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  1. A review by The Unusual Suspect for CTR. As much as everyone else has already reviewe and mentioned nearly everything he has here, there's still some good entertainment here.

  2. Got the hoverkart as well now, having been just a thousand off from getting it. A few online races was enough to sort that out. Just. After buying it, I'm on a grand total of 3 coins. I didn't think I'd be able to get any races in though, as the first two times the lobby was disbanded as the leader left, and I felt it would continue to happen every time. Thankfully it didn't, and thankfully I don't have to be touching the online again. At least until the next GP.
  3. Count me as another saving for the Spyro stuff. I've got to get that hoverkart - which I'm very nearly able to buy - and then I can just save for the rest of that time [unless something I really want shows up, but that's not likely].
  4. I don't think people'd care as much if his losses were actually written well. When was the last time he lost in the league from his own mistakes and not a cop-out?
  5. I'm a seventh of the way through after just two hours, though to be fair, I did have a 30% boost right away for this one and was actively engaging in the challenges - already getting a few of the themed ones out of the way.
  6. Why have I only just seen this now? You'd have thought with how many compilations I listen to of the main themes this would have appeared at some point, but nope. And now five years after its release, it finally has, and it's awesome.

  7. Nah, Ash'll win the league, go home to Kanto, and never set foot in the Galar region. Instead, we'll get eight years with a Scottish lass doing a nature documentary starting in Galar and going through the regions in reverse, arriving in Kanto and meeting up with Ash, who has now aged up ten years and is Champion of Kanto, where he brags about winning every league in the world. This will lead to Scottish lass going to the new regions of generations nine and ten, then eventually the region of generation eleven. Then we'll return to Ash for generation twelve for the dark and gritty reboot a certain section of the fans want.
  8. So the T-Rex is the bronze end reward. Makes sense I guess, but those challenges still look the same. I do think I might be able to zoom through bronze way easier than I did for the last, though.
  9. All good ideas, but I'm just raising a problem here. This would have to be a direct conversion - 1:1. Even doing just one quick challenge will net you with 100 Nitro. A 1:100 conversion would translate that to 10,000 Wumpa coins, which means that anyone who got near to the 5% but not within it would be set for the entire month and beyond.
  10. Nope. In fact, I've been within the top five percent ever since I first got into gold tier. Things seem to be moving slower on the Xbox version.
  11. I don't even have to worry about being within 5% for the Nitro leaderboard, since I'm there already, and have been for some time.
  12. I guess it could make for an interesting match of words as well as the ongoing fight. As long as it's executed well, it shouldn't matter which way it happens.
  13. Since I've been seeing GP challenges require the use of the Adventure unlocked characters and I still hadn't completed it, that's what I'd been doing today. Having already beaten Ripper Roo easily, I proceeded to easily win against Papu Papu, though I did have to restart because on the third lap I kept ruining lines and ending up being eaten by the plants. I got in a lucky shot on Komodo Joe near the end of the race to beat him first time, with the same being said of Pinstripe. Oxide was a complete joke, since I think he either ran into one of his own things or fell off the track, as one second I was behind then I was in front. I then had absolutely no trouble at all finishing that first lap and completing the other two, though I almost messed it up near the end as I crashed into a wall. I've got just under 12,000 Nitro points to go to finish the GP, but unless I can get in a heap of time over the next few days, I don't think I'll get it. I'm still needing that GP-exclusive Pit Stop kart to get one of the pro challenges, which I'd probably already have had the shop not stolen my Wumpa coins when I bought the four-pack of GP characters.
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