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  1. Hi. im Nick! And today i want to show you my attempt at recreating one of the Sonic Forces stages, City Heights. The stage took me 10 weeks to make (from May 1rst to July 8th 2017). The point of making this stage in particular was, not only to test my skills in recreating something by only available footage at the time, but also test the limits of Hedgehog Engine and to improve on original idea a bit by adding extra pathways and extend level length. In order to speed up the process, ive decided to make the stage BEFORE Eggman attacked it. Approximate stage lenghts ~ 5km (3 mile) Objects in the stage ~ 7000 Polygon (triangle) count ~ 6 millions (11 millions) Showcase footage: Progress Showcase: My friend @TwilightZoney tried to put this stage into the game. but we run into issues, the stage was overly detailed for the hedgehog engine to handle Comparison to the gameplay footage after modelling was done: Not everything went smoothly, even by watching the footage 100 and 100 times i wasnt able to keep it in scale with the original. Assets links: Since we werent able to make it before the game release, due to lack of time and having issues with Sonic Generations limits. ive decided to release stage assets for everyone to use. Below you'll find links to all the source files i have for this stage, for those who enjoy doing levels or just want to mess around with it, i hope you'll find it usefull. the files are also "Generations-ready", including splines, collisions, setted up materials, 2nd uv channel for every mesh, etc. (requires DarioFF's SonicGLVL editor and Hedgehog Converter tools) DarioFF tools Link Why so many links? I simply wasnt sure if FBX exporter wont screw up the meshes (even when i checked those multiple times). since we found fbx is pretty unstable (main reason it can screw up UVs). You DONT have to download everything. 3ds max source files are just in case you run into issues with fbx. 1) Assets (separate) [3dsmax 2015] 2) Assets (separate) [FBX] 3) Assets (single file) [3dsmax15 and FBX] 4) Lower poly version of the stage [3dsmax15] 5) Lower poly version of the stage [FBX] 6) Custom Sonic Forces EGG fighter model [texture were made by TwilightZoney] 7) Main terrain geometry [3dsmax15] 8) Main terrain geometry [FBX] 9) Object physics [FBX] {street cone, floating block platforms etc } 10) City heights high poly ver [3dsmax15] 11) City heights high poly ver [FBX] 12) Skybox [FBX] 13) Source textures 14) Lower resolution textures Have fun making better stages
  2. Well some people think it not based on Amsterdam, but really i cant find any other cities to be similar to what was shown in project 17 teaser. If anyone could prove me wrong and find another city with this architecture i would really appreciate it. Cause all i want is to know what this city might be.
  3. Honestly not fan of the darker tone this trailer/ teaser shows. Hopefully its gonna be easy to make mods for it.
  4. YO Music Plant for gens yo


    1. Person


      Oh holy cow, I had no idea someone was still working on this!!!

      For those who don't remember:


    2. Maddnsk


      Im redoing this from scratch. 15% of the stage is redone, Twilightzoney and me gonna put this into gens anfter Green forest, and other two stages we made.

    3. Person


      Well, I very much look forward to the final product. The initial concepts/level designs you showed were breathtaking.

      Seriously, I was blown away by what you showed before. Glad to see you're still going at it!

    4. Maddnsk


      thank you :)

    5. TCB


      Omg yeeeeeeees

    6. RosaRosaRosalina


      hooolyyy shiiiit


      give this some fancy lighting and OOH BABY

      keep it up! i love it when the portable games get recognized in mods

  5. My second attempt at Zbrush
    Probably a spoiler for One piece fans


  6. Music Plant level Showcase

    I think you should ask TwilightZoney on retro (or twitter) about it (i personnaly dont mind), since i basicly gifted it to him, so its kinda his property now lol. Atm i finished other level remake (it was in development since mid august till mid january) - Green Forest. And Zoney trying to put it ingame as best as he can, it has many issues that we yet have to fix. While he doing this i almost done with Rooftop Run wii remake, that we also gonna put in game in the future. And as for Music Plant, im doing a remake of it from scratch with higher amount of details and overall better modelling. Hopefully will finish it some time in the future.
  7. Yo boiz look what i have.

    1. Smock



  8. Music Plant level Showcase

    its about materials and meshes. Level design is ok, Its better to rebuild it. Gonna take a while. Green Forest took me 5-6 month to develop. this one took me 2 years, cause it was my first effort.
  9. Music Plant level Showcase

    Im worked with TwilightZoney on Green Forest level and it's done. Zoney will try to put it in the Gens sometime in the future. Regardless of this stage its never going to be put in Gens since it has a lot of unfixable errors, I'm gonna rebuild it from scratch in free time. Idk when its gonna be done, since i'm going to start working on the next level soon (i need to draw concept art for it first). Not gonna reveal anything regardless my work cause im very im busy. My friend Zoney will show our stuff when he feels it worth to be shown. Sorry for late response. i found this on my Hdd a while ago, sadly this is only thing left. http://i.imgsafe.org/57868cb.jpg
  10. whoever came up with eggmanland hotdog missions is an asshole >:^U

  11. (pic)

    leaked image of classic and modern sonic for generations 2

    1. Failinhearts


      Just as I remember them...

  12. Steam reviews for arkham knight are hilarious http://store.steampowered.com/app/208650/

  13. Music Plant level Showcase

    Thanks. I really happy to hear that. Level is still in 3ds max on my pc, with collision and, i believe, old GIA and splines. While its not perfect structure wise (it the first level i ever made lel). it's still beatable (even without any standard objects like springs, speedbooster etc.). If somebody find my work worthy to put in gens by themselves, i wouldn't mind provide them my source files.
  14. Music Plant level Showcase

    Sadly, the only thing that left in generations itself is a HUB. GIA render takes to much time and effort, that i dont want to get back to generatiions modding. here's hub screens if anybody interesting:

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