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  1. Also every DAW has its Pros/Cons, this  apply to any softwares that exist for a perticular application*photos, music, video*. Although one over the other is gonna be easier for the first timer to grasp and get ahold of, and music can be made with software from 0$-$$$$$. I started a loooong time ago on a Windows xp machine back in 2005ish with an DAW called Krystal Audio Engine and using the line in/mic in port on a sound blaster card with an old Casio keyboard. I have came a long way since then. XD

  2. Also for anyone needing it, I can provide drum/guitar/bass/keyboard/some vocal tracks if needed for your mix. :) Just thought I might throw that out there. hehe


    I could type up a long message on EQ'ing tracks but I'll try to keep it short since some of y'all have already gave advise. Pretty much how I eq my tracks to keep bass frequencies from running crazy is to try give each instrument its own frequency range, or to keep it simple, limit/High pass the instruments in question. Like for say My guitar tracks I High pass "cut off" bass frequencies below 180hz. My acoustic I usually cut below 160hz but it depends on the song. Any synths that have low end I like to usually cut at 200hz but usually use automation to vary that at some points during songs. The point is to not have a lot of instruments using the same frequency range, especially the lower frequencies cause it adds a lot of boomyness/mud real quick. High-pass filters should be used/adjusted on almost everything except-"most of the time" kick drum, bass guitars, and piano.<-depends on the song and what your going for, and what else is going on in the song as i've used a High pass on the latter before.

    Oo and I just realized, that what headphones/monitors your mixing with have a big effect too. Flat response is what you want. If you don't have any good monitors/headphones, listen to your song on every source you can find,* car, home stereo, cheap boombox, surround sound, etc*   I'm used to having good monitors/headphones to mix on so I don't think about it too much anymore. :P I'll stop now.

  3. Lets See
    I call ahead

    1.Windy & Ripply -SA1 WIP version @ https://soundcloud.com/sonicspeedway/windy-and-ripply-wip

    2.Endless Possibilites-Serenity Seven Rock version WIP http://www.sonicspeedway.net/epdemo.mp3

    3.We"Serenity Seven" have a original song, although it has many refrences to sonic in it if I can get it in. name of the song is Free as the Wind. samples @ http://www.sonicspeedway.net/fatwdemo.mp3

    4.The Air-SA1

    5.and either 'Knight of the Wind or Open Your Heart."

    There's my 5. tongue.png

  4. Crossing out the names as I go along sending 'em out.


    Two quick notes: as Nedil pointed out, Aptiva goes under Freen in Green. I'd like to add that sonicspeedway goes under SerenitySeven as well!

    Serenity Seven indeed, and hello all, as I was finally able to re-register under my sonicspeedway name after the awesome staff fixed what needed fixed. :P.

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