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  1. I'm completely fine with time-travel not making an appearance. It's understandably a large undertaking for probably very little gain, and then it would imbalance the game contextually. Why would Stardust Speedway have different timezones if the other zones didn't? It wouldn't make sense. I am a little confused that they chose the past timezone, however. I thought present would make more sense.
  2. This is a difficult question, my initial response is that "9 times out of 10, it's pretty damn good" or "it's the most consistently good thing about the franchise" - as to the reasons why Sonic music has proved so successful, that's probably for someone who knows more about music than I do to answer. The common factor may have something to do with the upbeat, fast-tempo tracks that frequent the games. I feel the Genesis series had extremely catchy and memorable tracks, with the right amount of repetition to make the song catchy but not boring. I think, for me, Sonic music has always had the ability to brilliantly echo, accentuate and evoke the atmosphere of the zone or stage its played in. It's done this with a rich variety of different sounds, instruments and tempos, particularly post Sonic Adventure. I'd answer that "Sonic music is Sonic music because it successfully fits the mood of the relevant zone". Some notable examples would be; Ice Cap: Snowy Mountain in SA - the track is slow paced, ethereal with echoes of sleigh bells. Mixed with the wind sound effects, it does a great job of cementing your place in a winter wonderland Frog Forest in Sonic Heroes - I don't even know WHY this track works so well with the lush jungle backdrop, but it does. It adds to it and the zone overall wouldn't be the same without that music. Lost Impact in Shadow the Hedgehog - A sombre, melancholy track to echo the story and context in which the stage takes place Boss: Egg Wyvern in Sonic 06 - A vicious, fast-paced, high-stakes track that rightly takes place on a collapsing platform underneath a disintegrating Egg Carrier. If you manage to drive the Egg Wyvern into a bit of debris as the chorus ramps up it's perfect. Either way, unless you get into specifics, it's hard to say. I think Sonic music is very evocative of the context its played in, and that helps a lot. Also, lets not forget that generally the technical quality of it is pretty damn high and consistently varied. There are exceptions though. Sonic 4 is a definite low point and I'm not relishing listening to the Sonic Forces soundtrack any time soon.
  3. Interesting that the Press Release bothers to include the Ivo Robotnik around Eggman's name - maybe we'll see it return in this game? It'd fit the tone.
  4. I have absolutely NO IDEA what my feelings are on this anymore. I simultaneously LOVED that trailer and HATED it. What IS THIS GAME? I'm so conflicted and confused now. I still hate the character creator and most of what I see of this game. But then, something about seeing Shadow's foot stamp down on the ground and the look he gives Sonic is giving me actual chills. I loved that last 10 seconds - everything about it. It does seem they're at least trying to do something more serious, I love the idea of Shadow rebelling.
  5. The music for Classic Sonic's boss fight is painful
  6. I have to say, while I'm still not on-board with Forces conceptually, the IGN footage hasn't done much to make me doubt the game further. Some of it is looking alright, and some of it even looks pretty good. It's visually better than what we've seen previously, too. Although if the Classic Sonic GHZ music is left unchanged it won't matter how good the level looks...
  7. Anyone notice the big circular depression in the Pyramid in GHZ? I wonder if a zoom-out of the area reveals them to be the nostrils on the nose of a giant Eggman face built/carved into the landscape.
  8. I would be angry about Chemical Plant and Egg Dragoon if I wasn't already so devoid of hope for Forces at this point.

    Take it out back, shoot it.

  9. I read all of that as Q: Is [thing] a [thing] A: Um sure yes why not probably
  10. No. God no. Can we please just get a Sonic game working correctly for now? I didn't wait 4 years to end up with Character-creation and I'm not jumping at the idea at waiting a further 4 years for Lost World Mk II
  11. Still hoping they release the PSN Themes/Avatars for those who preordered the collectors edition - it's really not fair that the only way to get them is by preordering from the PS Store, like jeez don't make me buy it twice. Even if they'd just put them on the store themselves for individual purchase, it's unfair that they're stuck behind this paywall
  12. I seem to really be the odd one out with the desired stage roster. I've seen a fair bit of Marble Garden hate, but I really like it. It's a fairly slow level but my god I love its aesthetic. Ruined cities in the background, purple mountaintops underneath a sunny sky. I think it has a lot of potential for how it could be expanded upon by the Mania team. I always viewed Hydrocity as a bit moody in comparison. That said, I'd want Ice Cap, but we all know why that might not happen.
  13. I love what they've done to it, I really do. The interior of the plant looks amazing, and they've really done loads from the ground up to make it feel fresh. I still don't like that they chose Chemical Plant though - after Generations it's not necessary. I hope that along with forces, we're not going to see them try and peddle some sort of consistently recognisable image for Classic Sonic by only referencing certain zones ad infinitum from that era. I'd liked to have seen Hill Top, Mystic Cave or Oil Ocean instead. But, it looks amazing. Srsly amazing.
  14. Chemical Plant? Urgh. No - Green Hill I could handle in this, but I don't want another Generations rehash. For goodness sake, there's enough brilliant classic zones, why do they keep spamming the same ones? Although EDIT: The Tails footage does look absolutely brilliant and I'd love what they've done with it, but I would have still rather had something else.
  15. Reaction videos are super annoying and obviously played-up to an audience. It's crap humour, people generally don't act that way if nobody's watching.