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    There's three core franchises I hold dear. The first being Star Wars, the second Sonic the Hedgehog, and the third Pokémon. Away from those cores I'm big on Power Rangers, most Nintendo games, the Forza series, and a range of films and music.
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  1. Watching the story on the Switch requires a Y rather than an A. Rather awkward, but it is what it is. Here's something funny I encountered during racing. https://twitter.com/DRM_Switch/status/1130957386489819136
  2. Pretty sure unlocking the characters is only for the story.
  3. I can understand that reasoning. There were signs of that hot-headedness, but it rarely hit even the average of what you'd expect from the OG series. Even in Johto. I'd have to watch again for that bug scene, as I can't remember if it was just a field of the cuter bugs.
  4. How so? Voice? Personality? She seems alright to me.
  5. It's exactly what I expected. A fun racer that has a fun mechanic at its core. The team racing really is an interesting addition to a kart racer with how it's presented here, and I'm getting stuck in.
  6. I'm ready and waiting to check the eShop midnight UK time, but I doubt whether it will be there. Just means I'll have to jump on it as soon as in the morning.
  7. Fun video about Team Sonic Racing that shows barely anything of Team Sonic Racing.

    I suspect there'll be an upcoming video showing off the game itself.

  8. So is this just being added to the various digital stores at midnight on its release?
  9. Finally looked in on that Project Hero that's been mentioned a few times round here.

    I'm impressed. The level of animation detail is something we haven't seen in a main game for ages, and the physics and individual movesets look as though they've seen a lot of work.

    The only thing that remains to be seen - how good the creator is at creating levels.

  10. Are we getting to some Mario Makin' on Motobug?

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Yes, the stream will be on Motobug. Should be on at 11pm GMT.

  11. Well... Well... Maybe it could be good..?

    It looks like it has some decent action scenes, and it at least got a smile out of me. Would I be rushing to watch it, though? Probably not.

  12. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is on Xbox One. Official Gamecube-styled Xbox One controllers become a thing. Crossplay between the Switch and One for the game. And Banjo-Kazooie, Halo, and Fable get representation within the game.

    What a dream that was.

  13. Star Wars Celebration is ending soon, but as good as it's been, watching from the livestream this year hasn't felt as fun. There's been some great stuff shown off, but hasn't hit the highs that the likes of Anaheim or Orlando have.

    Seeing the interviews on the stage and the merchandise showcases has been great, and there's been some genuine good things, but there's been a lack of panels on the stream this year and lack of a real connection to the event.

  14. CLONE WARS! Absolutely amazing to be seeing it return. Cannot wait to see the full episodes, but that trailer was magical.

  15. Youtube. Can you stop pulling errors out of your server port for FIVE MINUTES?

    Stop ruining every single major panel from Celebration please!

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