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    Eternal EX got a reaction from tailsBOOM! in This member needs more friends. http://board.sonicstadium.org/user/1255-testbish/   
    That member needs to be online more too.
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    Eternal EX reacted to Osmium in Where the hell was Shadow during that 6 month gap?   
    looking for that DAMN fourth chaos emerald 
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    Eternal EX reacted to KHCast in Sonic Mania was nominated in the VGAs. Guess that's what happens when you make a grea   
    Is still sad that essentially a fan game is doing better than the company that's had multiple attempts for years to get what it did down 
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    Eternal EX reacted to Ferno in Man, remember when Gens came out and we were all kind of floored at how good it was..   
    even back then i was the weird naysayer in the back going "but *insert level aspect or other game/ story element here* isn't as good as Unleashed" etc
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    Eternal EX got a reaction from Mad Convoy in Exactly what about Forces is a step in the right direction that makes so many say tha   
    The Visuals and Music. My goodness the music was the true highlight of the game. Along with the Death egg outer space area. Some of the best visuals I've seen in gaming. The story was decent, until I played the prologue, then it became stupid. That could have honestly been left out. Oh the customization for the custom hero was welcomed. And the sneaky return of SOAP shoes.
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  7. Fist Bump
    Eternal EX got a reaction from PaulyBFromDa303 in Who or what is Sonadow? Have I really fallen that far out the loop?   
    Sonadow Fusion? I would have said Shadic. Because I totally supported that name and idea for 10 years
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    Eternal EX got a reaction from Mr Loopone in Is Sonic Lost World really that bad? I skipped it because it didn't interest me becau   
    So the Idea was there. Just not the execution?
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    Eternal EX reacted to Strickerx5 in Is Sonic Lost World really that bad? I skipped it because it didn't interest me becau   
    From an average game perspective: Not really. A lot of what it did was well done on a technical level. Add in an art style that (while I personally can't stand) did grab quite a few people and a story that, while was nothing to write home about, was a step above both Gens and Colors and... it's not a bad game.
    Though, in terms of what this series needed, I have to say it's far from on the mark. It downgraded a lot of things that they got right with Gens while only improved upon a handful of details. Not to mention that the gimmicks from level to level got way too out of hand imo. Add in some stiff controls, non-memorable tunes, a still very lackluster story, uninspired themes, boatloads of 2D, and just some weird design choices overall and it's just not a game I'd call "fun".
    It was certainly different and some love it for that though. Plus, while I can't get down with the controls overall, it did add a lot of unique and interesting things to Sonic's moveset that I would've liked to have seen expanded upon in other games.
    so tl;dr, it's really fucking out there but if you like that kind of different then you'll like it.
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    Eternal EX got a reaction from KHCast in How many people in that crowd you think are playing Pokemon Go?   
    All of them.
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