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  1. Star Wars Celebration is almost upon us. Friday to Monday sees a lot of Star Wars content coming, including the return of The Clone Wars and the live action show The Mandalorian.

  2. Celebration is always a fun time, but I do fear that this might be the weakest panel of the lot. From rumours and leaks that are going around, it seems this might be a return to the Jedi Knight formula, and while not fully open world, it won't be fully linear either. I suspect that to mean something like with Kingdom Hearts or Mario Odyssey where at certain points you'll have the choice of where you go first. I'll be dumping the Star Wars Show livestream onto my Cytube anyway for all the days it's on, as I'll be glued to it.
  3. Johnny reviews Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee

    "Whoo, Pidgey! F**k yeah!"

    Smosh strikes again.

  4. https://starlink.ubisoft.com/game/en-gb/news-videos/346277/Starlink-Battle-for-Atlas-Production-Update

    No new physical toys releasing for the game, but there'll still be digital additions soon and in the future.

    And there's still plenty of support coming for it.



  5. Reading that Kotaku article on Anthem's development. Really telling of EA's priorities - moving experienced developers from something new to one of their largest money-makers just because it was being moved to Frostbite.

    And that's another thing. Frostbite. EA - why? Wasn't Frostbite designed specifically for Battlefield? And you want to push everything onto it? Without offering the team the help it needs? What a way to bring dreams to ruin.

    1. Bobnik


      To be fair, it's not just EA's fault the game came out this way. It was poor mismanagement from Bioware, important people leaving the company, the big delays in development + all the EA problems ofc.

      Like, c'mon, you don't waste 5-6 years on a freaking pre-production.

    2. DarkRula


      Oh, yes. Having now finished it, there really did seem a lot of arrogance in the leadership of Bioware. That was probably the largest hurdle in the development. The idea that concepts will just fit together without having to make decisions over them, the idea of 'the magic' bringing it all together to create something good. And ignoring feedback from those who know what they're talking about.

      Hopefully a change does come from this.

    3. Blacklightning


      hey you know those guys that are known almost exclusively for single player rpgs


    4. Wraith


      Making it an open world shooter was biowares idea

    5. Milo


      it's a little bit incredible how almost every problem that happened with anthem's production cycle neatly parallels that of mass effect andromeda, beat for beat

      lack of leadership, games stuck in pre-production for years, fighting with frostbite, the list goes on. speaks volumes about bioware's organization as a whole. the attitude of bioware thinking they could take any production in turnaround and brute-force it into a success with their "magic" (re: production crunch period at the 11th hour) after they got lucky with dragon age: inquisition is also very telling.

      unless some massive changes in their struture and management happen to put a stop to this, i don't really see any reason to get excited for any games they make in the future. they said they're making a new dragon age but what's to stop it from being their third troubled production in a row? (and that assuming ea allows them to make it anyway?)

  6. http://blog.darkrulamedia.uk/2019/04/april-19-monthly-update.html

    Star Wars Month! Engage!

    Star Wars Celebration is this month, so what better time than to run another month of all things Star Wars? Videos of gameplay, posts of thoughts - about Celebration and other things, and I'm hoping for a lot of trailers and news.

  7. The DLC for Steep. The main game wasn't tied to the Olympics at all.
  8. I'd want most of the guests to get main roster status, bring the total to fifteen per side. The others could still be featured elsewhere, possibly as exclusive for certain modes. It just didn't seem right that exclusive in Rio specifically tied them to an event - and even worse in the 3DS version where it happened to everyone but Mario and Sonic.
  9. Well, the first Mario and Sonic Olympics on the Switch. I'm hoping the motion controls are a side-feature and not the main event. I really don't want another repeat of Go Vacation with this. I just hope that all those who were event-locked in Rio get full status here. And count me as another who wants them to go all out for this one.
  10. "Careful. I have the high ground."

    Cue Star Wars fans quoting the meme.

    1. Rabid-Coot


      Thats not how you use a DSLR.

    2. Polkadi~☆


      You underestimate my power.

  11. Rooftop Run became the face of Unleashed because Windmill Isle didn't want the job. And it means they get to use a giant clocktower whenever it appears, so it has that unique thing going for it. [And the clocktower has a face... haha...] My own list of tracks from when I'd created ideas comes to thirty-two from across the whole history of games. To get that down to twenty-one, I'd still keep the concept of eight zones comprised of two themes each, with the first five zones having an extra track to get it up to the twenty-one. Green Coast Zone - Leaf Forest / Emerald Coast / Windmill Isle Ancient Sea Zone - Aqua Road / Wild Water Way / Rusty Ruin Canyon City Zone - Radical Train / Canyon Cruise / Megalo Station Spooky Sands Zone - Mirage Saloon / Mystic Mansion / Sandopolis Winter Forest Zone - Botanic Base / Frozen Factory / Iron Jungle Cybermine Zone - Crystal Cave / Cyber Track Skybase Zone - Altitude Limit / Quartz Quadrant Galactic Amusements - Twinkle Park / Tropical Resort There might be a few changes I can make, but that list is taken directly from one already used by me for my own racing ideas. I'd certainly try to rebalance it to allow each area to have three tracks per zone while fitting the twenty-one limit. One zone will have to go to do that, and it'd probably be Skybase Zone.
  12. https://battlefront-forums.ea.com/discussion/128692/community-transmission-capital-supremacy

    Aha... hahaha... Non-linear...

    DICE! You might just have made the best mode coming to Battlefront II but you cannot go around saying this is non-linear when there is a single objective!

  13. Just noticed that the Firefox Dark Theme is now back to normal after the latest Windows update broke it.


  14. http://blog.darkrulamedia.uk/2019/03/space-race-championship-release-details.html

    It's been almost two years since my first self-published eBook, and now the fourth is fast approaching. Set for a release on 8/April, those other three will see a week on sale each until the new one releases. A preview of Space Race Championship is also within that post.

  15. Radical Highway is focused more on the urban side of things, whereas Radical City tried to be a fusion of urban and amusement. Even if the Sonic Wiki says the two are similar, with modern technology there's a lot that could be done to fully realise what Radical City was trying for. Same with all the other tracks in the game. Even Resort Island could see a design overhaul that differentiates it from Seaside Hill and Green Hill if tackled in the right way.
  16. The customisation options have me hooked. Now to see the tracks themselves before making that final judgement.

    The OST is an instant buy, obviously.

    1. Strickerx5


      130 tracks man wow.

      How much is this going to cost?

    2. Bobnik


      It's gonna cost 0 if you use Spotify (well, 7 or so dollars/euros if you wanna use Premium), and since that comes on all platforms at the same time, it'll probably be the best option for me.

    3. DarkRula


      I would hope no more than what the other game albums have been.

  17. That must have been fun. Seaside Hill, Mario Kart, just a whole cup on Seaside Hill in Mario Kart, why not? That's the crossover we need.
  18. I know a lot of people say that a Kingdom Hearts movie would be good to see, and it would. But I feel a book would be better. As much fun as it would be to see the action scenes and the worlds that are visited, a book would be able to deal with plot exposition and dive into the characters that a movie never would manage.

    Of course, it all depends on the skills of those making the movie. There are ways to show a characters feelings without words, after all. Maybe it's just my preference of books over movies.

    1. Polkadi~☆



      Novels of the Kingdom Hearts series do exist! Go check them out!

    2. DarkRula


      I'll have to look those up.

  19. I really hope the SXSW panel gives us a decent amount of tracks to look at. We have the music for several of them, now is the time to see them in action. We see the tracks, we can see what possible links might be there for grouping them into threes. And if we could get the third track linked with the two Seaside Hills, that'd be great. But let it be something original and not another returning track.
  20. Indeed. Which is exactly what Nessie is also said to be a form of.
  21. The Ultra Legends theme got uploaded to Youtube at last, and... um...

    It's good? I really can't say.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      No... No its not. I think the sooner that Gen VII and Alola ends, the better.

    2. DarkRula


      I definitely think the instruments on their own would sound good, but with the lyrics - that's why it doesn't.

  22. Yeah, I'd say that's right. Even though the map doesn't have the electric symbol on its version of that building, you can just about see the start of that circular rooftop within the game. Derrick did say the map was incomplete earlier in the video, so it seems he didn't make the connection.
  23. We start on a farm and head up further north. Battles are looking better but not as dynamic as I'd be expecting. And the region itself seems to be following Forza Horizon 4 in focusing on only the north of England and Scotland, which isn't exactly that bad. Oh, wait. Just noticed the not-London up top. The region's basically a reverse UK, then.
  24. Replaying Gale of Darkness, and I take the time to wonder around Gateon Port upon first getting to it instead of just following the story back to the HQ Lab. Talking to Acri inside her house, she mentions how she wants to write a novel about Mr. Verich and make him this double-edge sword of kindly, respectable man and a master thief.

    Talk about foreshadowing the end right at the beginning.

  25. After the fourth watch of the trailer, I've just realised that the first minute of music in the Detective Pikachu trailer is the original TV theme's opening.

    Now for a fifth watch.

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