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  1. We'll all soon be living the life of luxury in GTA V. The casino has seen a refurbishment [a complete Grand Designs makeover seems more like it] and will soon be open for business.


  2. I think one of those two items were how I got it, though I completely didn't realise it at the time.
  3. All I can see from that is Coco class is best, but the Tiny class will still somehow dominate.
  4. I would hope that is the case. Even if not as large, I would hope for some differences in lore for the town between versions to justify the change.
  5. Nice to see a bit more information coming out. Version-exclusive Gyms is interesting, but I hope they have a reason to be in the location they are. No point swapping a steel-type Gym out for a bug-type if the location makes it very clear which type it's meant to be. Also, colour-swap the red for purple on that Corviknight and you have a Shadow.
  6. Since I was busy 100% the LEGO Speed Champions expansion of Forza Horizon 4, I didn't jump on this straight away. Since that has now been done, and I got a bit of a discount since I had enough on Rewards to get a £5 card and still had £5 on my Xbox's wallet [that I'd obviously forgot about], I've now dived into this. I'm back in the past reliving the first time I played, and now there's more to get stuck into. I started out with the Wumpa Cup to get a feel for the controls, and dominated it, except for one race where someone attacked right at the end and overtook for first. Then into Adventure, and I found myself loving it. Had some trouble on a few of the races, destroyed Ripper Roo without getting hit once first time, managed to collect all the crystals first time in Skull Rock, and even completed the Relic and CTR challenges of Crash Cove. I then spent the rest of the time looking at the Grand Prix stuff, and completing some of the things on there. That got me into some battles, and capture the flag 1v1 is intense, since you can't claim a flag at your base if your own is taken, so you've got to hunt the other person down without getting hit yourself. Probably my favourite battle mode. This will be battling for time against Forza Horizon 4, and I feel it will be winning out.
  7. Sounds like it'll be a good one. Wonder if it'll see a theatrical release in the UK or just have it dumped to CITV as per normal?
  8. I owned Battle Revolution, but it's been so long since I actually played it that I'd forgot how good it looked in terms of animation. And that video brought up a comment that of course PBR is going to have higher quality animations since it's just a battle simulator. Go back a generation, and what do you know? Colosseum and Gale of Darkness exist and are more than just battle simulators with the same level of animation quality. And the dynamics of how the battles look. I'd have to watch the Treehouse footage again, but that camera is too static and too willing to remain behind your team with barely any movement between attacks. It's something I talked about when the games were first announced, then fell into the hype immediately after the Direct to have noticed much, but we are on a console now. It shouldn't be looking this bad. If side games more than half the generations ago could get battles looking right, how is it that we're still stuck with just another incremental update from what XY started in 2013? I don't mind all this as much as some, but even the 3DS should have been capable of producing more. When XY were first announced, I took to my blog to talk about them, and I said this near the end when talking about the battles, "But if this is what is available now, think what is going to be done with the next Generation, or even the second games of this Generation." I had greater expectations for what gen7 would be, clearly. No wonder I keep putting remakes of Colosseum/Gale of Darkness into wishlists. I have a feeling Genius Sonority would work wonders on another side game that exceeded the scale of the main games, and even if it was just one game for the entirety of generation 8 and 9, it would prove how things could be for the main series.
  9. I think they had a larger budget than most seem to be thinking, but it would still have been a low amount. Either that or SEGA gave them more money along with more time, even if it wasn't a massive boost to what they already had.
  10. I'd really love to know how much Let's Go impacted SwordShield's development. If the Let's Go games were never a thing, how much better would SwordShield look?
  11. Got two ready to go. First one is Hangar Timing [6QQ-5JR-XDF], which is a recreation of one of my old Maker 1 courses mostly redone to turn it into a stage of timing and not a shooter. The second is Snow Jumper [QNC-JFV-R1G] which is a simple course of timing jumps that can easily be beaten in less than a minute. I've also been playing some courses from others, which have included a recreation of Mario 1's 1-1 and 1-2 together with a flying Meowser chasing you, a real hard precision jumping stage set in an ice cavern, and a walking simulator that treats you to a lovely rendition of Country Roads. It's absolutely great.

    The timing of that line is pure magic.

  13. Shame it's just for the next episode dialogue rather than in an actual episode, so we'll never get the satisfaction or disappointment of the line being in or out of the dub.
  14. If it's called Home, can we have at least have something like a home to play around in? Giving us mini-games and such to play that gives rare items? Like that dream thing they did with Black and White.
  15. I celebrate the coming of the LEGO Speed Racers expansion and Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga by... playing GTA Online. I put some music of LEGO City Undercover over the two races, though, so it is a celebration. Honest.

    And part 2 of the video will feature more LEGO music, though tied more into the Speed Champions theme than the TT LEGO games.

  16. For those who want to transfer there 'mons they've collected for ages, I agree that it's bad this limitation is in effect. However, I think you'd be able to transfer them all to Home, just not be able to import them into the game. Unfortunate that it has to be this way, but hopefully it's just for this game.
  17. This and the LEGO content in Forza Horizon 4 have me covered pretty great for racing games for the rest of the year. It's amazing to see support coming for free after release too.
  18. Is it time to get this party started yet?

  19. LEGO Forza! And LEGO Star Wars! Those two alone were what I was waiting for I got both. And both look to be delivering the goods.

  20. No new games, that's for sure. Except Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay. Everything else will be expansions or... expansions? What do you call yearly release sports games if not expansions? There's always the Nintendo Championships if you want to watch some competitive fun, I guess. Unlikely to see any announcements during them, but it's possible.
  21. Some trainer has a Corviknight during the league, and Lana's Eevee somehow evolves into the gen8 eeveelution. Perhaps some way of leading into Ash's journey to Galar after the league.
  22. Okay, SwordShield is looking awesome. A hype song giving the musical vibe the games will take, new 'mon, and that Wild Space. Oh, I am loving what I am seeing. The general sounds and visuals have also been revamped since that first trailer, making this a grand adventure.

  23. I'm confident the vocal song is just a hype song for the video, but it certainly gives the vibe the music will be taking. Just wow, though. That Wild Space is looking like a great space to be exploring, and is possibly a stop-gap for such a thing to evolve into a full game rather than just being a part of one.
  24. A roundup of everything happening at E3 this year? Check. Giving at least one unknown for every conference mentioned? I guess so. Once again mentioning that Nintendo should get to work in creating Mii Resort Paradise? Check.


    Oh, I do love E3.

  25. Oh, certainly. I don't expect them to get very far, but I could imagine them getting the bug to enter into a proper league by entering and seeing them try to tackle the first gym in Galar then giving up.
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