milked World 1-1. Putting a little twist to a certain marketing line, the levels aren't as you truly remembered them. :V At least, I have that much faith in them. Don't take it as me dropping hints (I know some of you are. Shame on you! At my position, I know as much as the rest of you. I just post memes, lol. (Fun fact: no comps, so I have my own order of the Mania CE filed. It's just roundabout coming back to me anyway~) -What are the special stages like? Man, I don't know, I'm just an intern! But what I do know is I'd like Mania to continue the trend from the Genesis games and do something new with the special stages without referencing the others. Part of the joy of the special stages is they were unique per game. So I say, as nice as it'd be to see Blue Spheres back, we already have 34 million ways to play the special stage, so... nay. I'm excited for whatever newness they have -Retro going silly Just hit them with a squirt bottle, lol. And besides... we all know I got the booty that breaks the snooty, and makes everyone grab their rooty-tooty point-n-shooties. :V -Why are you posting all this then? Because I love messing with and talking to the community at large. And Aaron is sternly looking at me as I type this waiting for me to screw up something.
  5. Good to know. I was actually not aware they did it that way. You may have actually just helped me in that field. Much appreciated!
  6. Wouldn't know. Looks to be the work of the mobile team. The prospect of an official Sonic Fighters Z would be something else. Not teasing or confirming anything, just thinking out loud. :V
  7. Oh, we're not stopping what we're doing, don't get me wrong. We know not everyone likes this direction. That's cool. I'm just saying we DO see what you're all saying, and can try to mix things up a little more. That cosplay post at least helped set a discussion point, for example.
  8. See, I don't care for these either. When I think fan art, I think pieces that come from the heart and are a little more grass roots than just something drawn for some prize. For example, I really enjoy these comics I see show up on pixiv from time to time. Or some more badass pieces like this one (which I really want to make a poster print out of.) A contest also always drives jealousy because say we get a bunch of cool artists that make some great pieces. That just squashes out less experienced artists from even trying. Again, the matter gets too complicated and creativity suffers as a result. I'm not a fan of that happening. You'd have to specifically cordon off into sections.
  9. I can't speak for his thought process, but I was running some analytical processes on the account (read: I looked at numbers) on the pages, and traditionally, the bland stuff like "What's your favorite level?", Who's your favorite character?", and frequent Fan Art Fridays resulted in some of the worst numbers for the pages. Again, I can't and won't speak for him, but I can sort of understand why. Those questions don't really amount to anything but just junk food discussion (and real talk, the main question is "So what?") On Retro, they were straight up banned from being made topics because they really do nothing. Or, someone will misinterpret it as Sega asking fans what they like and that maybe they'll be used in a Generations 2, or said character was really popular, so they'll for sure be in the next game. Then disappointment arises when neither of those two things come to pass. You can see how messy this gets quickly. Now, the fan art stuff is something I'm more than happy to pitch to Aaron to bring back, since there's some genuinely cool stuff out there being made by musicians, artists, costume designers, and just your general hobbyist of any age. But the problem is making them weekly leads frequently to dry patches. Why force content like that and de-value it? If anything, should we do a fan art friday, I'd rather it be a little more interesting. Maybe something like the last friday of every month. Social media though will only allow us to plug one piece, or maintain a constant gallery (meaning only photos, screwing those with video or audio out of recognition.) I think it'd be better as a blog post on the SEGA blogs. tl;dr: it's a doable thing, fan art friday, but it needs to be reworked so it doesn't get tiresome quickly and gives artists a chance to actually create stuff. Boy, I hope Sega doesn't see Mike Pollock made a song that mocks fans for a Boom Shadow. They may fire him for taking a playful jab at the series or a fan. Boom Shadow, Boom Shadow.
  10. Not to say it can't work. Consider Paul Dini with Batman, though while that was Batman TAS he worked on, he transitioned over nicely for the Arkham games. Though, that was a wholly western effort.
  11. Not true. The Adventure era fans (or for clarity, those that got into the series from SA1 to about ShadowTH or Sonic Riders--they're all classed as Modern Sonic anyway) aren't viewed unfavorably. At all. If that were the case, there would be a complete mute discussion on that section of the series. The honest problem? Sonic Team got burned really hard by Sonic 06 and Sonic Unleashed, the last two games to really take themes from that era and tried to make them work. I mean, let's look at critical reception: The stories were dark to the point it got campy Hub worlds were dull and added no real benefit to the gameplay. Why even have them? Exploration of levels is boring when there's a greater interest in going really fast We're sick of friend characters! We want to play as Sonic! You'll find those to be VERY common opinions cited by people at large, within and outside the fanbase (though, the friend character complaint is more a complaint about sloppy mechanics than the actual character, usually.) You'll also note that after that, at least until Lost World, the one major positive was the boost gameplay (which is not without its own issues) and Sonic Team worked with it in Colors (Adding additional power ups) and Generations (the payoff.) Personally, while they've lost their luster for me in recent years, I still like SA1 and SA2 quite enough, though will acknowledge they have a multitude of design problems. Unleashed remains one of my favorite Modern Sonic games unironically since I felt it hit all the right notes in terms of story, theme, and general level atmosphere (I loved the hub worlds there.) Really, its main problems fall into poor design choices with the Werehog and the gated progression with the Sun and Moon tokens. I'm saying this because I want to dismiss this notion that Adventure Fans feel they're vermin to SEGA at large. It's not true whatsoever. The truth is Sonic Team has little interest to explore that avenue from how badly burned it was. You know why Aaron's been going to "said fans" and telling them to express positivity? Not so much to "brain wash them" and make them accept Sonic as he is but to basically go, "Guys. We see your passion for what you want in the series. We can only do so much on our end. You want Sonic Team to give another go at an Adventure-styled design? Raise interest. Show and tell people who have been just taking negative opinions at whole sale why they should reconsider that stance. What's the magic you guys see that others don't?" That, honestly, would do SO much more to help the cause that just disliking everything. I won't shy away from my past. I've said that I hate this notion that to be a "True Sonic Fan" you have to love everything the brand does. I believe true fans are supposed to be a little more critical of the brand since you guys have taken the time and dedication to invest in it financially and emotionally. But the crux of it is to be critical in a constructive way. Let's look at the Classic fans. Much like Adventure era fans now, they were grumbling for a proper 2D Sonic game "like the Genesis titles" for a good number of years, since the last one was in 1994. Eventually, they just made a community of hacking those games and making their own edits to make their own games. Sega responded with Sonic 4 in the late '00s and it was like a nuclear bomb went off in anger for entirely missing the point. But from that rose interest in working with some of the scene's best talent and now there are fans working on 2D Sonic games, albeit remasters, officially (Christian Whitehead and Stealth.)
  12. A good question! Actually, they will not! Sonic Boom is classified as a Kids and Family program on Hulu, which means that ads usually will not run along with the program, even on the lower cost subscription.
  13. First world problems~ Everyone will get their Boom fix in different ways. Simmer down :V
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