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  1. Sit back and relax, and welcome to Club Rouge... Hosted by a little known forum dweller called Shadsy, Club Rouge airs on Thursday nights at 11 PM Eastern time. Maybe you're finishing up the work week or the school week, and you need to unwind. That's what the show is for! While the Club Rouge theme from the Sonic Battle game is more upbeat and, well, clubby, this show is all about jazz. It features jazz from your favorite video games and anime, from Sonic, to Ghibli films, to all other different franchises not limited to SEGA. The jazz genre is wide, encompassing funk, all kinds of fusion, and even a little hip hop groove if things get happenin'. Your humble DJ mistress takes the time to talk about the music, since that's what she loves above all, and whatever's current and happening in the video game world. She also enjoys taking cues from the regulars in the chat, so when you stop by, say hi! Announcements are made on the SEGASonic:Radio Twitter. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, requests, or weird new age fusion, you can hit her up on Tumblr or Twitter. You can also email her at shadsy@sonicstadium.org. Enjoy your stay!
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