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  1. Let's lighten the mood a bit, shall we? Holiday, anyone?


  2. Knights and Dinosaurs... Now, I don't watch the Sentai, but since it's inevitably going to be made into a Rangers series, I'd just like to say...


    Those are some cool looking helmets. As is that Megazord... I think it is, anyway.

  3. The only sad thing about a remake of Crash Team Racing is that we wouldn't get to hear this every time we turn it on.


  4. If a Crash Team Racing remake really is a thing, that's probably the only reason I was ever a Crash fan so count me in.

  5. That's sale number three for my first self-published book on the Kindle store. Admittedly it was published more than a year ago, but every sale works to improving my ranking on Amazon's servers, which I'm hoping is high enough to attract a bit of attention for my fourth book release.

    1. Failinhearts



    2. Kiah


      Congratulations! Wish you success on getting that fourth book released and maybe even beyond that!

    3. DarkRula


      Thanks both. I checked again earlier and found I'd miscounted. It was actually my fourth sale [fifth overall].

      And @Kiah, I plan on going well beyond the fourth.

  6. The Unusual Suspect has released his review of Stuart Little 2, and it's absolutely great.

  7. Spyro 1 is a good game that brings back memories of playing it on the PS1.

    Inlcuding how long the load times were... Maybe...

  8. Smash Trailer Goes With All Songs is now a thing, and there's some good ones.



  9. I really hope these Eevee, Where Are You Going? segments of the anime get shown on the dub. They're just too cute that not to have them would mean the dub misses out on something I'm sure a lot of people would like. Sure, it's just a side thing and not really important and by the time they get to it in the dub it'll be months past Let's Go's release. But the interactions that this Eevee has and its journey feel like something you shouldn't miss out on.

    Or... you know... my bias toward Eevee is showing...

    1. Red


      The dub will probably destroy all the charm it has though. Change the music to something unfitting, re-dub all the Pokemon voices to make them speak their English names, etc. Probably even add in a narrator too.
      Pokemon is just handled so badly in the west.

    2. DarkRula


      Yeah... That's the only thing I'm worried about.

  10. Battlefront 2: Are you ready for Geonosis, kids?

    Kids: Yeah!

    Battlefront 2: Are you ready for a five-day event of nothing but Geonosis on Galactic Assault, kids?

    Kids: ... ... ....

    November Events

    I hope this really is something special, as a Geonosis map is something I've wanted to see since they first mentioned it.

    1. SupahBerry


      More like Galactic Insult.

  11. I'm listening to the Sonic Forces OST while I work, and I swear they took inspiration from the Battlefield series for some of these themes. Especially those relating to the resistance.

    1. Failinhearts


      The orchestral stuff.


  12. Well, Kirby jumped to hyperspace on a star. Falco - in a starship - didn't even think to do so.

    Who's smarter now, Lombardi?

  13. "Oh, we get it. Sakurai character does something important cliche."

    It was sort of a fun ride, with the adventure mode looking good. Too much time on the detail and the minutae, though.

  14. Time for some MotoSmash, I think. Since the Direct will be shown on it, right?


    1. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      Yes, it will be.

      but who died and put you in charge

    2. DarkRula


      Just building the hype early.

  15. Y'all goin' mad over this Smash Direct and the leaks. Meanwhile, I'm a rock of calm and tranquility.

    *The PowerA wireless 'cube controllers still aren't available for order except the GAME exclusive grey*


  16. Miror B.'s theme for Smash


  17. Reading through a few of my game reviews, comparing new to old, there's quality to them. Even with the few films I've reviewed [which are mostly just the new Star Wars films] it's clear what I'm talking about. But... book reviews... I've done six in the last few months, and I feel as though I haven't really mastered it.

    Here's all my reviews if you want to read. Just be aware that most of it is Star Wars. Well... All of it for the first few pages.

  18. Pulls up Youtube. Sees Sonic the Hedgehog as a recommeded topic. Two Sonic R songs, a half hour video of Sonic mods, a video titled 'How Modern Sonic Can Get the Mania Treatment', and a three and a half minute video on whether the 2019 game is an Adventure remake.

    That's not even enough time for a brief analysis of evidence, let alone a detailed one. If there even was any evidence to begin with.

    1. SupahBerry


      "This person likes Sonic. That must mean he's into controversial fan rants and weird funny videos of Sonic"

  19. Jeff Lynne's ELO! Jeff Lynne's ELO!
    In just a few hours, I'll be watching live from Arena Birmingham.
    It's definitely going to be a good time.

  20. A new Star Wars game with a system similar to the Flowmotion mechanics of Kingdom Hearts 3D that allows a greater interaction with the levels. Combat similar to The Force Unleashed where 'saber and Force powers could be combined, but improved upon to allow movement and attacks to be able to be combo off each other and not feel stilted. A story that allows such mechanics to thrive instead of holding them back.

    I very much doubt that Jedi: Fallen Order will do that, or if it does will do it to a lesser extent.

    1. Teoskaven


      Jedi: Fallen Order is probably gonna play like The Force Unleashed, i guess with co-op and some multiplayer elements because EA.

    2. DarkRula


      I'm expecting a poor attempt at the Force Unleashed style. Although anything's better than the Jedi of the EA Battlefront games.

  21. Currently waiting for Forza Horizon 4 to download so I can finally get to exploring Horizon Britain in a Mini Cooper.

  22. I've spent a good amount of the afternoon fixing up the labels on all my blog posts. I've been pretty unconcerned about them for the most part and just threw a load of words in there sometimes - even if they had little to do with the subject [like putting Splatoon into the labels about the ARMS Global Testpunch just because Splatoon had something similar]. The largest offender of such was my series on Power Rangers, where I featured every colour Ranger of the seasons featured, plus the name of the seasons.

    The labels are now all fixed up, applying a similar structure to the archive on my main site - with primary, secondary, and tertiary tags only. Doing that has allowed me to replace the standard Blog Archive gadget with a much more presentable Labels gadget - that also mirrors the archive on the main site. I've also finally applied an actual theme so the design wasn't looking like the bog-standard Blogger format.

    DarkRula Media Blog is now more presentable and I'm in overdrive with the content I put on it. I'd recommend the Future of Mario Kart series for anyone wanting to take a look. Ideas generation is what I do best, and with that series finished, I'm moving to Animal Crossing starting next month.

  23. Saw this comment chain on an extended Rowdy Rumble theme Youtube video -

    -King Dedede: "Ah need a monstah to clobber dat dere Kirbeh and his little keyboy friend!"
    -That's what we do best at NME.
    -You better get it with a money back guarantee!
    -Information: Play a badass trumpet solo

    And now I'm imagining a Kirby Right Back at Ya! world in Kingdom Hearts 3.

  24. The Super Mario and Legend of Zelda jazz covers are now on Motobug if you want to listen in.


    Direct is in three hours now. Who's excited?

  25. Some Super Mario jazz covers now playing, followed by Legend of Zelda jazz covers.


    After this, I think I'll swap it over to Motobug - where the real event will get started.


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