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  1. Tails is Useless.

    He sucked in Unleashed. Plain and simple. From 2008-now, Modern Tails has literally flipped roles with Amy.
  2. Forces. The Game that made Knuckles have character again. Not the shitty joke he's been for x number of years. Thank you ST for doing him some justice, even though it's the wrong role.

    1. Penny


      if by "made Knuckles have character again" you mean "made Knuckles a generic rebel leader guy" because outside of like one or two lines, he really does't exhibit many of Knuckles' traits

    2. PaddyFancy


      Meanwhile Tails who proclaims in Sonic Adventure games that he is not scared and that he won't give up and let Sonic down (especially seeing Sonic get blown up in SA2)...cowers and screams for Sonic when Chaos approaches him in Sonic Forces.

    3. Eternal EX

      Eternal EX

      It's better than the joke he's been made into in Boom. Or his (near) absence in Gens.

    4. Penny


      eh, i prefer boom knuckles over forces knuckles because i like funny more than generic and boring

    5. Josh


      Aside from a few lines I didn't feel like it was Knuckles at all. Most of the characters are out of character in this game tbh

    6. Eternal EX

      Eternal EX

      Shadow, Rouge, Amy, Eggy, Chaotix and Silver were pretty close to character. Tails was terrible. He's honestly been terrible since Unleashed. Knux, well the rebels needed a leader and they got him. Only part I questioned with Shadow was his doubt to defeat the enemies.

    7. Josh


      Rouge and Amy wouldn't ever be command center types. They have the occasional line that shows the writer might understand them on some level, but that's about it.

      Silver is a non character in this but he's always like that I guess

      Eggman carries none of the flare that has defined him for most of the series and is pretty boring this time around.

      I won't argue with the chaotix, aside from Espio who's just serious guy in this as well.

    8. KHCast


      You could replace knuckles with the gun commander and nothing would be different 

    9. Diogenes


      the only time knuckles felt like knuckles in forces is when he came up with a plan in a minute in a half that seemed to consist of just a name and the idea of "everyone rushes in and beats up the bad guys".

  3. Should Shadow and Rouge be bad guys again

    I'd support this. I mean Shadow is my favorite character in the series. But the fact that she hasn't seen the light since.....well 06 is something that should be used more. She's not a bad character. Neither is Shadow. They need more games. More character development. And with Omega, you literally have a powerhouse of characters on the sideline. Kinda like how The protector of the Master Emerald is now a joking idiot.
  4. The Future of SEGA: Grim or glorious?

    Wait. Bayonetta is no longer Sega's? Could have sworn Nintendo saved the franchise.
  5. I, Like the minority, actually like the Boost games. Colors and Forces were the weakest. Genz and Unleashed were the best. And to an extent, Unleashed was the best. I wouldn't be against another BOOST game as long as it was as good as Unleashed and Genz. But if they wer to finally return to full 3D I'd support it, if it turned out good. Just no more Forces and Colors type levels. As in super short and filler levels.
  6. Should Shadow and Rouge be bad guys again

    Like mentioned above, Rouge was never a villain. She was working with the government to learn more about the Shadow project in SA2. As for Shadow, after SA2, Heroes and SHTH, he became more of an ally than true hero. Yes he has his moment when he can be considered a HERO. Then he has his moments when he's more neutral. Boom considers him a villain. Honestly why? Why even ask about those 2 when we all know by the next Sonic game, they will be forgotten and not used like everyone else besides crybaby Tails.
  7. What game are you currently playing?

    Sonic Forces and Warframe. Something about Warframe constantly brought me back. Not sure what it was. I tried it years ago, could not get into it. Then tried again each year and still could not get deep in the game. Finally dove in early this year and I can't put it down. A F2P game with AAA quality? Count me in. And it releases free updates year long? Oh who could pass it up. The PVP is dead, but the PvE is great. Grindy sure but still a blast. I was going to go get Assassin's Creed instead of Forces (and I'm still debating on trading it in) but I needed a Sonic game. And this still does not quench my urge for a good one. Forces is literally everything I hated about Colors but with great music and HD quality visuals.
  8. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    Agreed. Even the werehog levels were not that bad. Actually there were times I played werehog over Day Hog just to sit back and chill. Plus who can pass up sonic doing cartwheels?
  9. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    Maybe. But if they do, lets see it soon. Hope it doesn't take another year for it to happen. I'm honestly ready for this arc to be over. Especially when they focus so heavily on Goku instead of the other characters.
  10. I just thought of something. Why is Silver in FORCES? I get the chaotix, Shadow and crew and even to an extent Knux. But what purpose does Silver have again? Isn't he from a distant future? Or better yet, erased from the timeline?

    1. Forte-Metallix


      The "Stress Test" prequel comic explains that Eggman's actions have once again ruined Silver's time period, so he's come back to the present to help make things right.

    2. Eternal EX

      Eternal EX

      They totally could not explain that in the game? Easily something that should have been added was excluded and thrown into a comic some of the fanbase wont read. So many bad decisions.

    3. Forte-Metallix


      Well, it goes without saying at this point that any time Silver's helping the heroes, it's to save his own future.

      If his time isn't in peril, he wouldn't even know something's going on in the past.

    4. Eternal EX

      Eternal EX

      So why not just leave him in this timeline. Not in the.....nevermind this is sonic team we are talking about.

  11. So, the reason why Infinite became evil...

    Does it? It could be strictly cosmetic.
  12. The one thing I hated most about Forces is.....the stage length. Yes in 2d there is SOME exploration. But seriously, most levels are done within 2 mins. I know Gens suffered the same fate to a degree. But come on. Why can't we have a good 3-6 mins stage like Jungle Joyride, Rooftop Run, Crazy Cadget. The hypest stage in the game literally was grinding and even then it was dreadfully short. I replay it just for the hype factor of "FIST BUMP".

  13. What is so bad about Forces gameplay?

    THIS! Literllay everything he said about Forces. It's clunky as a platformer. The random surge from half speed to near full speed makes no sense. Sonic and Custom handle pretty bad at slow speed, and not much better at full speed. Gens got it right. And where the hell is DRIFTING? Also Custom's whip is....well.....it sucks. It's like a pissed off parent swinging at everything. (Cobermani *youtuber* put it best). The whip has no control. But once you get use to the questionable controls, it not that bad.
  14. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    That's what I thought. And UI is literally the final stand before he crashes (as of now). ?? Which is currently his limit breaker? Ugh, can't we just get Super Sayian Pink or SSB 2 and move on?
  15. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    So is Kefla really that strong or is SSB KKx20 Goku just that low on stamina? I really had to think of that. SSB with KK should be more than enough to take down anyone in this tournament besides Jiren and Toppo. No one else really stood a chance except Hit and he's gone.