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    There's three core franchises I hold dear. The first being Star Wars, the second Sonic the Hedgehog, and the third Pokémon. Away from those cores I'm big on Power Rangers, most Nintendo games, the Forza series, and a range of films and music.
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  1. Anyone else been playing Temtem? It's already winning me over from just a few short hours of play, and that sweeping violin score is beautiful - especially when it comes to the battle themes.

    Listen to this.

    Is that a great piece of music? I reckon so.

  2. I’ve just had a good half hour looking things up on Wikipedia so I know everything here is within the last decade. Despite being easier to view, I won’t sort by date, but series or set groups instead. That way, it’s easier to link certain things together when talking about them. And all of these won’t be just from the cinema, but still stay within the original release year of this decade. So, let’s get this started with some singular efforts. The start of the decade had some good and not so good. Furry Vengeance and Yogi Bear, while entertaining, weren’t exactly the greatest or memorable, and it’s no wonder I’d forgotten about them. Both are owned on DVD, and neither have seen that many watches. One that did hit from this year, however, was Megamind. This is a great film I’ve watched many times, with a decent enough plot and humour that lands quite a lot. The greatest of the lot, though, which was seen at the cinema, is Cats and Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore. Sure, it uproots and throws away certain world building elements of the first, but it has a great story that builds a relatable arc for the main character in learning what it takes to be a good officer of law. As for others, the best for me have probably been Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows [2011] (seen at the cinema with friends, having seen the previous film beforehand with them), Hop [2011] (anything with Hugh Laurie gets my attention, really, and this is on TV a lot), The LEGO Movie [2014] (bought on Blu-Ray around a year later as one of only a few additions to that collection), and Shaun the Sheep Movie [2015] (watched it when it first appeared on Prime Video and found myself enjoying it a lot). The first collection I’ll talk about is the Pixar films. Both Toy Story 3 and 4 were seen at the cinema, and I enjoyed both greatly. Even though 4 didn’t need to have existed, it managed to tell the story it wanted to tell and fit it into the world already established. Brave and Monsters University were both bought on DVD, and again I enjoyed them both. The story they told worked, with great character interaction between the main duo of both. Also on the DVD list is Cars 2. Throughout the last year I’d been doing a watch of all Pixar movies on Disney Life, which allowed me to watch Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur, and Cars 3 for the first time. Inside Out was the best of those three, though I did like the character interaction The Good Dinosaur provided between its two leads. I’m technically cheating with this next group, as depending on definition, one isn’t even a movie. Power Rangers in 2017 provided a mature take on Rangers with the atmosphere and effects to match. It provided some good characters and story, even if it did seem to be trying way too hard to grab the audience it wanted. I’m kind of glad that Hasbro won’t be continuing it, though, as I feel they’d be able to do a much better first effort going by their first effort with the TV series. This isn’t the only Rangers movie of the decade, however, as there was a TV movie made for the first season Saban created. Clash of the Red Rangers took the usual team-up routine of the series and… made it only about the Red Rangers of current and previous team. But it worked. At least it’s a much better team-up than Legendary Battle from Megaforce. Since Battle For The Grid released, Power Rangers is quickly becoming a consideration for the fourth core franchise, and since there’s been no Sonic the Hedgehog movies (shout-out to Wreck-it Ralph here for being an awesome movie), I’ll move onto second core – Pokémon. The latest two have been great, crafting an original universe away from the TV series of the current generation, and providing some great story without feeling like they were simply an episode or two stretched to a movie runtime. It’s something I felt Genesect and the Legend Awakened had started to fix, though I haven’t seen any of the generation six films to know if such a thing had continued to build or was simply a product of moving to an alternate timeline. And then we have Star Wars. I maintain the sequel trilogy is a good if flawed trilogy. Standalone, each is great, with some wonderful fight scenes and character interaction mired among the weaknesses each of the films have. As a trilogy, though, it’s a mess of execution that can be linked together by taking the basis of the ideas and finding out how they link together. The films themselves only go so far in making those connections. Rogue One has some great ideas and executes them well, with an excellent final act making up for some of the weakness of the first. The characters are all great as well. And of course I couldn’t go without a mention of seeing my favourite in (admittedly weak) 3D. Oh, I do love The Phantom Menace. Special mention goes to the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, which were all seen on TV the year before the fourth was out in cinema and proved to be some good entertainment that the family went to see the fourth when it did. While that fourth wasn’t as good, it still proved to be a good addition to the series.
  3. Let me at it! Let me watch it! Forget the sequel trilogy, Mandalorian, even Jedi: Fallen Order - this is the best Star Wars content we'll soon be consuming. Such raw power and emotion we will probably never feel again.

    1. Miragnarok


      Why Mandalorian without an "even" preceding it?

    2. DarkRula


      Because as a list in this manner, you only need the even for the end name. In this case, going from worst to best, with the highlight being at the end, thus the use of even.

    3. Miragnarok


      You also forgot Resistance in there.  Is FOD even canon?

    4. DarkRula


      I didn't want to make the list longer than three mentioned thing is all. And yes, Fallen Order is canon.

    5. Miragnarok


      I meant Forces of Destiny.

    6. DarkRula


      Oh, I'd forgot that existed. Yes, it's canon.

  4. I think that should be 27/February, since it's Pokémon Day it releases. Exclusivity to Netflix means I doubt we'll be seeing an event on CITV like what happened for both XY and Sun and Moon series. Ah, well, no adverts is a plus.
  5. I've got no investment in the Fighter's Pass, but I was expecting something more unique than... Well...

    Every other character that was presented - even those I had no idea about - got me excited about them. They offered something completely new. And sure, the moveset is different, but the series is so overpopulated in Smash that anyone else with roughly the same moveset would have been better.

    I said it on Motobug and I'll say it here. Should have been another wild and unexpected choice like Chase McCain, whose moveset would have been vastly different and more in line with the other four characters.

  6. Well, we did get two games in 2019. They were both spin-offs and one was a crossover, but they were still games. More important is what we're getting this year in 2020. I doubt we'll left with nothing except the movie for the year, but I also don't think we'll see more than one game in this year. I'm half thinking it will be a main title, possibly 2D, with the same concept as Mania except that the split is reversed. So more new than old, and [wild concept] the old levels will be those from the 3D games that have never been seen in 2D before, so the whole game still has that new feeling. If it is a spin-off, I still hold out hope they'll transfer the avatar mechanics from Forces and work them into an action-RPG. No matter what's coming, I hope we hear of stuff after the movie's release.
  7. Y'all forgetting about Mace and Yoda's conversation at the end of Phantom Menace - there can only be two. Master and apprentice. But which did we kill? I do admit that seeing Kylo being the irredeemable bad guy would have been a better plot for this film. It would have done so much for the whole bloodline doesn't matter theming that TLJ worked to set up.
  8. Oh, certainly. That's why I'm saying they need to take full advantage of it. There needs to be a decent number of places to explore in each area with things to be doing in them. The story needs to be a decent length and offer something substantial. The only thing the base Wild Area had that's new or different was... bike time trials. It definitely needed more to do within it and a reason to have existed in the story rather than being a glorified route.
  9. Two new areas larger than the current Wild Area is huge. I hope. They should take full advantage of the concept they have and prove that large open areas can be done right. I don't see a problem with what they're offering. The returning 'mon can still be transfered in from Home, so it's not like those not buying the expansion are missing out on anything.
  10. Please Genius Sonority have been working on a side series game. Please make the dream come true.
  11. We've only just got into 2020 and the Sonic movie is already sponsoring others on TV.

    Movies on Channel 5 sponsored by the Sonic movie. The advertising for it is already picking up. Hopefully this means its good.

    1. Rabid-Coot


      It was playing with fire last sunday with power rangers. I expect it will be whatever paramount film is the upcoming/current release for a while.

    2. AlphaRuby


      Considering ViacomCBS owns both Paramount and Channel 5, I'm not surprised

    3. Rabid-Coot


      The art of spending your marketing budget by moving it around the company.

    4. DarkRula


      Yeah, I'd saw Playing With Fire with Power Rangers, but didn't realise it had already released.

    5. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      Channel 5 is also the worst channel in the UK (Not including sky or free-view services)

    6. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      I don't see how this would indicate that the movie is good.

    7. DarkRula


      Well, it's more just wishful hope on my part that it will be good. And also the unexpectedness of seeing it sponsoring a channel and not knowing that both companies were under the same parent kind of had me exaggerating a bit.

  12. I felt it was good. It did the best with what it could do. Certain mirrors worked, others not so much - especially in the final act. Rey/Kylo/Palpatine stuff - excellent. The fleet battle - too fast and only felt like it was there because it had to be to mirror Return of the Jedi rather than being anything important. Sure, the Sith Fleet was shown from the start as something to be feared. But there was very little in the way of a clear narrative to the battle. Overall, a fun film that felt it was trying to be too films in one. And to raise a point from earlier in the thread. The Last jedi might have gone against what The Force Awakens set up, but at no point did it feel as in-your-face about it as Rise of Skywalker to Last Jedi.
  13. The region of Galar, but instead of trains to get around - there's a Route 1 that runs across the entire of the region from Postwick to Wyndon that acts as the Wild Area.

  14. I've kinda been too busy playing to post many thoughts. I did get a first impressions post out on my blog, and have been meaning to do the same for Jedi: Fallen Order (which I've also been spending time on), but the short of it is - I like the region and everything about it. I like the game and the concepts introduced. Sure, things could have been better had more time been given to it, but the shortcomings don't affect the enjoyment. The Wild Area is my favourite thing about the region, and I can load Shield up and just lose myself within it (especially now that I can explore everywhere and capture everything). It is a great experience, but if you can't get invested in the journey - your personal journey within it - there is little to hold interest.
  15. Natural-looking routes isn't something the Wild Area executes well, if each section of the Wild Area was a route. But open spaces and well-designed routes can coexist, and be made to appear natural within the world. Given a lot more time, I'm sure it could happen for any region we already know of.
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