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  1. So um, this is normal?


    1. Ellipsis-Ultima


      What does 888 mean???

    2. Ryan Scarlett

      Ryan Scarlett

      I don't know.

    3. Legosi (Tani Coyote)

      Legosi (Tani Coyote)

      Looks like we've found SSMB's hint.

  2. I've recovered and complied the FAQ list if anyone's interested or worried it was gone forever.
  3. Yep. It disappeared right after I posted my message!
  4. Well, something happening... Gameloft's FAQ page for Sonic Runners Adventure is currently being purged. The approximately 20+ questions that was uncovered earlier this afternoon were reduced to a mere 9 questions. The following is a list at the time of publication - you can see some critical questions regarding the game was removed.
  5. I also got this problem too - especially while attempting to 'clear editor'.
  6. Nakamura tweeted a thing again. According to a few translations, he mentioned our view of Sonic Forces "could change a lot" once a trailer of the game drops sometime this summer or autumn.
  7. I'm a video person and I'm not making a video about this. Webber is expected to update everyone tomorrow regarding the stream, just hold tight.
  8. The world's largest Sonic database officially has 10,000 articles! Never would anyone know a wiki created by a Sonic Retro moderator could morph into such a extravagant source of Sonic information. This milestone added with the fact our 10th anniversary is less than a month away - today is a great day in the Sonic community! #SNN10YEARS


    1. LoseR


      Get out of here with your ads.

    2. Ryan Scarlett

      Ryan Scarlett

      Thank you! I believe this is local talk for "Congratulations, but we don't care!" It's understandable.

    3. WhoWhatMan



  9. A recap of the latest on Sonic Runners, and a bit of Fire & Ice. It's another episode of SonicSource, heading your way!: https://youtu.be/DQb2srNWoqY

  10. Here's a little Sonic news update from us: https://youtu.be/HHTAYUC11Uw

  11. Basically this. I'm using the Sonical theme on Chrome and the 2 points raised above sums up the errors I'm receiving at my side
  12. Hello again, SSMB! After a good one year or so, it's nice to return back to this account!

    1. Shrek


      That would have been clever 5 years ago.

    2. spinny


      whats a rickroll

      oh yeah that thing i last saw like 3 years ago

    3. Endy



    4. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      Well thats one way to get attention.

  13. Why am I seeing Sonic all over Toronto lately?

    1. Chaos Warp

      Chaos Warp

      the Game On 2.0 gaming exhibit at the Science Center: he seems to be the "mascot" and have his face plastered over all the promotions.

    2. Ryan Scarlett

      Ryan Scarlett

      Wow. I just saw one ad at a brochure for Tourism Ontario.

  14. I'm quiet. Too quiet...

    1. Linkabel


      I can't hear you

    2. Ryan Scarlett

      Ryan Scarlett

      I'M QUIET. TOO Q- Oh wait...

    3. #AR


      Know that feel.

  15. BREAKING NEWS: Sonic 1 re-release for 3DS confirmed

  16. What I saved in was a PNG format, when I posted it on SSMB I think it was SRZ or something like that... EDIT: I will try to crop the image. I did see the original image too big, but isn't SSMB already have the codes to resize large images already?
  17. Finally... a thread by me. Exciting. Hello everyone, first time I'm making a forum thread...or Topic... or post... or...- screw it, anyway... As I joined SSMB today I had stumbled upon this beautiful feature called a "signature". I tried publishing my main banner that originates from my YouTube channel with the same username as my sig, then I got this... It seems SSMB doesn't recognize or accepts the file type. First time I've seen something like this on SSMB since I joined but anyway, back to the drawing board.
  18. Hello World. I'm new to SSMB. :P

    1. Jeffhog


      Holy crap that's quite a few YouTube folk I see coming in this week! o.o

    2. King Frosty

      King Frosty

      run away while you still can

      jk Welcome =p

    3. Endy


      strap him down we gotta preform the required recta exam

    4. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      Eh up, and welcome to the Stadium. I hope you enjoy your stay.

    5. Endy


      jk welcome youuu

    6. Klinsy


      Hello, welcome to the Sonic Stadium's Message Board, you are going to stay here forever! HAHAHAHA! But, seriously, welcome.

    7. Debug Ring
    8. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      PRESIDENT CROW welcomes you to SSMB

    9. Debug Ring

      Debug Ring

      Anyway, hello, I'm the Doctor, do everything I say, don't ask stupid questions, and don't wonder off. So, yeah, hello.

    10. #AR


      Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here!

    11. Jack / Joker

      Jack / Joker

      I have issues try to avoid me

    12. Strickerx5
    13. Chaos Warp
    14. Celestia


      Hello there!

    15. Ryan Scarlett

      Ryan Scarlett

      Just came back online and I didn't know I was gonna get this much greetings. :)

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