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    DarkRula Media is my label. It is where I put all my interests into work. My blog will be talking games and films I'm interested in, while my fiction site on WattPad hosts a number of fan-fiction and original creations. My Youtube channel is where my animation projects can be found, as well as some video game related stuff.
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  1. DarkRula

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - Fall 2017 PS4/Xbone

    https://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/60579/Red-Dead-Online Online mode for the game will be released in beta sometime November and will see changes and adjustments at all times. This is gonna be wild west GTA Online, isn't it?
  2. The one who is pretty much a villain until near the end of 3, if I remember right. All this is looking great, and if there's wallpapers attached to the Xbox achievements, I know what my next desktop wallpaper will be.
  3. Saw this comment chain on an extended Rowdy Rumble theme Youtube video -

    -King Dedede: "Ah need a monstah to clobber dat dere Kirbeh and his little keyboy friend!"
    -That's what we do best at NME.
    -You better get it with a money back guarantee!
    -Information: Play a badass trumpet solo

    And now I'm imagining a Kirby Right Back at Ya! world in Kingdom Hearts 3.

  4. DarkRula

    Welcome to Animal Crossing - Switch, 2019

    It was bound to be coming, and to have it confirmed is great. Within a year, I'm expecting. It's more than likely a summer game, with the first Direct of next year maybe giving us a first look at it.
  5. Yeah, it's massively improved since E3 2017. It'll be good to see more of it.
  6. The Super Mario and Legend of Zelda jazz covers are now on Motobug if you want to listen in.


    Direct is in three hours now. Who's excited?

  7. Some Super Mario jazz covers now playing, followed by Legend of Zelda jazz covers.


    After this, I think I'll swap it over to Motobug - where the real event will get started.

  8. Everything Wrong With Super Smash Bros. Brawl by Charriii5 is coming up, along with EWW Super Mario Odyssey. Then it's an hours break with some Mario and Zelda jazz covers.



  9. From Mario Kart 64 to Mario Kart Double Dash as WiiLikeToPlay has some fun in four-player.


  10. I've got a Nintendo Direct pre-stream full of Nintendo-related videos running on my Cytube if you're interested in joining.

    Decided against hijacking Motobug as it just doesn't seem right to. I'll be on there later, though.

  11. DarkRula

    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    Unless the Dartrix is Hau's. Which is probably the case.
  12. I'll either use my own Cytube or hijack Motobug, but if you've heard of the Youtubers WiiLikeToPlay, I'll be running two of their Mario Kart playthroughs on a stream in 40 minutes as a run-up to the Direct, then continue that going with various Nintendo related videos right up to 23:00 BST.


    I... I don't really know what to say...

    1. Polkadi~♪


      gah, what the fuck

    2. Fusion-Ellipsis



    3. Bobnik


      Since when did Dankey Kang become Sonic the Hedgekong

    4. Forte-Metallix


      He's faster, faster, and faster, too

    5. Blue Wisps

      Blue Wisps


    6. DarkRula


      I found it randomly while trying to find some more fake Smash leaks.
      It was just too good of an opportunity to share.

  14. DarkRula

    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    What the heck is wrong with Eevee's hair? It looks like a badly groomed Furfrou. And are we going to Kanto again?
  15. That Forza Horizon 4 demo is some good stuff - even if I had to play it on the lowest of settings on my PC.
    I... don't think I've mentioned here that my Xbox turns into a heating unit after five minutes of use so I'm replacing it with the Forza One X bundle.
    But yeah, Forza Horizon 4 was always going to be bought, always going to be played a long time, but this demo has cemented that feeling. There's a lot of content here, and a lot of detail to the world that is ripe for exploration.

    1. Cobalt_Bolt


      My PC meets the recommended hardware requirements so I should be able to enjoy it on Ultra settings. Hopefully the game uses the cores evenly unlike the PC version of Horizon 3 because it was not properly optimized on release. At least it was patched to make it more tolerable but it gave me a headache figuratively and literally during that gap.

    2. Strickerx5


      Thanks for the heads up. Just finished a session in it and man... I'm sold. Runs like a dream. It's so smooth and looks gorgeous as well. It also retained everything I loved from the third straight down to the music selection.

      Man, I'm so glad Microsoft is different from the other two and utilizes the PC market place. This kind of performance just isn't possible elsewhere currently.


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