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  1. BlueFlare

    Does Sonic Forces have you awaiting the next 3D game announcement?

    I didn't think of Mania's story being as 'random' as you describe it. You have to look at it differently. Eggman has a dangerous and unpredictable 'toy' in his hands he uses to take control of pretty much anything. He just warps Sonic and co. out of the way so he can finish his ultimate creation that is Titanic Monarch (which I think wasn't 100% complete at the time). This may not be the actual aspect of the story, I don't know, but how I see it. It's sort of complex, but still pretty straightforward and understandable.
  2. BlueFlare

    What game are you currently playing?

    I was going to pick up Ultra Sun and Diablo 3 Battle Chest this week but decided to postpone both since I found myself still playing and enjoying Guild Wars 2 and its Path of Fire expansion.
  3. BlueFlare

    Leaked AAA Harry Potter RPG

    Always loved Potter and since the books I've always wanted a good Potter game. I hope this end up being something to play.
  4. BlueFlare

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    If singleplayer is bad, then this isn't for me since I won't get any of my friends to play this anyway. However, I will probably try this out later but only if I can find a team online. Btw, does this have online mode(s)?
  5. BlueFlare

    General Halo Thread & Discussion

    I'm a big fan, played everything but Halo 5 campaign. What bugs me, though, is MS's lack of interest to bring Halo to PC. I hope Halo Infinite and games after it will change things. I've been lurking this fan project called Installation 01 very actively. It looks promising.
  6. It would be insane if Mania team was not given another opportunity, to let this fantastic series blossom even further. Give them more freedom to work with a new 2D game, these guys are geniuses. For a new 3D Sonic, I can wait for longer and hopefully have a stable development process if it means a proper game.
  7. Very good news even if it wasn't 100% official yet. This is something I wished to happen after Mania Adventures. I hope they keep the same art style / CD animations style and have longer episodes. Man, I wish this means we'll see a sequel in a year or two.
  8. @molul Yeah, it is a hack. I haven't tried it and don't know yet where to get it but it certainly looks good and worth trying.
  9. I'm pretty sure I read from Retro forums there's a mod that adds drop dash to S3&K. edit:
  10. Game looks like super fun and fluid, but is it possible for a grown man to get pumped on a Spidey game? I guess I should try it, at least.
  11. BlueFlare

    What is the future for Modern Sonic?

    I guess people want SA3 but it will turn out the way Forces did.
  12. BlueFlare

    Sonic Mania Sales Thread

    That's definitely easier said than done. I doubt they have the resources to make an Adventure sequel atm. Also, title "Adventure 3" and different controls won't instantly make it good, there's more than that. There will be more modern Sonic for sure, but not sure in what form. Still, to me Adventure sequel feels as likely as Forces sequel. Whatever, just let Sonic Mania team keep going.
  13. Apparently, RotN has been delayed till 2019 which I was starting to suspect a while ago. Also, the PS Vita version has been cancelled.
  14. BlueFlare

    Torchlight Frontiers

    Torchlight Frontiers Just found out there's a new Torchlight title under development by Perfect World Entertainment, Arc Games and Echtra Games. The develoment team includes some of the veterans behind TL 1 & 2 and Diablo. I've been a big fan of this colorful RPG since the first game. The game is due out in 2019. Read Max Schaefer's interview from MMORPG. Check out IGN's hands-on right here!
  15. BlueFlare

    What game are you currently playing?

    So I did beat Platinum league on my first go. Also, finally done with 3DS Zeldas and sold them. Now I'm planning on getting back to Halo trilogy and itching to play some RPG.

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