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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. LightDash

    Old badniks in Sonic Colors (Wii/DS) (?) :S

    It's kind of hilarious how Sonic 4 Episode 2 has new badniks and it's like nobody cared.
  3. Sega should totally remake this for Kinect:
  4. I take back what I just said. I think the boredom of waiting for a new game and playing old ones over and over is just getting to me... I do think Sonic is good, otherwise I wouldn't buy each game. I'm just so bored... I probably need some more patience huh? :/

    1. LightDash


      You're right. I enjoyed Colors and Generations but it still feels like I can't replay Sonic games like I used to. Maybe I'm just growing up and will never have that same feeling.

    2. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      Still, the series is getting better and better nowadays, so hopefully Sonic will have its own Mario Galaxy one of these days. :)

  5. Sorry for the bump, found this while searching if people wanted the Spin Dash back. I certainly do, I'm sick of the boost mechanic. At least the Spin Dash was hold and release- the normal to the ground dictates your speed. With the boost, you just hold a button down to go full speed no matter how steep the surface in front of you. Also it's ridiculously easy to fill up the boost bar, in contrast to the gameplay itself. I don't hate Modern Sonic but I'd enjoy it a lot more if Sonic could have his (arguably) trademark move again. Also, I know you could spam the Spin Dash in SA1 so I guess they could go the SA2 route if it comes back. But even the Spam Dash wasn't as bad as the boost, it still required more skill.
  6. You have a point there, but there seem to be a lot more Sonic rumors than there are for other franchises haha.
  7. Speaking of Reddit. Check out the Sonic page everyone..... Man people are bored of waiting for the announcement. http://www.reddit.com/r/sonic/
  8. Why is it that when these rumors are posted here or on other Sonic fan sites, they're quickly and rightfully called out as fake, but if posted on 4chan or Reddit they're somehow credible? It's really weird haha.
  9. I read the rumor out of sheer boredom even though it was obviously fake. It was just a modified version of the previous rumor. If any other characters are playable in the next game it will probably only be Tails and/or Knuckles. I wouldn't even be surprised if it's solo Sonic again.
  10. This is the greatest post I've ever read on the Internet. I'm not even kidding.
  11. A common analytical technique for game design is listing each object in the game world as a noun, and then constructing sentences denoting game behaviour. This gives an indication of how interesting or rich the actual game experience is. For example: Rings, badniks, and monitors could become "I collected some rings, then I jumped on a badnik which let me bounce and hit a monitor." Tables can be constructed listing the various game objects within the world and how they interact with each other, further indicating how deep the experience is. In my opinion, the recent Sonic games need a lot more nouns and interactions between nouns in order for the games to be more interesting. Here's a task I have for you all. I want you to play a level from Sonic Generations (let's assume Modern since Classic isn't coming back) and then a level from Crash Bandicoot (preferably 2 or 3) and then list the various nouns you encountered before constructing a sentence of your experience. Would I be wrong to say the results would be somewhere along these lines? Sonic Generations (Modern) I collected some rings while boosting, I boosted through some badniks, I hit a spring while boosting, I performed a homing attack on some badniks, I boosted into a 2D section, I jumped onto a platform, then I jumped onto another, I performed a homing attack, then I performed another to hit a spring, etc. Crash Bandicoot I collected some fruit, I span a crate, I jumped on a bouncy crate to collect more fruit, I jumped on an enemy (spinning wouldn't work as it was spiky), I jumped on a TNT, the TNT detonated and defeated an enemy, I jumped on a bonus platform, I collected some fruit, I jumped on a crate and bounced over some Nitros, I span a crate which generated some more crates, I jumped on the platform and returned to the main area, etc. Now your sentence would probably be more structured, accurate, etc. But do you see my point? Modern Sonic is lacking a lot of interactions due to the same nouns being used over and over. Therein lies one of the problems with the recent games. Go ahead and play one of the classics and construct your sentence and you'll see the difference. That is all, I hope you all enjoyed this analysis.
  12. Sega? Advertising? Hahahahahaha!
  13. Really wondering what old Sega is cooking up. The reveal can't be that far away now. Honestly we need some sort of grand announcement to build up excitement around here again. A Sonic announcement for next gen consoles would be amazing, but I'd still be happy with even a PS3/360 release.
  14. LightDash

    The Introduction Topic

    Hey Sonic Stadium, I'm LightDash. Not much to say about myself, just the typical fan starving for info on the next game. Been having several dreams recently involving me running away from Sega offices with a top secret Sonic 2013 PS4 disc... My god I'm impatient.
  15. LightDash

    Futurama Is Cancelled... Again!

    I don't know of any show that's kept its quality throughout the years, shitty or not I still enjoyed watching new episodes.

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