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  1. Power Morphicon reveals the cast and a new trailer, and they both look fine. I've got high hopes for the season from what's been shown.
    I can't say much about Ninja Steel - having only seen a few episodes - but I'm pretty sure Beast Morphers will be beating it, either way.

    1. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      I don't think there's been enough seen to really judge one way or the other (not that it would be hard to top Ninja Steel), but I like the looks of the new rangers, even though red looks a LOT like Scott from RPM.

    2. DarkRula


      That's exactly what I thought when I first saw the picture. I also thought Yellow looked a bit like Tori from Ninja Storm.

  2. Kinda weird seeing Hong Kong Phooey on Wacky Races when he doesn't seem to have been relevant for ten years or more.

    1. Ernest-Panda


      Honest question: how the hell did Hong Kong Phooey even gain pop culture status to begin with when his show lasted for roughly three and a half months?

    2. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      @Ernest-Panda It was made during the time when karate and kung fu was popular so it was the right product at the right time. The song Kung Fu Fighting became popular culture. Bruce Lee was and still is a massive name back then. Probably why so few were made because it was on reruns and the animation industry at the time, popular enough to make more episodes but probably didn't have the cash or the ideas for more. It was also one of the better Hanna-Barbara cartoons of the era.

    3. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      ...Wait WAT

      I'd never thought I'd hear the name Hong Kong Phooey ever again

    4. DarkRula


      The name of the episode was also a reference to that, being Hong Kong Screwy.
      Penry Pooch also shows up.

  3. An advert on Boomerang just said Teens Titans Go would be on all summer on Cartoon Network.

    So... No change, then.

    1. Strickerx5


      Eh tbf, at least from what I’ve seen, they’ve gotten a hell of a lot better with that.

    2. Ernest-Panda


      It’s enough to make you beg for school.

  4. Got the Encore DLC for free thanks to having enough gold points on My Nintendo.

  5. I already had a love of Forza Horizon 4, but that stream just made it stronger. And there's even more to see as there's another three steams coming showing off the world in the different seasons. Just please let there be a playable demo for this one confirmed to be coming soon [I expect it will be announced on the last one at the end of the month].

  6. Playing Double Dash and these blue shells are insane. One was coming up to Wario and DK, and just as it hits I manage to pass them. Few seconds later - kaboom! Another blue has come to make sure Wario and DK get past me.
    Still won, though.

  7. Team Dark's story from Sonic Heroes is basically the first trailer of The Force Unleashed II.

    And no, I didn't want an excuse to just post that trailer.

    1. Perkilator


      …Yep, that’s about accurate. Fight a robot, do some action stuff, then find out about some creepy clone stuff.

    2. SupahBerry


      I'm now imagining ShTH having a DLC Pure Dark story where Shadow goes around and kills all the other main characters while turning Sonic evil too.

  8. Anyone mind me putting Games Done Quick on Motobug before the Reviewer Showcase begins?

  9. Dragon Quest Heroes is a fun game. Somewhat Dynasty Warriors based, it has the charming enemy variety any Dragon Quest game has.
    It'll probably be my only Steam Summer Sale purchase, though.

    And now I find the female lead is played by the same actress who hosts the Horizon Pulse station in Forza Horizon 2 and 3.

  10. Youtube Analytics - Last 28 Days
    Top Result - GUN Truck Chase - Slow Mo Jump
    Watch Time - 91 Minutes
    Views - 53

    I still can't believe a random glitch I accidentally caught while testing Bandicam back in 2013 is still this popular. I'm not complaining as it does bring more exposure for my other videos, but has no-one solved how this glitch happens yet?

  11. Huh. The Xbox One's DVR is the problem, not Magix. Just tested a recording from my new gaming laptop, and that has no problem with skipping frames. If I want to get that Forza video up, I think I might need to record the video as it's playing and see if that helps. And then check the settings on the One's DVR to see if there's other encoding options.
    Pretty certain I'll be putting out a new custom song Sonic Generations video within the next two days before that though.

  12. Huh. Here I was thinking the problem was hardware based, when it's actually a problem in the software. Some update with the MAGIX Movie Edit program has made it so 29.97 fps videos rounds to 30fps but fails to do the same with the audio.

    Which explains why in my latest videos the sound has been slowly getting ahead of the video.

  13. This is a return to form Mario Party, right? Or near enough?
    Oh, yes! Finally!

  14. Three celebs vs a pro Smash player.

    This can only go well.

    1. Polkadi~♪


      bye bye celebs

  15. Wanted some online conquest action so download Battlefield 4 on the Xbox One. There's a server running just the Seige of Shanghai map on Conquest.

    I was doing pretty well, having got a few pistol kills on the three games I played.

  16. Porting over old blog posts from a previous site makes me realise what a suck-up I was to companies during E3 back then. "This is amazing" seemed to be my go-to phrase for everything I couldn't give thoughts on but wanted to leave a good impression - even with genres I had no interest whatsoever in.

    Have I improved since then? I honestly couldn't say without a good examination of all the years I've covered it, but I have a feeling this E3 will show how much of an improvement I've made since 2012.

  17. Nintendo have gone a massively different apporach to the Treehouse streams if my dream was ever to become real.

    Jeremy Clarkson is host, entertaining the crowds while a game isn't being shown, he'd then introduce the Treehouse team and guests who have this segment. Hat Films were the guests playing the new Mario Kart. It has obstacles that can permakill you if you aren't careful, but at least the crossover material is stronger - with the blue shell being replaced by an Arwing that hits everyone it passes with its lasers before blowing first up with a bomb.

    Am I drowning in E3 hype yet?

  18. Three minute unskippable advert about Izumo, Japan.
    Thanks, Youtube.

    1. DarkRula


      And now some kind of Russian Deadpool credit card advert.
      Youtube, are you drunk?

  19. Huh. The Magic Roundabout film from 2005 doesn't seem to get any love on Youtube. Hardly any reviews for it.
    If I actually had a presentable voice, I'd more than likely make that my first review if I started doing them.

    1. NegaMetallix


      Doesn't help that Americans were stuck with a far worse version of the film, in the form of "Doogal".

      The few reviews I have seen for the film seem to all focus on the American dub.

    2. Teoskaven


      Isn't it because the movie when exported to America had a script change for the worse or something?

    3. The Loudest Loud

      The Loudest Loud

      Our UK version is actually pretty decent in reimagining for a more modern audience and the feature-length running time. The original Magic Roundabout episodes are such a product of their time that it really wouldn't be fair to ever expect a faithful recreation of that with so much dry humour, and a remarkable amount of references that would've gone over kids' heads even at the time.

      And yes Doogal is one of the prime examples of needless meddling. Outside of the British voices there was really nothing about the UK version that wouldn't have transferred seamlessly to the states.


    4. NegaMetallix



      Yup. If I recall correctly, the American dub focused less on having the characters resemble... well, their characters, and focused more on the typical "humour" you'd see in every cheap kids film ever.

    5. DarkRula


      When I was in America I caught the tail end of that version. Having loved the UK version, I admit to being lost about why a great change had come over it. Like the sequence with Mr Blue Sky playing replaced the actual ending sequence if I remember correctly, completely changing the meaning of that whole sequence.

    6. SupahBerry


      For starters, there's a farting moose that talks with no lip movement in the Doogal version.

    7. DarkRula


      The moose talks?!? Why? Why did that even have to be thing!

  20. So... When did Facebook get an upvote system for comments and why is this even needing to be a thing when there's already a similar system in place?

  21. Well, if we're starting the E3 rumour mill already, I'd better get down to some ideas... Oh yeah. I already had one.
    Introducing Animal Crossing: Payday Panic - A battle royale style game where the aim is to survive bankruptcy. Tom Nook has let power get to his head, and with these modern times, all money is controlled through his hands. Now he is slowly draining funds from everyone's accounts. Run around the large map finding things to sell to the shops, but as Nook gains more money, those shops will be closing. Can you survive the longest out of 100 villagers?

  22. My third self-published novel - Elemental Heroes - has arrived! The Police Force of Ballart defends against a threat that is stopping at nothing to find the object of their desire hidden in the city. To help them, they have a special division - the Elementals.
    UK Kindle Store -

  23. I've got Pop Power on, and I'm so glad they changed the mini-episodes that get shown between Ranger episodes. I was getting annoyed by Thumb Wrestling Federation every time it came on, and I have no idea why I would.

  24. I can't help but have a wide smile watching these Mania Adventures shorts.
    They're absolutely oozing charm.

  25. This Looney Tunes episode is parodying Superman and it's not even being subtle about it.


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