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  1. Glorious jubilations in regards to your twenty-fifth self-existential anniversary.

  2. Actually that is a fair point, plus I do think that it may be time for Dimps to leave the handheld Sonic games to another developer. But let's not hang the poor man before the trail is over, and I'll leave judgement until we can actually play the game.
  3. That is not something to be proud of, and that response makes you come of as facetious I raise you Sonic Rush (and indeed Rush Adventure), in which they seem to fix their level design problems that were in Advance 2 and 3
  4. Just to add credence and proof to the utter disdain that the people in the IRC (and besides) have for Dissident's post: Firstly, bottomless pits are not as common as in a plat-former like Mario say, but they are still there occasionally. The issue is that like all level hazards is that they are used effectively, aren't over-used, and that they don't break the flow of the level, which is important for a sonic level and one of the chief problems with Sonic Advance 2 as crushing is with Advance 3. Secondly, just because they haven't been used before in a game such as Sonic 3 & Knuckles does not mean that they cannot be used effectively in a new game. conclusively, pits are just another level hazard in Sonic, punishing you for missing that jump. (unless you're playing Advance 2 but that's another story) EDIT: As for bottomless pits in other sonic games, as well as the zones outlined in MilesKnightwing's post. I'll just say that it is entirely possible (though unlikely) to fall into a bottomless pit in Green Hill Zone. Plus, whilst Emerald Hill has none, there is that infamous (but can be skipped by an obscure upper path) one in Chemical Plant act 2

  6. Personally I'd like to see at least one stage from the handheld games, whether it be Game Gear, Advance, or Rush. They're a part of Sonic's past too ;D Furthermore, how about a stage from one of the spinoff games like Toxic Caves (Spinball) or Milky Way (Drift 2). Of course it'll take a lot of imagination and work, but they have real potential to make entertaining and nostalgic stages.
  7. Trouble with Marble Garden is that it was just really long and drawn out (like Sandopolis Act 2 without the ghosts), plus not enough of the stage gimmicks were overly interesting apart from the weird spinning top thing. The bouncy spike enemies were pretty cool though, as are the overall aesthetics and of course the boss. I just can't see marble garden being that interesting in 3D, apart from the boss if they tweak it a bit. Moreover, there are similar "ancient ruin stages" that exist that may or may not have the potential to look "really darn skippy" in 3D/HD [fanboy] Rusty Ruin, Kingdom Valley, Marble even though there is already a Sonic 1 stage in Generations so ignore this =P [/fanboy] as well as other stages in Sonic 3 [& Knuckles] itself. I mean Launch Base is rumoured to be a stage, and I can see that potentially looking pretty cool as well as Hydrocity (its hard to find a better water stage) and Icecap (its just iconic), Sky Sanctuary (this is just me speaking) Overall with Generations I'd prefer it if they stick to one stage per game in the fairness of balance, as well as trying to pick a different theme every time, in the interest of variety. (aka no more Hill stages, 1 is enough for any game)
  8. Dartanyan :3

  9. Unfortunately ASR doesn't work for me either. Oh well, I'll stick with the Wii and DS versions. I heard on the IRC that you can't even change any of the settings bar sound, and along with no online play that makes it pretty inferior indeed. Mega Drive Collection works fine but the thing is, I already have that on Steam =P That free pack was a bit disappointing D= But then again, what should I have expected from something that's free.
  10. Man, I forgot how ridiculous the first animated Lupin III movie was =/

    1. 7cit


      Can't...stop...staring...at it

  11. If I didn't have all of the game gear games unlocking on SA:DX I'd perhaps be interested for this. Maybe I would be interested in the Master System versions, because then at least Sonic 2 would be a bit more bearable. On another note, Sega are going to run out of games to re-release soon enough if they keep this up.
  12. Walmart and Gamestop teaming up isn't that bad. Now Wal*Mart and Tesco/Microsoft? Then you better start getting worried. Hopefully the hardworking people who made Duke Nukem Forever a reality will get their 5 seconds in the sunlight, even if it is in scrolling text format. Also £75?! Wow, I wouldn't pay that for any game, even ones that I waited (13?) odd years for. =O
  13. Oh CITV, I remember when you were good. Glad to see Pokemon back on air on ITV, (Yes I'm slow) hopefully they won't do what they did during their showing of the Johto arc and cut out huge chunks of episodes. Is it bad that I want to watch CITV again JUST for Pokemon? =/
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