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  1. So I just remembered how much I hate losing in special stages.

  2. I'll be looking forward to NOT doing overtime at work for a change tomorrow, and playing some Sonic Mania!

    1. Kiah


      I actually gave my shift away tomorrow so I could play Sonic Mania but I'm one of those PC purchasers so that's that ?

      Oh well. Going to have to decide if I'm going to spoil myself come tomorrow as I was supposed to officially unspoil myself upon playing the game or suck it up for 2 more weeks. 

      You enjoy yourself come tomorrow! ^_^ 

    2. Cake


      Hey, thanks! Maybe allow yourself some small spoilers, but avoid watching a full on playthrough of the game! Either way, I think there's lots of little things in the game that'll keep you excited when you do get around to playing, even if you cave and check some spoilers!

  3. Well, '89 here, and I'd say I'm split down the middle on 2D vs 3D. Both are awesome when done correctly (Generations being a prime example), while some arguably poor examples of both also exist ('06 and Sonic 4 come to mind).
  4. I'm also in the boat of those who would be excited for another game in the vein of the X, Zero, or even ZX styles. That's not to say I don't love me some classic Megaman, but the SNES X trilogy arguably had way better gameplay than the original series; the dash and wall-climbing just opens up so many gameplay options. Given that the concept art clearly shows classic Megaman... well, I'd at least hope for some nicer graphics than another 8-bit foray a-la MM9 or MM10. I know I'm in the minority on this one, but I'd rather see MM7 graphics again; at least those sprites had personality.
  5. I really love what Telltale's been doing with their Batman series, and S2E1 was no exception. As was with the previous season, they continue to make big changes to the Batman mythos (I won't get into spoiler territory, but longtime Batman fans will be in for some surprises!) which is great for keeping the series fresh for anyone who's expecting the same old Batman story-beats. I'm excited to see where this season is gonna go!
  6. Ah, wouldn't it be great to have a cartoon series done in the style of that intro video? Either way, very nice looking opener, they really nailed that Sonic CD feel!
  7. Hi there, I hope a re-introduction's fine! Cake's the username, I used to hang around here quite a bit a rather long time ago (seeing posts from at least 7 years ago is just... ugh, the cringe!), and I figured I'd swing by on a lazy Sunday to see how the place was faring! Looking forward to playing Mania and Forces when they come out, and the blue blur in the news kinda made me wanna see the SSMB again! I dunno if I'll be around all that much, but either way, hi!
  8. Whoa, haven't been here in months!

  9. Gah, still hoping Guile'll show. His theme NEEDS to be in this.
  10. Cake


    I'm voting new map!
  11. Y'know, in a perfect world they'd just settle this over a game of Starcraft 2 or something. Unfortunate that in this day and age and after all this time, people still choose to bear the sins of the past and keep fighting. Depressing.

  13. Cake


    Figured I'd post a couple of screens too, for those who wanna see some of the stuff RITENAOW! All in all, it was great fun tonight! Thanks for hosting, Cipher! Hope we can get a bigger crowd soon!
  14. Please point me in the direction of this Minecraft torrent thou speaketh of!

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