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  1. If this ends up being true, I (jokingly) predicted this in my mind.
  2. So, we'll be getting one more boost title?
  3. Let's be honest, I'm not super hyped on this, but for sure will watch it later when I get home from work. Hoping for an interesting new title to be announced.
  4. I think Izuka stated in 2018 that there're no plans for Mania sequel AT THAT MOMENT, but things could've changed since then. It would be simply bizarre not keep going.
  5. But who wants to play them for the 16 857th time? If they were re-imagined... maybe then..
  6. This game was pure gold for me and my friends for years. Should try this again some time.
  7. Pokemon Crystal on my 3DS and beat Jasmine's gym yesterday. Having so much with this game. I can't stand the current state of Pokemon games so I'm back to some older games.
  8. Well, I only got a digital copy of Sonic CD when bought it from Steam, no physical cd copy was sent to me.
  9. We can complain all we want but I think at this point it's not worth since the game(s) is/(are) on the way to be released next year so big changes are unlikely to happen. We can only hope (again...) this time they show us something good. Also what @azoo said. 👌
  10. Okay, this was surprising for sure. I sense there's a Rotn sequel in the making some time. I didn't like Rotn and actually never tried Cotm, but I feel like I should give it shot.
  11. @Eclipse Image it end up being something like 2D Sonic in Forces and named as Mania 2. Sega can do it.
  12. I haven't seen the movie yet, but based on trailers, does the movie any real badniks from games or just generic droids/robots?
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