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  1. Sonic Forces: New Tag Team level confirmed

    I still think this sounds like an unneccessarily convoluted mess. I'm not keen on the avatar, and I don't see what playing a stage as both avatar and Sonic brings to the table. Why not just split the sections up into their respestive character's stories? I'm kind of miffed that we can't play as Sonic's friends because of reasons, but they're happy enough to mishmash all this mess together.
  2. Given Mania's success, I wonder how long it'll take for SEGA to pull the finger out and release the 1/2/CD mobile ports on console. I guess they would want to do it in a collection with 3&K.. but yknow

    1. TheOcelot


      "The Mania collection" featuring Sonic 1, CD, 2, 3&K and Mania would be epic.

  3. I'm ecstatic for the Mania team over its success, but a little concerned about how SonicTeam will react to its reception. Forces doesn't fill me with confidence and I'm worried about how Mania's success will influence the direction of 3D Sonic.

    1. MegasonicZX


      Same, a lot of people say its a non-issue and we shouldn't be worried about it, but knowing sonic team and how they take results I really fear for 3D games possibly disappearing if forces doesn't do well (or if it does do well they assume its because the game is mostly in 2D or something) and I really hope this isn't the case since sonic still has a lot of room for gameplay in 3D.

    2. Blacklightning


      Personally I feel worst case, Sega takes a look at Mania's success, analyzes it on a surface level only and decide it just means people want nostaliga again without considering a single one of the mechanics involved.

      Forces is a train wreck waiting to happen, but I doubt it'll tank hard enough for them to consider ditching 3D altogether.

    3. Diogenes


      basically the best outcome i can imagine actually happening is that sonic team keeps their hands to themselves and goes off to do whatever and be irrelevant while they let Taxman and the rest keep making classic styled games for a while

      more likely, sonic team learns all the wrong lessons, makes generations 3, it's bad, series dies

    4. Candescence


      I really hope Sonic Team takes a step back, consider that maybe hardcore fans might have a point on the quality of their games, and bring some people on board to prototype something that might actually work in 3D for once.

      Or maybe we could get the worst case scenario because it's Sonic Team and Sega and I can't exactly trust them to miss the fucking point. Case in point, they dropped "Sonic's shitty friends" in Unleashed but kept the one thing that caused people to complain in the first place, aka out of place core gameplay shifts that I'm convinced are systemic of Sonic Team's paranoia about how well they hold the attention of players, except they used fucking Sonic himself as a vehicle for it in contrived ways.

      *trust them to not miss the point

  4. If we must have returning zones, then I'm sorry but this will only be acceptable to me if Green Hill is the only one from the combined Generations and Mania roster. I can vaguely let Green Hill Zone off the hook in this regard since it's tied heavily to the concept of Classic Sonic etc, but if we have to be stuck with Chemical Plant for a third time then I'm out - This game has been in development for around 4 years and from an asset-production argument there is no excuse to hide behind in using the same zones from Mania/Generations. There are only so many times I can be excited about Stardust Speedway and Chemical Plant. Returning zones? Okay. Returning zones that have already been revisited? Enough.
  5. Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

    So I just finished the game as Sonic & Tails (With only 3 Chaos Emeralds - I need to improve my skills!). Obviously, I loved it. Thoroughly. It was brilliant. So much joy. etc etc. Only now wading into this thread to clarify a couple of things. I'm vaguely aware that I haven't seen the true ending just yet, so regarding Emerald Collection - Can you just replay stages in Mania Mode from your "CLEAR" designation and then access the final final boss from playing Titanic Monarch Zone or does the Emerald collection need to happen before completion? Also, it seems I've got the same questions about the zone transitions here as others! It definitely feels like something isn't quite right - After the initial zone transitions I expected they'd be in all stages, and then when I wound up on Little Planet and then not on Little Planet and then... somewhere with little explanation and then.. the ending with Little Planet I uhhh.. It's a little opaque and not too clear what's going on. Although, Phantom Ruby - Infinite?
  6. Hi all! Please let me know if this thread seems redundant, but I think that we should have a dedicated thread to discuss the zones in Mania in particular along with their music. Perhaps we could go round stating our favourite old zone, favourite new zone, and favourite track from each old and new zones. I'll get the ball rolling; Favourite Old Zone - This is a toss-up between Flying Battery and Lava Reef for me, with the overall winner being Lava Reef. When I exited the battleship in Flying Battery act 2 to find myself in a raging storm, I definitely had a smile on my face but serious probs need to be given to the transformation Lava Reef has seen. One of my biggest wow moments from this game was finding myself in the upper region of Lava Reef Zone 1 and looking out on a volcanic vista under a peaceful night sky - the art direction here was superb. Similarly, Lava Reef Zone 2 is equally beautifully calming at parts. The final part taking place in the crater was a great place to end the stage. Favourite New Zone - Mirage Saloon. I sort of already had this decided for me when it was first revealed. I've been in love with it ever since then, the backdrop is stunning and I love all of the zone details such as the train, and the bar stools. Strong mention goes to Press Garden though, solely for how far out of left field it took me - a very interesting trope which (to me) combined elements not just from Sonic, but from Shinobi, Streets of Rage and Dynamite Headdy. Favourite Old Track - Lava Reef Act 2. Again, perhaps it's the Zone and the Music complimenting each other but I had to give this to Lava Reef. From the beginning of the track, you instantly recognise Lava Reef Act 2's music, but jeez, the OVERHAUL! It's majestic, calming, vaguely evocative of Flame Core's "The Cavern". Just amazing. Strong mention goes to Chemical Plant Act 2 here. Favourite New Track - Mirage Saloon Act 2. Again, the zone and the track complimenting each other. I just love this track though. It's punchy, upbeat, evocative of everything you see in the stage from the Saloon piano to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly throwback. What's everyone else's?
  7. The amount of crap in Mania I've had spoiled for me by Youtube suggestions...

    1. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      It's getting took the point where I'm getting suggestions even without any Mania videos in my watch history.

    2. MegasonicZX


      Yeah, this is why I just stay away from youtube when there is something i'm really hyped for out because no matter what, you can never hide from spoilers, especially these days where everything is known the second or even before a game comes out.

    3. Stephenb19


      @MegasonicZX so true, it's just so difficult not going on to listen to some of the bangin tracks I've heard while I've been playing! 

  8. Pokemon Sun/Moon PLUS ULTRA (Alola Region Games)

    In a way I'm glad that Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon exist if it means that the game coming to the Switch is entirely new. I really didn't take well to Alola at all (I mean c'mon, a tropical locale just after Hoenn?), and didn't enjoy S/M, so I'd rather the first Pokemon switch game belonged to a new region and generation. If, however, we have USUM and then another Alola iteration for the Switch then I feel it's just overkill and makes USUM completely redundant. Not that they don't already feel redundant. Sun and Moon are very much "just came out" in my head.
  9. This interview is laughable. And embarrassing. And insulting. An actual acknowledgement that they could have used any other character and opted for classic Sonic is a bit of a slap in the face. So much so i think it's just an excuse. Anyone else get the feeling that the character creator was originally supposed to be Boom Sonic? I could see the gameplay fitting, and it would have been a more symmetric choice over 2 Sonics + 1 OC. And then Boom happened...
  10. Anyone else miss "3D"?

    Another reason I miss the Adventure games is precisely because of this. IMO, Sonic Adventure had Sonic's traversal of a 3D space the best they've ever managed to get it. He didn't accelerate so fast that navigation becomes a nightmare, and his momentum and physics felt the most up-to-scratch. From Heroes onwards, things get iffy. The boost formula definitely isn't good for 3D, but I feel we're stuck with it until there's a massive restructuring.
  11. Sonic Forces OST: Theme of Infinite

    So the following lines are interesting - "This is an illusion, open up your eyes", "So look around you and tell me what you really see" and "You live a lie" This is a massive stretch... but what if Sonic is trapped in one of Eggman's simulations in this game, caught in an infinite code loop? We know that Eggman had a Sonic simulator in Colors, perhaps the conquered world is just a stream of code Sonic is stuck in while Eggman loops through it to decipher his weaknesses. Yeah, a big stretch, but given that Infinite looks like a computer glitch...
  12. New Sonic Forces - "Enter Infinite" Trailer

    I liked what I saw - I know I'm in the general minority when it comes to the tone of the series but this is generally much more of what I'd rather see than the likes of Sonic Boom and Sonic Lost World. I really like Infinite's theme as well. Still wary as hell of this, but I can't say that the last two trailers have pushed me further away. Interested to see more. Also, it looks like we've got a new foresty/mushroom-hill area which is looking kinda nice Also I cannot get enough of Infinite's theme. Sorry not sorry I love it.
  13. Should Sonic Forces be delayed until 2018?

    This game's had a longer development cycle than any of the most recent Sonic games and it STILL looks terrible. Not just in execution, but in basic concepts. I don't think it should be delayed. Let it come out, it's had long enough. I'd rather they sooner squeeze this one out and re-evaluate what the hell they were thinking than give it an additional year to try to make it work.
  14. I don't think that this would be the end for 3D Sonic, but if this is the case I'll be very angry. I hate that SEGA have this attitude that 3D Sonic is inherently impossible because of divisions in the fanbase and nothing to do with their lack of quality. If Sonic 06 and Sonic Boom and Shadow the Hedgehog weren't a thing, we wouldn't be having these conversations. Don't tell me that because you rushed a game out or didn't put the work in that you're taking 3D Sonic away because I'm impossible to satisfy. Make it work. Fix 3D Sonic. Between Sonic Adventure and Sonic Heroes I loved 3D Sonic. I even have a soft spot for Sonic 06 (To this day I maintain that conceptually it was everything I wanted, but was doomed by a lack of polish and execution). I think that it would be good for SEGA to re-evalute 3D Sonic, sure (but then, what have they been doing since Lost World in that case?), but I would hate for 3D sonic to disappear.