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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  4. Maybe Sega are going all Star Trek Discovery on us..... The USs Discovery looks like it can jump between alternate universes AND time at the same time using the spore drive. Maybe this phantom rugby does the same...forces is the future for classic sonic...just not his universe's future. This would also explain boom!!
  5. Having read a few posts..im tending to agree with a few posts on here, maybe this move was done for easier story telling and there is no motive from sega's end.
  6. That is a bag of balls....i paid 22.99 for my physical copy from smyths. The digital version is 34.99....thats an extra 12 for a "free" dlc. Sega really does seem to be going all out to make players experiences of forces suck on every level
  7. Episode shadow on ps4......Is it me or is it not there on uk ps store as of 10pm 7/11/17? I got a physical copy of forces so am not looking for the digital download version of the game...which IS available there. My bonus dlc codes for costumes worked ok...but no episode shadow!!!
  8. So having played forces for an hour, the story in forces clearly states that "classic" sonic is from another dimenson. While this shocked me somewhat - eradicating the idea of him being a classic / past version of sonic, I think its a very smart move. (Although I read on here sega used to refer to him as Pixel Sonic during the 25th anniversary) By doing this it solves the problem of continuity between the two series AND...more importantly allows the classic series to exist seperate to the modern series. This would allow future classic style games such as mania to be made without impacting on canon and allow any classic style games to invent new bosses / zones / enemies / friends etc. Personally i think this is a great move....and i look forward to more classic 16 (32!!) bit games set in this demension. Ps The in game joke between the sonics - I havent seen you in generations- was great!!
  9. So they wont be at Weston Super Sonic then?? Shame. Glad i got my tshirts and xmas jumper when i did!! By the way is there a thread here on that event?? (Weston??)
  10. Did everyone in here go to the same event as me? While it was good it was not at all ''awsome" or "the best day ever" The queues were a joke through out and ruined what would have been a great day. The queue to get in resulted in me missing the first 2 events....and i started queuing at 10am! No explaination was given to me for this either. The queues to see each guest was beyond reasonable as were the queues to play sonic mania and meet the STC artists. I tried to queue up for most but simply gave up after no movement for ages and ages. I cannot understand why a "supermarket style" numbered ticket system was not introduced....especially for the game demos. You know the one, you take a numbered ticket and go to the game desk when your number is shown / called. Its a simple enough and cheap enough system to employ. I knew many others at SoS felt this way too. The cosplay contest was great, but would it have been too much effort to gave the ones who made such a great effort to dress up and "make the day" a small prize for doing so? Something small like a ltd SoS cosplay exclusive bookmark, a signed poster from all the guests or even a SoS badge or even a SoS sonic medal ...they're cheap enough if you order 25 plus as we do it in work all the time for the sports teams we run. Only one prize for one person i thought was a bit unfair. The late running order resulted in me missing crush 40 due to having to leave not long in to the set in order to keep to public transport times home. And to top it off my ltd coin was loose in the tin when i had it and had scratched the whole inside of the case. Overall i did not think this was as good as the 2013 SoS which was the last one i went to prior to this, but the guest list was impressive and i really really appreciate the effort that went in to organising this. I know they are volunteers and they do this hard work for us but i only say these things to offer ifeas for improvements, not to put the boot in. However....i really do think the queue system needs sorting out for next time and needs a major overhaul. Also give more people an incetive to cone in homemade cosplay...i think these people are the ones who really make it an event and should get some recogintion for their efforts. I would happily help out with this matter if needed next time too.
  11. As its a 25th anniversary year, how about an "era console" speed run tournament? One level from one game from each era on an "era console"? That would allow a bit of a variation!! As an oldie from 1982, i'd be keen for the master system / mega drive / mega cd era. My ps3 skills are ok but dreamcast / gamecube era games are terrible!! Lol Throw in an era handheld speedrun too ;-) If it were me i'd go random too in the classic era. Eg Crystal Egg Zone Act 2 - Sonic 2 8bit / handeld Hilltop Zone Act 2 Sonic 2 Mega Drive Wacky Workbench act 2 Sonic CD Any Sonic 3d Blast level (mega drive) As for the rest...whatever! Lol
  12. cool..thanks for the info...both of you I have to confess that since the 2.0 update this has become the most maddening Sonic game I have ever played....that includes labrynth, chronicles and 06! I can understand why that was bad - rushed for release. As for runners....there's no real excuse that I can see!
  13. Thanks for that :-) Sounds like a silly and expensive system. Especially if you cant limit smash sonic knuckles and tails!!!
  14. Have is missed something with this game? Just WHAT exactly is "Limit smashed" under each character and how do I do it for my characters? Seems to be no explaination at all in the game itself?!! Aslo, any tips for combos? Characters: Sonic (L.100) Tails (L.81) Knuckles (L.20), Omega (L.20) Silver (L.20) and Charmy (L.1) buddies: Shahra (L.9), Yacker (L.6) King Boom Boo (L.5) Cartridge ( L.5) UFO (L.5) Battle cruser, star missle, easter bunny, skull chao, pumpking chao (all L.3) Orca, Blowfish, magic lamp, golden piggy bank, egg chao, RC pinwheel, RC monkey (all L.2) Mother wisp, Erazor, Arthur's ghost, boo, desert chao,RC blimp,Green crystal moster (both S and L), RC turtle, easter chao RC balloon, dark chao, (all level 1) Opa-opa, dark queen, reala, nights, chip, RC pirate spaceship.heavy bomb, knuckles omachao, nightopian, marine chao RC satellite, Wizard Chao, piggy bank, baby cyan wisp, RC electromagnet, omachao, Jewel chao, golden chao and hero chao (all level 0) Sufice to say my red star roulette spins have brought me a lot of crap!!
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