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    There's three core franchises I hold dear. The first being Star Wars, the second Sonic the Hedgehog, and the third Pokémon. Away from those cores I'm big on Power Rangers, most Nintendo games, the Forza series, and a range of films and music.
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  1. I predict a riot, or have we already had one? As Gabz Girl said above, there's been far too many great platformers over the last few years that anything Sonic does is set to pale in comparision unless the passion is there. Unless there's clear ambition for the project. It's cynical to be thinking it, but with everything else releasing in '22, pushing the game into that year also minimises a loss of goodwill when it's going to be surrounded by plenty of good things. We will see, though. No matter when we get information, I hope it shows a return to form for the games.
  2. Bad Batch's first episode is brilliant. Seen it twice already, loved it just as much the second time as I did the first. Finish writing up my spoiler-free review (which you can check here if you want), and decide to check in here to find... well, I'm about to find out. I can see there's been delays and questioning of the leaks, which doesn't bode well.

    And May the Fourth Be With You all.

    1. Jack-al


      May the Fourth be with you!

      I haven't watched it yet but I plan to later today. 

    2. DarkRula


      I hope you enjoy it.

    3. The Master

      The Master

      I'm watching the wee Star Wars biomes thing they put up on Disney +, its rather relaxing just getting a flyby of the planets.

    4. DarkRula


      Been meaning to check those out. Probably do so later.

      Gotta laugh at that rumour about Detours hitting the service, though. How many people got excited for nothing thanks to how that blew up?

    5. The Master

      The Master

      So watched it myself and its still so damn good. Bit bored of a certain character popping up in most Star Wars stuff nowadays but otherwise was an amazing ride.

    6. DarkRula


      I know of two characters who you could mean, but just for a bit of clarity Rebel or Imperial?

    7. The Master

      The Master


      Saw. Appeared in Clone Wars, Rebels, Rogue One, Jedi Fallen Order and now this. He just pops up and it feels forced to me, like he has to appear in all media in that era now. [\spoiler]

    8. DarkRula


      Yup. That was who I was thinking for the rebel side. I suppose they're the go-to for that type of character, since that was always a part of their character. Don't need anyone else except for them. I have to assume, though, that more would be like them. It's just easier to use established characters, I assume.

  3. All the behind the scenes of filming have me interested in what's occuring. Tails is definitely playing a major role with this, and I can't wait to see how that pans out. For Knuckles, I'm guessing he was exiled to the mushroom world for (what else) his gullibility. Rather than being guardian of the Master Emerald (if such is a thing in this universe), he's just a part of a tribe that he never felt a part of, they eventually disowned him, and then in the mushroom world, he thinks he's got a friend in Robotnik until he finds out exactly what Robotnik is planning upon returning to Green Hills. No matter what happens, though, I have a feeling this'll be as good as the first.
  4. Very insane that you can explore GTA V's map in Kingdom Hearts 3 if you chose to mod it in. It's very weirdly textured, but very much working.
  5. Republic Commando completed yesterday. Three campaigns, one day dedicated to each. It was a great game to run through. Really wish a company pick up on doing something with Delta Squad - especially since The Clone Wars recanonised them in a cameo for absolutely nothing to have been done with them since.

  6. Remasters and ports of games that haven't seen a re-release? I'm not gonna get my hopes up, but that could easily apply to Heroes. A collection would certainly be a good way of celebrating the series - especially if the collection ends up being modular (as in buying what you want from it rather than getting no choice but to own all of it), but like others, I do hope there's a new game coming - even if it has been delayed further than when it originally was meant to come. As long as they tell us that something is coming, that'll be fine.
  7. Republic Commando has now been announced for Switch and PS4.

    Aw, yeah! Now I can play yet another great Star Wars game on a handheld and not feel as though it's been butchered (as every game before the Switch existed did).

    1. Marcello


      Great game. Now make Imperial Commando :(

  8. Twelve hours until it begins. I'm hoping for what I hope for every year, but as long as there's some form of racing game, I'll be happy.
  9. I've been enjoying Bowser's Fury, and it's got me thinking of whether this is our first introduction to a fully open world Mario game. Within this article, I talk of how that might look.

  10. A Direct, you say? An actual Nintendo Direct? Oh, lovely. How very lovely.

    Now give me Mii Resort Paradise you cowards!

  11. Hmm... The wait will be worth it... That's reassuring in a sense, as I don't think Tails Channel would be one of those who needlessly hypes (or even wrongfully hypes) the community. However, there's still the feeling that there won't be anything grand. Nothing that goes beyond the quality of recent efforts (Mania aside). I'll reserve judgement until we see something, though.
  12. I've been streaming this purely because this is the month that it released. I've been skipping most of the cutscenes, but still having an absolute blast with the gameplay and the worlds. Be finishing it tomorrow, where I'm sure three hours will be enough to see it complete.
  13. I mean, just because Roger's hinting at his leaving, it doesn't mean he won't be in the next game. Voice work's probably already done, after all. This next game will be his final outing if that is the case, and I hope it will be a good one.

  14. This is what I was hoping for when the restructuring first took place back when Disney bought LucasFilm. Plenty of games from plenty of developers, with variety of genres and styles. The future is looking bright again for Star Wars games, and hopefully some of the other IP of LucasFilm get their chance to shine. As for this open world game of Ubisoft's, I'm hoping we see a great looking world come from it. One, perhaps, we haven't seen before.
  15. Everyone has games they're looking forward to this year. I've got an article on my site detailing all those I'm looking forward to. There's a lot of them, and I'm curious to know what everyone else is looking forward to.

    1. FReaK


      honestly there is not much that I am looking forward to. The only thing I really want to see is the next Sonic game, and hopefully there will be a few good ps5 games that I'm not aware of right now.

    2. Jango


      I'm looking forward to being surprised honestly, especially with the next-gen consoles already up and going. Of course there's the obvious ones like the next Sonic (I can't help it), Crash/Spyro (I can't help it either), Horizon 2, Resi 4 remake, Spider-man 2, the next Rockstar game... even if we only get teasers for these, I still think it will be a good year.

    3. DarkRula


      I talked of the next Sonic game within that article. About how I hope the lack of games means they're seriously trying to find what works for the series this time, perhaps by looking back to move forward - as the first Mania trailer said.

      @JangoI think on the Rockstar front, there will be disappointment. Unless they've got something else other than GTA VI that they've been hiding from us, this year's focus will still be on GTA V Online - especially with that next-gen release at some point this year. I'd like to be surprised, but I don't feel GTA VI is close.

    4. Jango


      GTA isn't the only Rockstar IP tho' :P I'm not holding any breath for 6 anyways, but a new Bully? O more Red Dead 2 expansions? That'd be nice.

    5. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      I'm a huge Nintendo fan, and it's hard to really look forward to this year 'cuz I have almost no idea what they have coming down the pipeline. We'll probably get a new Kirby, new Pokemon, maybe the reveal of a new 3D Mario after the port of 3D World comes out next month. I'm excited to see what we'll get.

      Then, other than the 30th anniversary Sonic game that we've had to wait WAY too long to learn about, there are a buttload of great indie games coming this year that I'm looking forward to.

    6. TheOcelot


      Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

      Horizon: Forbidden West

      Gotham Knights

      Next Sonic

      SM3DW switch port

      MGS1 remake

      New Spyro game

    7. Strickerx5


      Honestly, outside of Halo Infinite and Ratchet (which could both be delayed), I really don't know what to expect from this year. 2020 really threw everything into a loop so not a lot is really known to the public and it's hard to predict a lot of things.

      Like, I think it's fair to say that at this time last year we were all expecting to at least get some information on a new Sonic game between then and now and that certainly hasn't happened. Nintendo somehow went even more silent and scattered than usual which is... impressive honestly (like they haven't said a single thing about BotW 2 since the announcement, let alone Prime 4). Sony probably has the most that we know of but who the hell knows how far most of those titles are from being out. Not to mention the rest of the bigger publishers who have emptier slates than usual.

      2020 hit the industry hard so combine that with a new console generation (when they publishers are usually more silent than usual in order to allow devs to get familiar with the new tech and not break NDAs)... there isn't a lot there and guessing is a crapshoot at best.


      Edit: Forgot about Gotham Knights... though I'm more scared for it than excited tbh

    8. DarkRula


      @JangoI'm just wishing for a new Midnight Club. GTA Online is all well and good in that department, but it's about time Rockstar made a proper racer again.

      Nintendo certainly is a wild card, @PC the Hedgehog, which is why I always hope for those series we haven't heard of in a while to make their appearance in this year. Advance Wars, F-Zero, something related to Miis in a starring role... And it's about time we got a new Mario Kart as well not attached to mobile or tech demos.

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