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  1. Overall I'm expecting Unleashed/Generations like visuals which should be fine to do in 60fps on consoles. Unless they decide to do something very graphically demanding.
  2. I'm on PC but personally 4K isn't that big of a deal to me. Yea it's nice but its not like it makes 1080p look butt ugly or something so I probably won't end up moving to 4K for a long time if at all.
  3. Been playing with it for some good few hours now. Once you get the controls down its pretty good. I love messing around in the game to see what I can do. Sure it's a little rough and has some collision issues but I'm not complaining. It serves as a tech demo for probably one of the best gameplay concepts I've seen for 3D Sonic. If Sonic Team were to pick this concept up, smoothen out the rough edges and actually design some levels that are linear enough to at least let you know where you should be heading it would be great. This was pretty fun to do.
  4. Is that the feature that allows you to let someone else play your game for you if you're stuck on a part or something? Was that ever really used?
  5. Can you just quote yourself instead of just claiming you can so we can see what part of your statements you justify as an answer? Because simply saying you have the answer is once again leading to the same issue, you're going nowhere.
  6. Was Sonic ever good is a matter of personal taste, it's very subjective. But just looking at facts, like others have said you don't become a world wide success to the point that you're more recognizable than Mickey Mouse by being bad unless you're a meme. Even then I doubt there's a meme more recognizable than one of the world's most Iconic characters. Sonic is engraved in gaming history whether you like it or not. That's not something that happens by being just OK. Hell even great games aren't as deeply carved into gaming history as Sonic. A lot of great games are forgotten by the next generation or two. Which means for Sonic to survive 25 years even after producing what is considered to be one of the most disappointing /bad AAA titles to ever exist, you know damn well Sonic has some merit, something special about him that keeps the franchise going. Whether you like him or not. His fans being idiots stuck in the past is not a reason for his survival. It's a cop out for you to say Sonic is trash. No way in hell do you have millions of people stuck to the past wasting $60 for every Sonic game that comes out if they know its going to be trash and their chasing a ghost.
  7. I mean, there isn't even official mod support on PC so thats not happening. When it comes to Bethesda they actually release mod tools for Fallout and Elder Scrolls. Sonic games we just figure out how they work by messing around with the games files. If Sega started releasing Mod Tools like Bethesda you'd see modders make progress a lot quicker. Bethesda has always been involved in the modding scene, they're the only company I see letting mod support happen on consoles. Even then from what I've heard about mods on consoles causing consoles to break I'm not so sure its a smart idea. People already know Sonic as the joke that makes bad video games. We don't need him to be known as destroyer of consoles while we're at it.
  8. I think putting Classic Sonic in a multiverse theory where the past that they are pulling him out of is from an alternate timeline would really help the plot. Plus giving him an alternate timeline means anything could happen in the future. This could be the classic that goes through Sonic Mania, and continues to be the main Classic Sonic for any other new releases. That would make Modern and Classic officially separate entities and not just an age difference between characters. It would be pretty cool to see. But if you're going to bring Classic into the present at least bring that bad ass 90s attitude with him.
  9. We got Sonic Mania. I'm fine with Classic Sonic being just a skin. I'd be fine with it even if Mania didn't exist. But I highly doubt this is the route Sonic Team is taking. It wouldn't make much sense considering how they handled Classic Sonic the last time. Showing that he'll be in the game, side by side with his modern counterpart in the teaser tells me we'll be seeing classic with his own levels.
  10. I think Flynn just likes teasing. Though I would love to see him write the games.
  11. All I know is I won't be paying much attention to the story unless they really do something that catches my eye in it.
  12. Same thing with Sonic X in america and Yu Gi Oh I believe. But either way lasers are more powerful even if they are seen as kiddy. In scifi series like Star Trek or Star Wars you'll see them used for the actual sake of being futuristic, but thats about it. That's the only time you really see lasers used as a serious thing.
  13. The presentation is indeed the biggest issue with that remake. Cops/Military with weapons does not seem out of place in the Sonic universe. No one cared when Sonic X did it, no one cares whenever Archie does it. The only difference between them being that they actually looked like they fit in the world. I think a fan made SFM remake using preexisting models should not be a part of the argument. Games like Sonic Unleashed show that Sonic Team knows how to blend Sonic and Humans in the same world. Hell, the entire purpose of Light Field in the Hedgehog Engine was to make Sonic's appearance in environments more natural looking.
  14. I think Sonic having a limited boost could be good. Maybe he can take paths that are physically impossible without the amount of speed he can build up anyways. Like, maybe running up a sloped wall and then jumping off it to get to a platform or upper level. Unlike other characters Sonic shouldn't exactly have a maximum speed, he should build momentum like a living pinball, and get to ridiculous speeds that allow him to do some amazing things in levels if you so choose. Boost could return as a special stage level for Sonic or even an in level area that requires boost to get through it. For the sake of nerfing maybe boost is a button that gets Sonic to a ridiculous speeds in an instant that you must maintain on your own rather than having a continuous unstoppable force, a tap rather than a hold, you would still be vulnerable to damage, boost could be depleted on one tap and make it more difficult to build. Separate the boost gauge into multiple gauges that have one time use before needing to be refilled, I believe the Wii version of Unleashed did something like that?
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