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  1. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 on Xbox One! Absolute yes!

    1. Ryannumber1Santa
    2. DarkRula


      Hopefully the fact these are coming to Xbox One is also a sign they're coming to the Switch. Plenty of time to announce that fact. Possibly even in the next Nintendo Direct.

  2. I'm doing something to celebrate Halloween this year. I've added a new story to Shorts of the Rula with a Halloween theme.

    Take the time to read and enjoy The Forgotten House of Greenwich Hill.

  3. http://blog.darkrulamedia.uk/2019/10/concepting-gta-vi-map.html

    That there is a link to a concept I have drawn up relating to the leaks about where we'll be going in GTA VI. I've concepted a rough idea of the map itself, as well as a rough idea of the what and where relating to locations (namely cities) within the map.

  4. I didn't realise ELO had released another song from their new album. This one feels special, as it's reflecting on the restart of their live performances. And it feels special to me as I've seen them live.

  5. I stopped watching the sub of Pokémon Sun and Moon before the League started so I could watch it all at once. Having finished doing so an hour ago...

    What a League that was. Probably the most characterful and hype-inducing league (including the exhibition match between Ash and Kukui) there has ever been. Every important character got focus, every battle felt like it was paced right for what it held, and there was a great range of music that fit the tone of the fights. I honestly doubt any league after this could match what Sun and Moon has given us.

    As for the dub, I know it won't happen in the US with its one-a-week schedule same as Japan, but in the UK I hope they show this entire closing arc of the series in one block of time instead of spreading it out over many months of breaks like what usually happens. Out of all the arcs, this is probably the one that could use it. Except... this is CITV, and doing so would require four weeks of new episodes, which I don't think they have ever done.

    I'm giving it another bit of a break just so I can watch the final two episodes together, and then the new series, which I'm hoping will have an event like what the start of Sun and Moon got in the UK (though of course I'm watching the sub before dub, just as I did with Sun and Moon).

  6. New trailer for Jedi: Fallen Order revealed at the Triple Force Friday event that's just finished. Looks good, and I can't wait to see the entire story unfold.

    The Triple Force Friday event was fun, reminding me of why I like Celebration events.

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      First, they faced the hopeless peril that were... Spiders!!


      Now, the Jedi will meet their doom by their ultimate adversary.... BATS!!!!

  7. Mario Kart Tour is terrible. At least in the controls. Turning can sometimes use items, it seems random with how much you actually affect the turning curve, and aerial controls barely seem to respond.

    In better news, Star Wars Battlefront 2017's new Instant Action mode is a blast to play in, with it feeling very close to the 2005 game's conquest. The AI are possibly even better than that game, even if they can't use vehicles. I'll still jump into the online modes, despite now having a pretty good reason not to, as I still find them fun.

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Now lets put some persective on this:

      EA made a game thats now better than a Nintendo game.

    2. Strickerx5


      Tbf to Nintendo, this is a mobile game. Haven’t played it myself yet so I might be speaking out of turn but real talk, if people are actually going in expecting anything close to a real MK experience... yeah no

      Though tbf of EA (keep with me here), they do release the odd good game every now and then. Said it before and I’ll say it again, Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 are legitimately great.

    3. DarkRula


      I was never expecting it to be on par with the console games, but I never expected the controls to be this bad. Really, if you've played any other Mario Kart or have easy acces to one, avoid Tour. Unless you're that curious about it.

      I might be overblowing the controls a bit, but I've tried auto drift, manual drift, and even gyro controls. None of those control sets feel at all great to use.

      And yeah, EA do make some great games, but it always gets hidden behind talk of microtransactions and sports.

  8. Should have done this two days ago, but my fifth book has now been published to the Kindle Store.

    The Future Adventures of Halesowen returns to the media students of Halesowen College as they find and forge their own futures, with them also fixing fractures both old and new within the group. Told with short story format, the focus is put on the characters and their journeys rather than one unified plot running throughout.

    Take a look at the previews of two of the stories to see what is contained within.

  9. A Pokemon third person shooter in the style of Plants vs Zombies is announced.

    What reaction do you have?

  10. With Jedi Outcast being ported to Switch, what does that mean for other old Star Wars games?

    Are we going to see the old Battlefronts? Actually, no. I'll say what I mentioned in the Motobug chat again. Elite Squadron remade into what it was originally meant to be. If Switch can't get EA's Battlefront, then it should at least get some sort of new Battlefront.

    Maybe next year.

    1. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Well Jedi Outcast got a port due to that the source code was already available (as well as that I think it runs on the Quake 3 engine so even if it got lost, it could be remade).

      As for the other Star Wars games, well... I can see its sequel Jedi Academy getting a release since it used the same engine. Oh wait... it is coming out next year. Others are a bit tricky. Apart from the older games that can be emulated, most ran on custom engines and some may need a lot of work to port onto a console or the PC. Republic Commando has a chance since its Unreal but the others look doubtful at best.

      I don't think the Switch is going to get any of the Battlefront games and doubtful for future Nintendo consoles (or PS5 onwards if there's no PS2 emulation). Maybe if EA's contract runs out, you might see the older ones but for Disney they'll consider it too much effort required, the PC got an update but there's a difference between making a patch and porting a game. Most of the Star Wars games since Disney took over were the easier route (emulation, backwards compatibility, patches for PC versions, released source code). If there were going to be any more Star Wars games on the Switch then its just the Super Star Wars Trilogy whether SNES Online or the 2015 emulated package.

      I would personally like to see that Rogue Squadron Trilogy that Factor 5 was working on that was basically a remake of Rogue Squadron (that has its issues today with a dodgy PC port and emulation only just got that working after so many years) and a port of the two Gamecube games. Dream game is of course Sega's Star Wars Trilogy but I know that has a snowballs chance of ever getting a home release.

    2. DarkRula


      I could see any game that released on Gamecube as being fair game for a port, which does discount Battlefront. It does include the 2003 Clone Wars game and Bounty Hunter, which I'd be down with.

      Even if I already own them.

  11. Can I just say how much I hate Ribombee and its annoyingly broken Bug Buzz move? Of course, it probably wouldn't be as bad if I wasn't training six Eevee, but they're more than five levels above what I'm facing and get wiped out in two hits of that move.

    Oh, yeah. Direct in less than four hours. SNESwitch, Switch64, and Switchcube become services available, all under one banner and chock full of Mario games to launch them off. Anything that gives me portable Doube Dash I'd support, really.

  12. That new Plants vs Zombies game just got shadow dropped. Not even a trailer beforehand, and suddenly we can buy the full game in a Founder's Edition that costs ten less than the full price, and get exclusive items for playing the weekly dropped content which builds up to the full game, that officially releases on 18/October.

  13. My concept for Mii Resort Paradise has been put into words, with a general overview of just what would go into it. I could have gone into detail, but it was already two-and-a-half Word pages long. Anything more than that and I'd have wanted to split it into two or even three parts (as trust me, I have a lot I could talk about with it).

  14. There's a lot coming to Battlefront II in the coming months, but who cares about all that except for INSTANT ACTION RETURNING! Nah, I'm excited for the changes and additions. Capital Supremacy will be a lot better to play now with the command post spawning and changes to the cruiser phase, and Felucia next month and the Rise of Skywalker content in December is going to be great.

  15. A review by The Unusual Suspect for CTR. As much as everyone else has already reviewe and mentioned nearly everything he has here, there's still some good entertainment here.

  16. Why have I only just seen this now? You'd have thought with how many compilations I listen to of the main themes this would have appeared at some point, but nope. And now five years after its release, it finally has, and it's awesome.

  17. We'll all soon be living the life of luxury in GTA V. The casino has seen a refurbishment [a complete Grand Designs makeover seems more like it] and will soon be open for business.



    The timing of that line is pure magic.

  19. I celebrate the coming of the LEGO Speed Racers expansion and Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga by... playing GTA Online. I put some music of LEGO City Undercover over the two races, though, so it is a celebration. Honest.

    And part 2 of the video will feature more LEGO music, though tied more into the Speed Champions theme than the TT LEGO games.

  20. Is it time to get this party started yet?

  21. LEGO Forza! And LEGO Star Wars! Those two alone were what I was waiting for I got both. And both look to be delivering the goods.

  22. Okay, SwordShield is looking awesome. A hype song giving the musical vibe the games will take, new 'mon, and that Wild Space. Oh, I am loving what I am seeing. The general sounds and visuals have also been revamped since that first trailer, making this a grand adventure.

  23. A roundup of everything happening at E3 this year? Check. Giving at least one unknown for every conference mentioned? I guess so. Once again mentioning that Nintendo should get to work in creating Mii Resort Paradise? Check.


    Oh, I do love E3.

  24. If Rockstar were to ever make Michigan a state in the GTA America, would it be named Herzan after the creator of the American Pie films?

  25. Sonic Generations, I am playing you on the Xbox One, not on PC. Stop giving me the corrupted level names!

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