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  1. I would appreciate to hear more once you've played further. I can't afford this game right now but I will when it is possible.
  2. Dynamax aside, I really enjoyed everything so far. I like all the new Pokemon shown, which isn't usual me.
  3. It looking pretty! Not too long to play this gem (I hope it turns out to be one!)
  4. Eggman doesn't sound fitting for him since he isn't, well, in that eggshaped fit.
  5. Now we need the movie tie-in game and it's all done with Sonic. Do you think Sega could do it? 😁
  6. Believe me, this won't be the last time but definitely one of the all-time lowest for Sonic.
  7. This is like mutant Sonic 06 mod as movie. I know it's gonna suck big. But that poster looks neat, it's my favorite piece from this movie.
  8. I tried this for a while but never got into it. Lately tried it again but no. It's just not for me, I believe. At least my kid loves to play it.
  9. Still playing Pokemon Crystal and attempting to beat the final gym. It really took some time to get used to slower pace of older Pokemon games but it's been fun. I was going to get The Division 2 but I'm short of money atm. Is it good? I never played the first game.
  10. Glad it's happening (and I kind of expected it to happen sooner or later). I like that they're co-working with the Eldewrito crew and finding ways to bring mods to Halo MCC PC version. Also love Halo Reach's customization is coming back.
  11. Sonic has always been more about video games than anything else to me. I also loved some of the comics I had in 90s and when I was introduced to Sonic 1 on Genesis. Sonic has some of my favorite (and some of the worst) gaming moments of my life. While I think Sonic games could do better, I love some grand pieces (Genesis era, CD, Rush, Generations, Mania) from my heart.
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