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  1. Why have I only just seen this now? You'd have thought with how many compilations I listen to of the main themes this would have appeared at some point, but nope. And now five years after its release, it finally has, and it's awesome.

  2. We'll all soon be living the life of luxury in GTA V. The casino has seen a refurbishment [a complete Grand Designs makeover seems more like it] and will soon be open for business.



    The timing of that line is pure magic.

  4. I celebrate the coming of the LEGO Speed Racers expansion and Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga by... playing GTA Online. I put some music of LEGO City Undercover over the two races, though, so it is a celebration. Honest.

    And part 2 of the video will feature more LEGO music, though tied more into the Speed Champions theme than the TT LEGO games.

  5. Is it time to get this party started yet?

  6. LEGO Forza! And LEGO Star Wars! Those two alone were what I was waiting for I got both. And both look to be delivering the goods.

  7. Okay, SwordShield is looking awesome. A hype song giving the musical vibe the games will take, new 'mon, and that Wild Space. Oh, I am loving what I am seeing. The general sounds and visuals have also been revamped since that first trailer, making this a grand adventure.

  8. A roundup of everything happening at E3 this year? Check. Giving at least one unknown for every conference mentioned? I guess so. Once again mentioning that Nintendo should get to work in creating Mii Resort Paradise? Check.


    Oh, I do love E3.

  9. If Rockstar were to ever make Michigan a state in the GTA America, would it be named Herzan after the creator of the American Pie films?

  10. Sonic Generations, I am playing you on the Xbox One, not on PC. Stop giving me the corrupted level names!

  11. I haven't been much for sharing things from my blog here, or even much of anything that I do, but I think that should change, and I'm going to make that change happen.

    So this is What I'm Waiting For Volume 7, giving some thoughts on Forza Horizon 4, Kingdom Hearts 3, and The Crew 2, then adding a new game to the What I'm Waiting For list.


  12. There's images on Instagram showing on-set of Beast Morphers season 2. I think we might possibly be getting one of the best team-ups yet. One that we failed to get in Dino Charge.

    Just unfortunate the main trio of Dino Thunder seemingly won't be returning into the roles.

  13. Fun video about Team Sonic Racing that shows barely anything of Team Sonic Racing.

    I suspect there'll be an upcoming video showing off the game itself.

  14. Finally looked in on that Project Hero that's been mentioned a few times round here.

    I'm impressed. The level of animation detail is something we haven't seen in a main game for ages, and the physics and individual movesets look as though they've seen a lot of work.

    The only thing that remains to be seen - how good the creator is at creating levels.

  15. Are we getting to some Mario Makin' on Motobug?

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Yes, the stream will be on Motobug. Should be on at 11pm GMT.

  16. Well... Well... Maybe it could be good..?

    It looks like it has some decent action scenes, and it at least got a smile out of me. Would I be rushing to watch it, though? Probably not.

  17. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is on Xbox One. Official Gamecube-styled Xbox One controllers become a thing. Crossplay between the Switch and One for the game. And Banjo-Kazooie, Halo, and Fable get representation within the game.

    What a dream that was.

  18. Star Wars Celebration is ending soon, but as good as it's been, watching from the livestream this year hasn't felt as fun. There's been some great stuff shown off, but hasn't hit the highs that the likes of Anaheim or Orlando have.

    Seeing the interviews on the stage and the merchandise showcases has been great, and there's been some genuine good things, but there's been a lack of panels on the stream this year and lack of a real connection to the event.

  19. CLONE WARS! Absolutely amazing to be seeing it return. Cannot wait to see the full episodes, but that trailer was magical.

  20. Youtube. Can you stop pulling errors out of your server port for FIVE MINUTES?

    Stop ruining every single major panel from Celebration please!

  21. Jedi: Fallen Order got a story trailer, showing off hints of where the galaxy is at and the characters involved. The panel didn't show off as much as I'd have liked, but I imagine that's being saved for E3, because EA don't have a lot else to be showing.

  22. We might be getting a reveal of the new LEGO Star Wars games considering there's someone from TT Games at this 20th of LEGO Star Wars panel and someone from LucasFilm Games.

  23. Woo! That was a trailer and that was a panel. I knew Anthony Daniels would steal the show with any panel he was on, and he's proven it once again. So many chills.

    The Star Wars Show stage of Celebration is also looking pretty cool this year.

  24. And so it begins.

    I've also abandoned trying to use Cytube. For me it doesn't seem to want to work with any Youtube Live videos. Then again, Youtube Live videos themselves seem to hate me.

  25. Celebration is starting soon for the day, so I'll be putting it onto - https://cytu.be/r/DarkRula - if you want to join.

    For now, there's a few of my Battlefront videos in the playlist.

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