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  1. Happy birthday, boss!

  2. For whoever is changing the topic title; today's episode title is "Two good to be true", not " Too good to be true".
  3. That's weird, I'm not having any of the issues with performance you mentioned;/the game runs the same on my Moto X 2014 as it did with the soft launch APK. I have no idea why the issues would come up on your phone only as both of our phones have the same processor.
  4. So the game crashes after the splash screen on my Moto X 2014, even though the soft launch APK ran fine. Welp. Also, for the users having overheating issues on their One M9, that phone (and processor) is known for overheating, so it's not entirely the game's fault.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sqJYsyL7nA Haha this thing looks ridiculous
  6. Nope, no update or anything. Just some strange global challenge...with presents. I don't even know.
  7. Just srarted the challenge about an hour ago. Already done! This one was suprisingly easy.
  8. Aparently on some Samsung devices, the game can be purchased but will not run. I think they blocked purchase of the game shortly after.
  9. Can we donate after the stream and get the badge? Or was it just during the stream?
  10. Probably my last game. It's hard to beat Sigma without the hadouken. Sorry it's a file upload, but I'm on mobile and can't link for some reason.
  11. I think you accidently a number. Anyway, I recently got the 3DS version as a gift, and I'm not really enjoying it. Sonic's control seems a bit to floaty for my tastes, and I'm only on Desert Ruins 2. The floatiness of Sonic had led me to a lot of cheap deaths.I'll still go through the game and give my full thoughts, but right now I'm not exactly enjoying it.
  12. I like badges. I'm down with us getting a new badge just for being us. Happy new year, SSMB!
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