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  1. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    Vegeta's great moment in DBS: -"THAT'S MY BULMA" -Achieving SSB and almost killing Freiza -Getting Cabba to become a Super Sayian. -Knocking out Toppo (which was a lackluster battle on toppo's side) Seriously, DBS did pretty good to Vegeta unlike some of DBZ. Now as for this arc (I haven't read any spoilers past this week) Vegeta and most of Team Goku was shafted to give goku more room to shine. It's great to see even the sayian girls wreck shit and go toe to toe with goku an all of his forms. But damn. Vegeta needs more attention.
  2. Alright community. I got a question. How do you tell your crush (even though both of you are in your own relationships) how you feel? With that said, you were great friends but something in the past caused the friendship to fade into nearly nothing. And the only way you somewhat stay in touch is social media.

    1. Josh


      From the sound of it I think it's time to let it go and move on instead of confessing, but I don't know your whole situation.

  3. When you are on Facebook, then see that your old friend (which is your crush) that you didn't treat very well because of your own bad life experiences is doing much better. Newish car, great job ect.....I guess it was best for you to leave me in the past. Even though I miss you so much.

  4. So I totally traded Sonic Forces in for FFXV. So far it seems like it was worth it.......if I can put WARFRAME down long enough to enjoy it.

    1. Mayor D

      Mayor D

      "A NEW RECIPE!"

  5. Soul Calibur VI (Does your soul still burn)

    Regardless of it being blurry or not. I'm hyped as hell. Finally a SC game. SCV was the last one and while the servers weren't top notch, I loved it. SC6 is already looking great. But bring back my bae Talim. We need that innocent girl. I've missed playing with her.
  6. hey uh no -Sean Thanks. I'll have to keep my eye out for it. MMX5 I'm ready to beat you again. And again. And again.
  7. Wait where? The MMX series gets a collection and I didn't hear anything about this? I want. I must see source! As for MM11. Hype. But I hate. Absolutely hate the running animation. I want to vomit. But everything else is LIT.
  8. Anyone here ever play WarFrame?

  9. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    Ribrianne FAT SAILORMOON Is gone. Everyone drinks on me. I mean damn that was the greatest moment of 18's career.
  10. Net Neutrality. Not this again.....

  11. Net Neutrality Vote on Dec 13th! (#SaveNetNeutrality)

    This again? ugh. Guess it's time to vote and move on with my day. I swear I've seen this every year for the past 5 years or so.
  12. The funny thing is, the adventure style could have still worked. Many fans prefer that. It failed because Sonic 06 flat out SUCKED. That's a huge reason why ST came up with the BOOST idea. (This is all my opinion which is pretty damn close to the truth). It's proven that ST can make a DECENT Sonic main game. Look at Gens, Colours (I really hate this game) and Unleashed. Forces was weak. Fans knew it when they showed gameplay back in the Spring. Straight Lines, no real exploration. The latter is the main thing most fans ask for. A reboot isn't needed. Reworking the ST is needed. Get rid of the idiots that think fans wants strictly a 2d games or a hybrid game. We need the ST that has no problem trying something new. Making GREAT games to compete. When a 2d fan game can shit on a main stream 2d game we have a problem. Also Forces could have worked if Classic was not in the game, level design was massively improved and they fixed the damn wonky controls. Visually it was nice. The music was great (for the most part). They failed because of the game play. Fix the gameplay, you bring GOOD reviews, which helps bring sells, which widens the fanbase.
  13. new sonic forces DLC could be on the way

    Ya know. We don't even know how to properly unlock Super Sonic(s). He was added via DLC. Plus the game has been out a few weeks. I highly doubt we are going to get real DLC.
  14. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    THIS! I would buy this. By far the best Kamehameha I've seen. I mean Roshi still owns the MVP role of the ARC. But UI Goku is not far behind with that Kamehameha.
  15. Just want to mention, Goku launched the best Kamehameha....of his life. Hit the bitch so hard, it knocked her OP ass out of fusion.

    1. FirelordZuko
    2. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Break the magic earrings, break the magic lady.


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