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  1. Dunno if anyone noticed yet, but apparently during M. Sonic's gameplay the rings just go bye-bye whenever you get hit, with no way to get them back other than collecting a new bunch of rings further down the road.
  2. I really couldn't let that opportunity slide haha Was wondering if this would get featured on here, thought I was the only one who saw that recent trailer that way
  3. Yeah, just noticed that too. The vagueness continues I suppose. (How do you put that full tweet in anyway, didn't find it here)
  4. https://twitter.com/Nakamura_ShunR/status/853557424480960512 Apparently it's not Green Hill...
  5. Hello! And no, they did not confirm that. They only confirmed a new character and a third gameplay style, not the combination of the two... As of yet, that is.
  6. I do wonder where that loopdeloop leads to. Tunnel section, where everything is falling apart, perhaps?
  7. Perhaps they will implement it in the third gameplay style which they announced to be a thing. Don't see it being handy for either Modern of Classic Sonic's gameplay. :/
  8. Same thing as we saw on the panel, only now in Full HD. I do believe both Gene and Webber confirmed this to happen. Would be amazed if they showed more.
  9. But do we consider Runners as officially canon though? I think it might be better for Forces' Story to give us a decent explanation as to why the Wisps are there, 'cause right now I'm hella confused about why the Wisps did come back. Did NOT expect that move AT ALL.
  10. I think the best question right now should be: Was that screenshot there before today? Don't get me wrong though, it looks AWESOME. Let us not try to get ahead of ourselves here
  11. Hehe, thanks, but I've been around here for quite a while, just not really a "comment typing" kind of guy ^^ Just here to read the others' opinions, and try to help others out with the basic info
  12. 10 PM UK time, 5PM Texas Time (dunno if Eastern or Pacific, still confuses me, pardon me being Belgian ). So it starts in about 7 and a half hours.
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I do believe that we see some new cutscenes around the 0:18 mark. If you can call it a cutscene though.
  14. Hui

    happy late birthday :)

    1. The J

      The J

      Oh wow, didn't expect any birthday wishes here, thanks! :)

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