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  1. 36 minutes ago, Blue Blood said:

    Funny that we'd have such opposite opinions on this. I looked at it thought "that design is simple without any superfluous fluff, I really like it". I always like simpler Pokémon designs. They just tend to be more palatable when they're fairly to the point. I really, really enjoy this design!

    I'm confused about its typing though. Pure fighting type? That's a bit dull. Fighting/flying would be great, considering that I always thought that Hawlucha was a bit of a disappointment (cool idea, not such a great execution).

    It goes without saying that Shield will get a parallel regional evolution; either a different evolution for Farfetch'd or another single-stage Pokémon will evolve instead.

    If its body was two-toned like Farfetch'd, I could at least like it a bit more. The pure white of it feels a bit much, and for me at least, I feel adding a dull grey to the head and outer areas of the body would work better.

    I'd seen somewhere that an Electric/Flying Chatot could be the Shield exclusive, but I think that was just someone guessing or hoping.

  2. Spoiler

    It's good to finally have him win, and I'm not really that fussed about it happening as it did even if I think he should have won at Kalos and then been instrumental in starting the Alola League. From what little I've seen of the battles that happened, they were at least good, and he did at least face some powerful foes as he ascended to the final.


  3. Last night I finished the story of this, and I liked the interactions between the teams [Aqua, Ven, Terra/Axel, Roxas, Xion] and some of the 'death' scenes of the Organisation members. The bosses themselves weren't too bad, either. But the final boss... well, first armoured phase... That was terrible. Only time I've ever quit out of a fight to eat a meal to boost stats. And even then I don't think I'd have managed to one-shot the entire fight had it not been for some lucky rage forms.

    Overall, I still stand by what I said in my latest What I'm Waiting For post, in that for every good thing the game does, there's something bad attached to it.

  4. So I don't even have to grind for a legendary skin for the main GP character I probably won't use, anyway? I just have to finish bronze? Well, I think that's a kart at the beginning of gold, so I don't think I'm fully out of the grind yet. I won't be spending as much time on this one, either way.

  5. Got the hoverkart as well now, having been just a thousand off from getting it. A few online races was enough to sort that out. Just. After buying it, I'm on a grand total of 3 coins. I didn't think I'd be able to get any races in though, as the first two times the lobby was disbanded as the leader left, and I felt it would continue to happen every time. Thankfully it didn't, and thankfully I don't have to be touching the online again. At least until the next GP.

  6. Nah, Ash'll win the league, go home to Kanto, and never set foot in the Galar region. Instead, we'll get eight years with a Scottish lass doing a nature documentary starting in Galar and going through the regions in reverse, arriving in Kanto and meeting up with Ash, who has now aged up ten years and is Champion of Kanto, where he brags about winning every league in the world. This will lead to Scottish lass going to the new regions of generations nine and ten, then eventually the region of generation eleven.

    Then we'll return to Ash for generation twelve for the dark and gritty reboot a certain section of the fans want.

  7. All good ideas, but I'm just raising a problem here.

    3 hours ago, Sonictrainer said:

    4. Didn't make it into the Top 5 percent in the Grand Prix? That's ok. As a complimentary prize, we'll convert all the Nitro you've earned into Wumpa Coins. Let me see here... how does 1 Nitro = 100 Wumpa Coins sound?

    This would have to be a direct conversion - 1:1. Even doing just one quick challenge will net you with 100 Nitro. A 1:100 conversion would translate that to 10,000 Wumpa coins, which means that anyone who got near to the 5% but not within it would be set for the entire month and beyond.

  8. 10 hours ago, Harkofthewaa said:

    Yeah, as @DarkRula said, things move real slow on Xbox. I've only been online for a week and I'm already in the top 2% on trophies and top 1% on Nitro. Speaking of which, wanna race sometime? My gamertag is Sonic 360 Elite (Yeah, I know. I came up with it when I was an idiot teenager and don't feel like changing it.).

    We can try and sort something, sure.

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