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  1. BlueFlare

    Team Sonic Racing - GamesCom Impressions

    Not gonna lie but I was going to say this earlier today but thought I'd better not.
  2. BlueFlare

    Sonic Forces Sales

    Successful = enough units sold and thus more profit made than production costs were? Or what's the definition of being successful?
  3. Despite these looking pretty bland and like any other HD game, I would play these if I had a Switch. Still, there's something in these games that does not appeal me like the games I have been playing lately: Gen 2, 4, 5 and Alpha Sapphire. I would still try these.
  4. BlueFlare

    What game are you currently playing?

    I really want to try out Octopath Traveler but haven't got myself a Switch yet. I'm building my team for Pokemon Platinum league atm. I have Torterra, Vaporeon, Luxray, Gliscor / Staraptor, Houndoom and Gallade / Garchomp.
  5. BlueFlare

    Sonic Mania: Sequel Speculation (Spoilers)

    I don't think adding new characters would make it much more interesting if they go with one ability per character (except Sonic now with drop dash and shields - well Tails can swim and Knux knows climbing), they need to expand movesets for the existing cast. Give Tails and Knux new abilities. Heck, Tails knows gadgets and shit, he can hack stuff so use that stuff in levels someway. Knux should know punching and digging ground and stuff. Let's not forget Mighty and Ray, they should be used later because why the heck not!?
  6. BlueFlare

    What game are you currently playing?

    Now that I'm almost done with Sonic Mania Plus , I decided to hop back into Bad Company 2. It is now 8 years old and still fairly well populated on PC which is amazing. To me it has been the best online shooter and Battlefield to this day. It has good weapons, tighter (but very well sized) maps compared to 3, 4 and BF1 and so makes for better squad play. Also it is visually more pleasing and better looking to me than the newer games. I really hope DICE will make BC3 happen some day.
  7. BlueFlare

    Sonic Mania Reviews/Impressions Thread

    How would you classify Advance series more 'modern' compared to Mania? Or Rush since it has boost and is more linear than Mania. Just curious. Sonic Mania was probably seen as obvious success after Sega's latest entries being Sonic 4. I could see Mania going visually more modern but it is not necessity to be attractive. Or do you mean going modern gameplay wise?
  8. Thanks for the little review @FFWF. I have not yet tried the game myself but definitely will one day when I have extra time. Did you play it on PC or console? What's up with RotN, though? It seems to be slowly getting together, but are they really going to release it this year? The last footage I saw from E3, I thought the game looks really dull. It will have hard time catching that Sotn and GBA/DS Vania feeling.
  9. BlueFlare

    Sonic Mania Sales Thread

    Mania has done so damn well, great job CW and folks! Now we need to see Mania 2 someday and double those sales.
  10. BlueFlare

    Mania Glitch Thread

    Thanks! I'm going to try this today when I come home.
  11. BlueFlare

    Mania Glitch Thread

    My steam version won't let me change screen filters. Not that I used anything else than clean but still.
  12. In "Vape Mode" music sounds like Sonic 1's music in "EU" version was:
  13. BlueFlare

    Sonic Mania Reviews/Impressions Thread

    Recently got Encore Mode finished with all emeralds collected. The DLC as a whole did not do much for me. As many here stated the new color themes are kinda boring and I agree with few exceptions that were also stated already. SSZ Act 2 and OOZ being personal favorites. Overall I would rate the DLC as decent. I really do love the new characters, especially Ray ❤️ and want them to return for both 2D and 3D titles. All in all, Mania is still a great and fun game to play through and I will finish Mania Mode with Mighty and Ray for once.
  14. BlueFlare

    Sonic Mania Reviews/Impressions Thread

    I didn't want to use Tails (I barely liked him before) after playing Ray. He is so much more fun to use.
  15. Why can't I own all of these goods, why?! This is amazing.

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