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  1. I've recovered and complied the FAQ list if anyone's interested or worried it was gone forever.
  2. Yep. It disappeared right after I posted my message!
  3. Well, something happening... Gameloft's FAQ page for Sonic Runners Adventure is currently being purged. The approximately 20+ questions that was uncovered earlier this afternoon were reduced to a mere 9 questions. The following is a list at the time of publication - you can see some critical questions regarding the game was removed.
  4. I also got this problem too - especially while attempting to 'clear editor'.
  5. Nakamura tweeted a thing again. According to a few translations, he mentioned our view of Sonic Forces "could change a lot" once a trailer of the game drops sometime this summer or autumn.
  6. I'm a video person and I'm not making a video about this. Webber is expected to update everyone tomorrow regarding the stream, just hold tight.
  7. Basically this. I'm using the Sonical theme on Chrome and the 2 points raised above sums up the errors I'm receiving at my side
  8. What I saved in was a PNG format, when I posted it on SSMB I think it was SRZ or something like that... EDIT: I will try to crop the image. I did see the original image too big, but isn't SSMB already have the codes to resize large images already?
  9. Finally... a thread by me. Exciting. Hello everyone, first time I'm making a forum thread...or Topic... or post... or...- screw it, anyway... As I joined SSMB today I had stumbled upon this beautiful feature called a "signature". I tried publishing my main banner that originates from my YouTube channel with the same username as my sig, then I got this... It seems SSMB doesn't recognize or accepts the file type. First time I've seen something like this on SSMB since I joined but anyway, back to the drawing board.
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