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  1. So, uh, hi again? I've been working on some more music and decided to make a remix of the Sonic 3 special stage, as it's been a while since I've done a previous version!
  2. Well, definitely not what I was expecting! Guess I'll have to find a different theme to remix, as tropical resort isn't dark...at all Time to look for a dark and edgy track to try and remix! Can't wait!
  3. New remix! I just made a quick one to keep some stuff on my channel while I work on some other longer remixes Since Lost World just came out on Steam I remixed Windy Hill!
  4. For some reason my gamepad isn't working on Lost World. It's working fine on other games but I can't get it to work on Lost World...

  5. Hopefully gonna have this Coral Cave remix done soon!

  6. Welp I made another Undertale remix. Don't wanna post here though so I can save my thread for more Sonic remixes

    1. FriendBot


      Oh, I played Undertale and loved it!

      Is it a remix of Snowdin Forest? 

    2. Best Dude55

      Best Dude55

      Nope, it's a remix of a couple main themes in the game. It's on my youtube channel though :P

    3. FriendBot
  7. I actually drew a Halloween avatar for once :P

  8. Yay, finally did another sonic remix!

  9. Well, I finished it! After a good amount of months, I did another sonic remix It's of emerald coast from Sonic Adventure!
  10. Quick update! I'm not sure if anyone here has played Undertale, but it's a really awesome game. I made a short orchestra song using the intro music from it! Also, my next remix is going to be a sonic remix! I've already got a good portion of it done, so hopefully I'll be finished with it soon!
  11. *cough* sorry, this thread is pretty old, but I have content! I've been gone for the past year or so to do mainly pokemon remixes, so that's why this is so old. However! I plan on doing some more sonic remixes again! It'll mainly be pokemon still, but I'll make the occasional sonic remix too Since I don't want to bump this without putting something new, here's my most recent pokemon remix of goldenrod city: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cn32qf9Q1wQ I hope to have some brand new sonic remixes to post here soon!
  12. *dusts off profile*
    Well, it's sure been a while

  13. Happy birthday, boss!


  14. Ok well I did it, I now have the eastwest symphonic orchestra pack but my wallet is $250 lighter haha

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