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  1. Is there any confirmation as to what limits the Amiibo power ups have? Will we be able to use them in the other game modes or are they limited to Mario 1 style?
  2. Can anyone help me with a problem that plagued my win u for the past day? The gamepad is acting weird. It seems to work but only registers specific buttons and inputs and specific times. For example the a button and control dont work in the home menu but it works when playing Smash Bros, the control stick strangely only works in parts of the home menu, and the shoulder buttons and plus button seem to consistently work while the touch screen refuses to work. Does anyone have any advice or ideas on how to fix the problem? Any help would be appreciated.
  3. In FE: Fates you can dress your unit up in swimsuits and accessories. Ike is a unit in FE: Fates. You know what this means. It's also a gift to mankind.
  4. The majority of Sonic's moveset taken from Sonic The Fighters/Sonic Championship. That's a classic game though not specifically Genesis era.
  5. I'm loving the concept of this. Maybe we can get some partners to be the 2nd Paper Mario character?
  6. Happy birthday, boss!

  7. This FE-amie feature better include Harold.
  8. Is it just me is google being wetdogshit right now. All my bookmarks and subscriptions are cleared for no damn reason.

  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't Doc have at least the head turning idle animation instead of Mario's hat adjusting. Not that I'm defending Doc's inclusion as anything but an alt costume.
  10. Replacing Megaman( a complete character) with Ryu(would need to be made from scratch) would be fucking stupid. It's like if they replaced Mario with Isaac(no offense to Isaac fans).
  11. If eating pills turns Dr. Mario metal, I'm going to go into my bathroom and eat all the pills and see what happens.

    1. Mr Useful

      Mr Useful

      (Just a joke for the people that don't get it)

    2. Amomynous


      Or it could just be not funny, there's that.

    3. Metal the Mario

      Metal the Mario

      From experience, I can-a tell you it's not-a pretty.

  12. Does that last pic of Zelda confirm the existence of WW stuff in game now? IIRC nothing from Wind Waker has been shown yet right?
  13. Kids are primarily known by the public as a bunch of selfish fuckwads. When a kid does something good, it's put onto the news and people don't see kids as a bunch of assholes anymore. It changes lots of peoples opinions.
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