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  1. I've kinda been too busy playing to post many thoughts. I did get a first impressions post out on my blog, and have been meaning to do the same for Jedi: Fallen Order (which I've also been spending time on), but the short of it is - I like the region and everything about it. I like the game and the concepts introduced. Sure, things could have been better had more time been given to it, but the shortcomings don't affect the enjoyment. The Wild Area is my favourite thing about the region, and I can load Shield up and just lose myself within it (especially now that I can explore everywhere and capture everything).

    It is a great experience, but if you can't get invested in the journey - your personal journey within it - there is little to hold interest.

  2. Natural-looking routes isn't something the Wild Area executes well, if each section of the Wild Area was a route. But open spaces and well-designed routes can coexist, and be made to appear natural within the world. Given a lot more time, I'm sure it could happen for any region we already know of.

  3. 6 minutes ago, Blue Blood said:

    Unless I'm mistaken and there's more to it later on, the Wild Area only connects 3 cities. And once you've obtained the third badge, you'll have to cross the entire the entire thing to progress the story. There's no chance of you fighting or catching everything in there until much later, because the Pokémon are just too strong. But yeah, it's sadly not some central hub of sorts.

    Speaking of DP remakes, I'd love to see most or all of the routes that surround Mt Coronet become a joint Wild Area, with Mt Coronet being at the centre of it.

    Three cities is all it ever connects. In a way, it kind of is a cetral hub, as all three of the areas you'll go to are connected by it. But the way the region is set out means that, yes, you only ever need to touch it twice in the story. Unfortunate, but they can now build from it to make another open area larger, more connected, and more populated.

    And for Sinnoh, it would be cool if they could remodel the central area from 204 to 210 - including Mount Coronet - as one giant open area, with the cities that fit into that also being a part of it. Even just 206 to 210 would be good.

  4. When I first learnt we'd have this giant area to explore, I had hoped there'd be more story revelance to it. But if you're just rushing through the story and not caring to explore, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was just two massively open routes. I know it's massively unlikely, but if Diamond/Pearl remakes happen, I'd want the routes merged into a few open areas while still keeping the general feel of the routes they once were.

  5. I've had a good amount of time playing it, so time for a first impressions. Read on down below for a summary or check out my blog post for the full details.

    The game has great gameplay, whether that be in the 2020 or the 1964 events. The '64 events might not be as long-lasting as the 2020 events, but I put that down to me not being able to get immersed in the retro style even if I like retro games. As for the Dream Events, they might be few but two offer some great fun while the other just feels a standard party game fare of randomness. That being Dream Karate. The one thing missing from the game is the fan service, which is sorely lacking. There's nothing here other than the characters that can really stop it from being a reskin of the true Olympics Video game.

    The story only ever reaches surface level interactions, but some are good fun to see. It's pretty much window dressing to get you to the events, while serving as a way to unlock a few minigames and guest characters. I couldn't recommend it to those who are wanting some great levels of fan service, but it is still a great party game to add to the collection of multiplayer mayhem sessions even if there's no connecting game that brings that true party feeling.

  6. That last episode was... It felt right with how it ended, and definitely brought this saga to a close on a high.

    But that's just been the entirety of Sun and Moon. Full of character and some great story arcs, with hardly any lows. The league definitely surprised me with how long it lasted, but it was a blast - as I'd said before. I've enjoyed watching this saga, and hope that the next is just as good with its characterisation.

  7. I would make a guess that this is going to be one of those out of nowhere battle themes like the final encounter with Wally in ORAS.

    But who would it be for?

    Do we know what the Team Yell battle theme is yet? Could be for them (possibly a leader of the group).

  8. Only problem I ever had with it was the reasons that were given, which I don't think we have seen any evidence of yet. But there's definitely going to be a large number of 'mon to be using, and the adventure we'll take them on will still be as fun as previous games. Possibly even better with the inclusion of the Wild Area.

    And yeah, this could be the greatest shakeup the competitive scene has ever seen, but until it's seen in action, I don't think others will agree.

  9. The previews sound good. Yes, Game Freak aren't the most competent with technical stuff, but these games do seem to include things that people have been wanting - even if not to the standard they would want them. I think people will be pleasently surprised if they play the games, as while they do seem to be a generation behind in game tech, there's no denying that they do try with the best effort they can give.

  10. 36 minutes ago, Blue Blood said:

    Funny that we'd have such opposite opinions on this. I looked at it thought "that design is simple without any superfluous fluff, I really like it". I always like simpler Pokémon designs. They just tend to be more palatable when they're fairly to the point. I really, really enjoy this design!

    I'm confused about its typing though. Pure fighting type? That's a bit dull. Fighting/flying would be great, considering that I always thought that Hawlucha was a bit of a disappointment (cool idea, not such a great execution).

    It goes without saying that Shield will get a parallel regional evolution; either a different evolution for Farfetch'd or another single-stage Pokémon will evolve instead.

    If its body was two-toned like Farfetch'd, I could at least like it a bit more. The pure white of it feels a bit much, and for me at least, I feel adding a dull grey to the head and outer areas of the body would work better.

    I'd seen somewhere that an Electric/Flying Chatot could be the Shield exclusive, but I think that was just someone guessing or hoping.

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