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  1. Is Sonic Lost World really that bad? I skipped it because it didn't interest me because there was too much 2d play.

    1. Clewis


      It's painfully mediocre in a lot of areas. Not a fan of the game, but I wouldn't consider it being straight-up "bad" either.

      Lost World feels like Sonic Team wanted to make a more traditional platformer, but were forced to cover it with Sonic paint so that it would sell.

    2. Bobnik


      It's a "bad Mario ripoff" - something that's not outright bad, but it's very, VERY boring and mechanically not very interesting. Sure, the parkour had potential, but the execution outright sucked. Run button sucked too.

      That's the WiiU/PC version. 3DS version I consider one of the worst Sonic games, cuz goddamn Dimps shit the bed with this one.

    3. Eternal EX

      Eternal EX

      So the Idea was there. Just not the execution?

    4. Strickerx5


      From an average game perspective: Not really. A lot of what it did was well done on a technical level. Add in an art style that (while I personally can't stand) did grab quite a few people and a story that, while was nothing to write home about, was a step above both Gens and Colors and... it's not a bad game.

      Though, in terms of what this series needed, I have to say it's far from on the mark. It downgraded a lot of things that they got right with Gens while only improved upon a handful of details. Not to mention that the gimmicks from level to level got way too out of hand imo. Add in some stiff controls, non-memorable tunes, a still very lackluster story, uninspired themes, boatloads of 2D, and just some weird design choices overall and it's just not a game I'd call "fun".

      It was certainly different and some love it for that though. Plus, while I can't get down with the controls overall, it did add a lot of unique and interesting things to Sonic's moveset that I would've liked to have seen expanded upon in other games.

      so tl;dr, it's really fucking out there but if you like that kind of different then you'll like it.

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