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    DarkRula Media is my label. It is where I put all my interests into work. My blog will be talking games and films I'm interested in, while my fiction site on WattPad hosts a number of fan-fiction and original creations. My Youtube channel is where my animation projects can be found, as well as some video game related stuff.
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Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for the GCN was the first Sonic game I ever had. In the blind, devoted way where sequels are concerned, I never realised there was a Sonic Adventure 1 until 2011, when Sonic Generations came out. Then in 2012, I finally got my hands on SA1. Catching up with the games I had missed as soon as my love for Sonic bloomed again with Generations, I soon played through the classic games, and Unleashed.

So, from when I first got Sonic Adventure 2, I classed it as my favourite. When I bought Heroes on release, that became joint first, and I never touched another Sonic game except for Advance 1 and 2 [2 was bought before 1, just like with the Adventure games]. I hardly took any notice of the blue hog until 2011, when something made me take notice. If the tenth anniversary of Sonic was when I first bought a Sonic game, it must have been the twentieth that cemented my love for him. And so I played Generations, and now that game has become my favourite, as well as introducing me to the Sonic games I had missed, which I have now caught up with and bought. Funnily, I now own all versions of Generations released, and it has become my most played Sonic game.

Been playing on rotation Lost World, 06, Generations and Unleashed.


As well as Sonic the Hedgehog, I also like Star Wars and Pokemon. These are the big three for me, having been introduced to all three by video games [and for Star Wars, that's saying something], I'm into all three on the same level. Another big like of mine is LEGO. I own most of the games in the LEGO series and own some LEGO Star Wars sets.



Running a fan fiction and original creation novel website, as well as hosting my own blog, I do have a lot of creativity. I also dabble in animation and concentrate mainly on that. If you do want more info on all this, check out my interests.


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