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  1. Anyone notice that Omega seems to be in pretty much the stasis state that Rouge and Shadow found him in in Crisis City? Wonder if that's going to be referenced or not. I'm guessing not, but it looks familiar.
  2. Aw jeez, the new Sonic Forces comic is great. So nice to see so much fanservice for the Adventure era!

  3. Positive Things About Forces?

    - The story. I'm glad that we're being given something that appears to be a bit meatier than the last few handfuls in terms of tone and what's at stake. Infinite also seems interesting enough. - A return to quasi-realistic environment design. Lost World was pretty, but not the aesthetic I'm going for when it comes to Sonic. - Infinite's theme.
  4. When I look at how linear Forces is, it makes me really wish we had the exploration-friendly Adventure gameplay back . 

  5. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    I'm really thrown off with the aesthetics of this stage. I can get that they're trying to do a Frozen Chemical Plant mashup (because that's what they've told us), but I'm not getting that indication by the stage visuals. Whatever texture they're using to make everything look covered in frost just... isn't working. It almost looks like cobwebs. I only saw a sparse few snowflakes in the air. Hell, why not top some of the surfaces with snow? For a new-generation game it just looks bland, grey and underwhelming and this particular stage isn't doing it for me. Also the level design is awfully flat. And the train sequence is more cringe than cool.
  6. How should Tails and Knuckles play in a 3D Sonic game?

    Exactly as they did in Adventure 1 - nothing more, nothing less. It astounds me that to this day this seems to be nigh on impossible for SEGA to do.
  7. Forces story revealed?

    Nakamura: I want you to have thoughts like "Why!?" While you're playing. Oh, I'm sure many of us will be having those thoughts, but not for the desired reason.
  8. Forces story revealed?

    I'm assuming that because of the variety in possible models for the avatar character that any pre-rendered high quality cutscene we've seen so far that has the avatar in it won't be in the game. Shame, I really like the one where Sonic looks up and sees Shadow and the other villains. Even more of a shame when you consier how much of the Generations trailers had this stuff and then didn't have it in-game either
  9. Sonic Forces - Chemical Plant is back

    Which is the remarkable/laughable/horrifying thing - this is a game that's had around DOUBLE the typical development time of an average Sonic game.
  10. Sonic Forces - Chemical Plant is back

    I think it looks okay, and I think they've done a reasonable job at varying it a little from the source material, but I still wonder how much of their creativity and artistic direction was constrained by the fact that "We need chemical plant back again". I'm still not happy at using Generations' stage roster, regardless of whatever variations they apply to the zones. Coupled with Mania's zone roster, there just isn't a good enough excuse for this void of new ideas.
  11. Sonic Forces Twitter Infos Thread

    This dripfeed of inane stating-the-obvious is one of the laziest marketing decisions they've made in quite some time.
  12. Sonic Forces Twitter Infos Thread

    Agreed. They don't give a crap about continuity and mystic is a pretty generic word, especially when lately we've had translations promising us movie-like breast action. It could be in place of a dozen other words.
  13. New Sonic Forces Zone revealed: Casino Forest

    A bit late to the party, but I gotta say I'm not really feeling this zone. I don't really think the Casino and the Forest themes have been integrated very well, it very much just seems like they've gone "ok we need Trope A but stick it in Trope B", partially because the cues that are Casino based seem to be almost entirely taken from Casino Night. Similarly, I'm not too big a fan of the Lost-World esque visual stylings of the trees and the forest. Not really the aesthetic I was looking for after 4 years of anticipating a next-gen experience. Still not a fan of the music either, and as plenty of people have mentioned, the physics really aren't the best. Whatever terrain-based caps on Sonic's speed they're using, it's not working. Sonic should increase speed while going downhill. Either way, it's nothing overly bad, but nothing overly good either. Add to it that I really don't care about classic Sonic and 2D gameplay in 3D sonic games. Show me some actual 3D Sonic.
  14. No new stage reveals? Alright, the time until release date is really closing in, the unwillingness to show off anything else really makes me wonder if everything's alright behind the scenes or if there are really massive problems with this game (besides the obvious ones). I don't particularly mind not being shown new stages in the interest of not having them spoiled, but I very much doubt that is the motivation. Will Sonic Forces release on time? Also, the Hooters promotion is legit one of the funniest things I have ever seen happen to this franchise, I love it. what the hell is going on with this game.
  15. I love how Iizuka is doubling down against attempting SA3 unless the franchise "evolves" in that direction. Right, because, yknow, this franchise is a shining example of consistent and continuous implementation and refinement on previous ideas and definitely doesn't have problems with taking massive leaps in the dark. This is a ridiculous excuse. Looking at Forces, I would consider better-paced, semi-unrestricted movement and physics in a GENUINE 3 dimensional environment to be an evolution (ie, the Adventure series). I mean, I'm unashamedly an Adventure 3 wisher. I manage to like Sonic 06 in spite of its problems because of this, and will always argue that its problems are not because of the Adventure formula but because of terrible execution of that formula.