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  1. Sonic Colors is very childish... I enjoy serious tone in S06.

    1. Lamor


      06 sucks. SUCKS. SUUUUCKS! Shame on you for having an opinion :P

    2. Sonic2006


      Not sucks, just need straight arms.

    3. Ferno


      i can already tell this is gonna be a great day

      just excuse me for a sec

      *hides in bomb shelter*

      ok, now im ready

    4. DGam'r


      Colors was awesome:! I never played 06. The plot could've been better in 06,

    5. Sonic2006


      Yep, Colors is not bad game, but not masterpiece.

    6. Mefiresu


      Don't listen childrens. Sonic 2006 is perfectly!

    7. Komodin


      You know, you're not making me like Sonic '06 with your constant digs against Sonic Colors.

    8. DarkLight


      The same could be said about 06. It doesn't even come close to being one.

    9. Komodin


      @Mephiles: You're not helping, either.

    10. Sonic2006


      Mefiresu, our people! :D

    11. SilverNik


      Sonic 2006 totally agree. In Sonic Colors Sonic have no character. At least I did not see it.

    12. sonfan1984


      Yes, Colors is very childish cause it's bright, colorful and it actually look like a Sonic game and it's not bland, soul-less and an ugly unplayable mess like Sonic 06 is.

      Oh BTW, you constantly making stupid jabs at Colors and/or Generations isn't going to make people want to respect you and your opinions around here. Then you guys wonder why people don't take Sonic 06 fans seriously.

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