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  1. Well, I only got a digital copy of Sonic CD when bought it from Steam, no physical cd copy was sent to me.
  2. We can complain all we want but I think at this point it's not worth since the game(s) is/(are) on the way to be released next year so big changes are unlikely to happen. We can only hope (again...) this time they show us something good. Also what @azoo said. 👌
  3. Okay, this was surprising for sure. I sense there's a Rotn sequel in the making some time. I didn't like Rotn and actually never tried Cotm, but I feel like I should give it shot.
  4. @Eclipse Image it end up being something like 2D Sonic in Forces and named as Mania 2. Sega can do it.
  5. I haven't seen the movie yet, but based on trailers, does the movie any real badniks from games or just generic droids/robots?
  6. As it will happen to pretty much everything else. As much I loved Unleashed/Generations era, I still see Mania much more exceptional, glorious and lasting much longer than all the boost-y games.
  7. Halo Reach Pc. It's been a blast playing this even though I felt more hyped playing it on my X360 back in 2010. I think the progression system sucks badly and I've experienced quite few framerate drops in bigger maps (8v8). I will keep playing this until Combat Evolved is out and then shift on that.
  8. My personal best moments were Sonic Generations & Mania, Pokemon HGSS (2010 in Eu), BW series & ORAS, Halo Reach Pc, Eldewrito Mod and Majora's Mask 3D. I didn't look forward to many games this decade, but so far the worst and most disappointing were Sonic Forces and Bloodstained: Rotn.
  9. Don't tell me 2021 game will be Forces' sequel.
  10. Favorite to least favorite (but I like 'em all nonetheless!) 1. Sonic 3 (alone) - Overall, for its age, the best of all. Gameplay feels fluid and fast, good and fitting music and variety between levels was nice. 2. Sonic CD - For me, close second, almost on par with Sonic 3. Not the most fluid level design but such a unique game in so many ways. Best music and atmosphere in the whole series. To me, CD always felt sort of a magical tale. 3. Sonic 2 - It's a sequel to Sonic 1 and does its job just right, definitely a step up. Introduction of spindash was brillant to me. When S2 came out, I didn't know any better video game music. Sometimes the game is too punishing. 4. Sonic Mania - For a while was my number one, but now that its novelty has faded, it has its real place on my list. Great compilation of what I've liked about the past games but sometimes felt all over the place. Still it's probably the funnest of the classic games. I would love to see Mania style game stand on its own without the redone levels. 5. Sonic 1 - My first ever video game and Sonic game. My past and pretty much my future since I haven't lived a day without thinking Sonic series (seriously!). It will always have a special place in my heart and belongs to my top 5 Sonic games even with its flaws. Even more punishing than Sonic 2.
  11. Well, the thing is, I don't own a Switch and I'm not ready to get one because I need a bunch of reasons (games I like) to even consider getting one, like any other system. I'm one of those "since day one Pokemon" dudes, but since, say XY, I've not been very happy with the series, though I enjoyed ORAS still quite bit (some call it the worst of the "next gen" games). Back when Gen 4 games came out, I bought a DS, for Pokemon and the Castlevania trio, then later updated my DS to New 3DS to play all the Pokemon DS and 3DS games. I know Switch only has two new Pokemon titles atm (Let's Go and SwSh, but I don't have a very strong trust in the series atm. For me it's been fading slowly but I still hope best for the series in the future.
  12. @Blue Blood Thanks for your comments. I'm more and more convinced I'm not getting these games. I was very upset by most of SuMo's content and offering. Still love going back to FRLG, DPPT and HGSS occasionally and I miss alot of the spirit the older games had.
  13. His Sonic Mania streams were gold. I did recently rewatch them and they still make me laugh my ass off. Such energy.
  14. I guess Lite will be more of my thing but probably won't buy it at launch. I don't have a TV atm and I wouldn't have a chance to sit down for hours and play the standard Switch. I've always been down for the portable systems even though I've owned many static consoles before. I've always played my DS systems the most out of all consoles. I almost always used my portable before going to bed and it was very compact to use and carry one around and they had a lot of games to play. I don't think I will miss a whole lot not getting the standard version. And it's not about the money for me, it's the way I like to use the system.
  15. How close to Castlevania does this game feel like gameplay and atmosphere wise? I'm a metroidvania guy since GBA games to NDS, played a ton of them and SotN. I read IGA wants to make another Castlevania (or two) if he gets a chance. I think he hinted it could be based on the story of Dracula's death in 1999 (J. Belmont), sort of a 'prequel' to Aria Of Sorrow.
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