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  1. I wish poster companies/stores did some of those Maxi posters for Sonic. I have a frame and it'd be really nice to have a big Sonic Forces poster on the wall :(

  2. Sonic Forces - OST Thread

    Hm yeah there doesn’t seem to be much more than we already had but it still sounds great! Hands down my favourite character/vocal theme in Sonic since... like... actually ever?
  3. Happy Infinite's-theme-release Eve!

    1. JezMM


      I set out hooters milkshakes and cookies for Ohtani Claus

    2. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      Guess you could say we're...

      On the edge of it's release

  4. Desperate for some Tomb Raider news, they've been milking Rise Of The Tomb Raider for years now. Aside from that, generally excited to see all round what's announced, although I really wish they'd address the absolute shitshow that is PS Now and implement some proper backwards compatibility. I really hope there's some announcement of dialing back PS Now at some point, Xbox has got backwards compatibility down.
  5. Working on some projects again after a long hiatus from creativity - ye gods my photoshop abilities have tanked

  6. So, I got a really good time (between two others in the global rankings) in one of the Forces stages, but my name doesn’t show up in that place in the global rankings? How come? Hmm..

  7. Trying to get Classic's time trial missions in Forces is painful. I get zero enjoyment from Classic Sonic in this.

    1. Polkadi


      everything else in the game is meh

      classic sonic?

      i hate him so much

  8. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Urgh. Not happy with that IGN review, with the amount of focus that'll likely be weighted on sites like these in evaluating its reception I really don't think 6.9 is warranted. Sonic 06 definitely does not deserve its score of 4.8 if this is allowed a 6.9.
  9. Still a month to wait until we get the full version of Infinite's theme :upside_down:

  10. Hm. Do I buy a Switch now while I know there's UK stock, or do I risk waiting for Black Friday deals when the stock may be gone...

  11. Finished Forces, I've stuck my thoughts in the impressions thread.. still waiting on Episode Shadow being released for UK PSN players though :(

  12. Sonic Forces Impressions Thread

    Alright! I just finished my first playthrough of Forces. Here's what I think; Overall Forces is not a bad game - but it isn't a good game either. It is astoundingly mediocre for a title that's had a development time of 4 years in a franchise where the typical frequency of main-releases is once per two years. This is important. It is precisely because of this wait that, in the ashes of Sonic Boom's reception, I was certain that they were taking their time learning from their mistakes. I was sure that this game was going to be well above average and that a significant amount of time had gone into it even at the conceptual level. This.. clearly wasn't the case and it couldn't be more evident after playing it. Hm, lets start with the good, I guess. The graphics are really lovely. The Metropolis environment is one of my favourites from this series for quite a while now - it's lush, eyecatching, Mirrors Edge-esque. I particularly loved the metal leaves on the trees rotating in the wind. I also quite enjoyed the creepy Infinite-like illusions plaguing the city when you play this stage as the Avatar. I loved Sonic's characterisation in this game, definitely an improvement. His barrage of questions towards Infinite in the jungle is definitely one of the high points of the game. I do like how Eggman is portrayed a bit more seriously, and honestly I don't mind Infinite. I've always enjoyed the more cringeworthy edgy aspects of this franchise though so that's no surprise. It's nice to see other characters at least make an appearance. The final boss was pretty decent IMO. Modern Sonic's Death Egg stage was fantastic, but far too short. Um, so.. the bad. Okay blindingly obvious here is the terrible length of the stages, and the lack of any sort of intricate or in-depth amount of level design within them. Both the avatar and Classic Sonic control pretty terribly. Modern Sonic is generally alright but when the only 3D space you move in is essentially a hallway with walls either side of you it's difficult to gauge how well 3D sonic actually controls, especially when most of the time he plays in 2D. There may as well be no modern Sonic at this point - every aspect of his stages has you having your hand held, from boost pads to grind rails to homing attack chains - every single one of these devices acts to keep you on-rails. Also, what is with all those segments where you're boosting down a highway chasing Ostrich badniks?? The avatar's controls are not great, which becomes particularly evident towards the end of the game. Classic Sonic is also a downgrade from his Generations. And that leads me on to my next point... Everything involving classic Sonic in this game is an utter disaster - it couldn't be more obvious that he was an afterthought in the development process. The music for his stages is offensively bad. His story is so disjointed from the rest of the game he may as well have been a DLC episode, and the integration of him in the overall game is just poor in general. There is no need for him to be there, and the explanation of why he's there is pretty crap. The ending irked me as well. No, Sonic, I really hope you won't see Classic Sonic again. The music in general, typically one of the things I know I can always look forward to in a Sonic game, is also passable. I see a lot of people talking about synths. I'm not well-versed in music so I guess this is the term for the techno chainsaw sound that is prevalent in nearly all of the game's soundtrack. It's overdone, and the variety is bad. The best thing about this game is Infinite's Theme and you don't even get to hear a full version of it. Avatar's music is alright, but again pretty passable. I'm not a big fan of the environment direction. Metropolis and the final area are pretty cool, but I don't like how the game takes the Sonic Adventure 2 approach of few environments, but many stages. Again, with 4 years of development time I expected better. The story's a bit naff for all the hype put up to it. Chaos' presence is laughable, Eggman's Sunfall plan is a bit out-of-nowhere, and I like Infinite but I feel there wasn't enough explained about his origin at all. Overall, I'm disappointed. It's taken me 4 and a bit hours to finish, and thats with me making a conscious effort to try and pad it across two days. I think it's definitely time for Sonic Team to restructure, start communicating better with the west, or bring in some people who are capable of understanding 3D gameplay and who care about the series. There are so many problems with Forces. It's baffling that they chose to include the Avatar (and that they would even initially have the game entirely focussed on it) when there are DOZENS of alternative characters they could have chosen. I don't mind waiting another 4 years, but only for the right reason. At times like this, its natural to compare this game to other low points of the series and I just want to put it out there that I would take Sonic 06 over this game any day. Sonic 06 (in my opinion) had a coherent vision but lacked the required development time to fully realise that vision. This game has had a bloated development cycle, and the result is inconsistency across the board. One last point, for those of you who are trophy/achievement hunters like myself.. the "Honor Roll" trophy is going to be painful to get. Summary: Infinite's theme is the best thing about this game. The game is shocking for the length of time its had. We need better, I would like to return to the Adventure series please oh god please.
  13. I'm really glad they gave us the opportunity to give them feedback, and I made sure to mention this in my response. I essentially told them I wasn't happy with the crippling lack of exploration and 3D spaces in modern Sonic's gameplay, and that something akin to the Adventure games would be a preferred direction. I criticised the linearity of the stage design, and that on the rare occasion that modern Sonic is in a 3D space, he's pretty much restricted to a narrow hallway.
  14. What's all this talk of moon medals and number rings? I'm almost done my first playthrough and haven't found any...

    1. JezMM


      When you collect all the red rings in a stage, you unlock number rings to find on that same stage.  Collect those, and moon medals appear to be collected.  I assumed they were just harder versions of the same thing, kinda like the purple coins in Mario Run, but not quite.  Either find out for yourself or read on:

      Both tend to be bunched around one location when you do find them.  Number rings have to be collected in order: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.  Obviously this is a simple task on some stages, while others will try to catch you out.

      Moon Medals are again, all around one spot.  They can be collected in any order, but once you grab the first, you have a strict time limit to collect the remaining 4 before they disappear.

      Since both are quite functionally different from red rings, to be honest I'm annoyed that they aren't just all there in the level from the start, so you can do more than one in a single play of the stage if you want to - especially considering on most stages you can't even get all 5 red rings in one playthrough to begin with.

    2. Boomer


      Them being Moon Medals gives me horrid flashbacks to Unleashed...

    3. Stephenb19


      Thanks folks! :)

  15. Amazon now telling me I'll get my copy by 8pm tomorrow. No excuse for a pre-order to be delivered late. I wouldn't be surprised if this was a deliberate delay as a way to incentivise a Prime membership.

    1. JoyToTheWorld


      I'm with Prime so I can tell ya it's not that. With the way they changed it immediately after it finally dispatched I'm starting to think there was an issue with the trucks taking the orders rather than it being a stock problem.