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    - girls girls girls...
    - cute girls
    - Sonic duh
    - Jet set radio (DC)!!!
    - my all time fav cartoon is STATIC SHOCK! Then the 90's spider-man
    -Mega man is my 3rd fav V-game character
    -Sonic is 2nd
    -Shadow is numero UNO
    Uhh PM me if you have questions on my personality or whatever
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    The state where everything is bigger =)

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  1. The one thing I hated most about Forces is.....the stage length. Yes in 2d there is SOME exploration. But seriously, most levels are done within 2 mins. I know Gens suffered the same fate to a degree. But come on. Why can't we have a good 3-6 mins stage like Jungle Joyride, Rooftop Run, Crazy Cadget. The hypest stage in the game literally was grinding and even then it was dreadfully short. I replay it just for the hype factor of "FIST BUMP".

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