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    DarkRula Media is my label. It is where I put all my interests into work. My blog will be talking games and films I'm interested in, while my fiction site on WattPad hosts a number of fan-fiction and original creations. My Youtube channel is where my animation projects can be found, as well as some video game related stuff.
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  1. JirenFlame - Mario Kart Block Island - [Wii] Block Plaza Sunlight Shores - [DS] Palm Shore Neo Skyscrapers - [N64] Skyscraper Eggman Stadium - [Wii] Funky Stadium Echidna Park - [GCN] Baby Park Chaos Plant - [Wii] Toad's Factory Credit where it's due, that's pretty much a palette swap of names if ever I saw one.
  2. I looked up All-Stars Racing's track list, and three Seaside Hill tracks, three Casino Park tracks, and three Final Fortress tracks. So that wouldn't be outside the realms of possibility. Green Hill - Green Valley / Green Hill - Cavern Cracks / Green Hill - Desert Raid [gotta get the Forces rep in] Chemical Plant - Factory / Chemical Plant - Purple River / Chemical Plant - Spaceport [again, Forces rep] I'd go one further, but I think the jokes gone on long enough without adding three tracks from the other classic stage reps.
  3. I could talk for ages about possible ways a racer could be done [I've started posing ideas for the next Mario Kart on my blog and that's at least another two years away and not even announced] but I'm going to keep this within the realm of plausible. I already said on the SXSW panel thread about an idea where you have two characters per kart with each character having their own usable power. I doubt that concept will ever happen, but character specific powers still could. It would be triple-tiered, powered by collecting rings on the stages. The first would be basic attack/defence powers. The mid-tier would be placement powers - so mines, dummy rings, bombs, etc - that pop up on the track. The third-tier would be special powers that effect all those players in front of your position, but depending on position would require more rings to fully charge. I highly doubt there's going to be hubs within the main content, but at the same time it's very unlikely to follow the Mario Kart formula either. I don't want to be suggesting stuff I've already done for Mario Kart, so I'll keep this simple. The idea from All-Stars for events other than racing was a good idea, but they need to be more themed on Sonic. So along with the usual race, there could be emerald hunt - which would be similar to Mania's special stages, ring collector - which tasks everyone to collect a certain amount of rings, or battle - where everyone has a health bar and needs to be the last one standing. Taking two other ideas from All-Stars would be tracks that are different on each lap - but applying that to every track in the game - and bosses that need to be tackled. Progression within the career would be linear, but I'm thinking tournaments could be used. Levels could appear multiple times with new modes attached to them, and it would at least allow for a clear way of unlocking things - unless you wanted to put that to a shop where you used the rings collected within levels. There's a large amount of history for characters and stages, and I'll go over that once this game is fully announced.
  4. Again - but using the local time of the event. It starts at 15:30. It is currently 14:05. There's more than an hour before it starts. TSSZ are probably mistaken with that all times ET tag, since Texas is CT.
  5. Going by GMT, it's currently 17:40. The event for that time zone starts 20:30. So just under two hours fifty.
  6. Saban buys the rights to Sonic Boom and turns it into a Power Rangers-esque program. It has thirty-eight episodes in its first season, and follows the exact same plot as Dino Thunder episode for episode.

    What would your reaction be?

    1. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      Considering Dino Thunder is one of my fave Power Ranger seasons...neat!

    2. Asin Korber

      Asin Korber

      My reaction: "SAAAAABAAAAANNN!"

    3. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Eh...not sure. Dino Thunder’s biggest selling point was that it respected and celebrated the past of Power Rangers while still using the past to help build a strong narrative that could stand on its own as a power rangers season. Boom (and the current state of Sonic in general), at least in my opinion, tends to use the past as a crutch to compensate for its own lack of substance and inability to create its own solid narrative, and as such is more akin to Power Rangers Megaforce more than anything.

      I should also note that Dino Thunder was made during the Disney era, and Saban only got control back after the ending of Power Rangers RPM.

    4. DarkRula


      Saban currently own the rights, which I why I name-dropped them. Although now you say that, I'd hate to think... Oh, wait. Megaforce is essentially Saban's Dino Thunder.
      Can Beast Morphers please be good?

      Also @PC the Hedgehog Dino Rangers Win! This season is my number one.

    5. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Megaforce is more like Saban’s Operation Overdrive.

    6. DarkRula


      As in... both were completely bad?

    7. Asin Korber
  7. Disappointment is easy to avoid if you don't get caught up the hype - even if you are joining in with it. The January Direct Mini was the closest I've come to being sucked up in the hype.
  8. Okay, if people are shipping Sora with who knows what - Sora x T-Rex. Or my favourite - Sora x Pteradactyl.

  9. I just had a leak come through from Aaron Webber's next-door neighbor's goldfish. It says every single game ever is getting added to a collection, and the reason Sonic 3 isn't in one is because they want to include it in an Angel Island Collection featuring 3, and both Adventures, with the Advance trilogy thrown in.
  10. We do not need that popular song to return to culture, thank you very much advert that just came on the telly. You know the song, from a certain duo famous for just one [two if you count that other one].



    Ah, who am I kidding? Any excuse to play it is fine by me.

  11. So I was ready to make a gameplay video on Burnout Paradise Remastered live, but three songs within the game have been caught for copyright. Two of them are just monetised by the owner. But one of them means the video is blocked in the US.
    Why Avril Lavigne? Why?
    Well, I guess I didn't need that bit anyway.

  12. When you say that, I suppose it could just be used for a racing game. A platformer, a racer, and the boost games could all co-exist. Different things for different people, though overlap can happen.
  13. Just touching on all that Adventure stuff from way back - why couldn't a theoretical on-foot racing game take the gameplay from them to test the waters for such a style returning? It was technically already touched on with SA2's Battle stuff, but I'm talking a full-on racing game separated from any sort of main game. But that's an idea for elsewhere. The hinted karting game that seems likely to be announced at this event I'm hoping will be something interesting. If I'm being completely wild about this, I'd like to see a Doube Dash mechanic of having two racers per kart with only special character-specific powers available that are charged through collecting rings. The only power that would be charged would be the rear-facing character, so it would mean tactical swapping and usage of the powers. Elsewhere, as above, I'm expecting the comic will be talked about, as well as mentions of other projects. I'm hoping an official livestream can be sorted, and with just a few days left, I'm interested in seeing what comes out of this.
  14. Was recently watching some Sonic Shorts. Today's recommended video - Working for the Weekend - Loverboy.
    Youtube always knows.

  15. Kirby's 25th Anniversary (Battle Royale and Star Allies)

    I was hoping those were just for the demo, but Nintendo Life have been showing some co-op from the full game and they're still there. Doesn't bother me too much as its only around five seconds or less, but it might get a bit annoying if the doors are close by each other. The music is great to listen to, I'll give it that. There seems to be an orchestral flair to it that really comes out with the imrpoved sound of the Switch.

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