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  1. Actually pretty timely, this article. http://www.sonicstadium.org/2014/01/the-sonic-list-defending-the-less-loved-characters/
  2. This is a thread for all the characters who were shunned, nay, ABANDONED by the community to get their due! From forgotten ones like Bean and Bark, to those disliked such as Silver and Marine, this is for everyone of that accord! So, let's get started! Which forgotten or unliked character do you enjoy! Personally...I can't bring myself to hate any character! I donno, they're all so cool! But Silver and Marine are likely my favorite~! Also, no fighting! This is for honest criticism, not attacking characters! Have fuuun!
  3. A little thing for the faithfullness, or lack thereof, of the Sonic Storybook games. For example, I happen to know that Genies of the lamp cannot restore life....hmm...
  4. When you start to shift into Vector's voice when you complain about money.
  5. Well...yeah! World conquest is always fun, but when it becomes more personal (Like mind-controlled Tails) it means more to Sonic than the far away threat of conquest...
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