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  1. No, that just means they're biased and stupid.
  2. Agreed with Dobkeratops. It might be best to come back later with a more optimal build and equipment. In general sticking to it's legs seems to be a sound approach, so you have the right idea. What level are you, Wolfy?
  3. Since getting into the Souls games a few years back, I've found myself consequently enjoying games that aren't challenging less and less. Dificult or challenging gameplay used to be just an option I had if I wanted to run more then one playthrough. Now it's something I look for and evaluate much more closely. A game suceeds at this when the gameplay is constructed in such a way as to face the player with staunch opposition whlie providing the tools to succeed, and then trusting the player to learn and improve. If the player is able to learn, improve and ultimately beat sections which previously kicked their ass, and such successess are accompanied by a sense of satisfaction, you have done well. Difficulty is a means towards making a game challenging, and a challenging game can provide an incredible experience.
  4. 60 players only on PC 6 confirmed vehicles, not total Maps =/= planets Substitude for camaign, mission mode ala BF1 Also, no playable AT-AT? Some of the concerns surrounding BF3 are valid, but this comparison was poor. More information is required for a sound judgement. Given that many people are in full agreement with those bullet points I doubt many will bother to challenge them, opting instead to ovelook the slighted comparison and hasty conclusion. Just for the record, I'm not pleased with the direction of development thus far, based on what we know, either, but there is still a lot we don't know.
  5. I'm sure it won't take long for the community to find the next Giant Dad or Havelmonster. Oh yeah, I accidentally killed that merchant too. I just happened to buy all the stuff I needed from him beforehand. Funny how these things work out, eh? Bonfires only restore flasks when rested at. If you rested at one but somehow ended up with less uses than you had at some point earlier, it means someone kindled a bonfire near you and granted you additional, temporary uses.
  6. Agreed. I find myself making extensive use of both forms in combat. It's definitely the most unique weapon I've picked up so far and I'll probably stick with it for the rest of the game. The unreleased R2 fully-charged is the absolute embodiment of awesome but impractical. Incredibly badass with absurd damage output, but it's not applicable to general or fast-paced combat - I usually reserve it for only the slowest of enemies. Also, I haven't been invaded once yet.
  7. From what I can tell, the Holy Blade and Kirkhammer are proving to be very popular with the playerbase. Never heard of the Chikage.
  8. Just beat the third boss. Game is solid so far, a few technical hiccups aside (to be expected, this is FromSoft after all). The Stake Driver is absolutely the best weapon in anything ever, I swear.
  9. I'm in a similar position. I've little to no experience with K. Rool, but honestly? I think his design is fuckin' atrocious. There are sooooooo many characters that I would rather make it in, given the choice.
  10. Probably because those were considered good and the complaint being presented was regarding the over-saturation of indie platformers masquerading as 'retro' games. Shovel Knight goes above and beyond merely being a reference to a bygone age.
  11. Definitely want the inkling squid amiibo, and as for the equipment they unlock, that third 'costume' must be mine.
  12. I'll probably get the Woolly World Yoshi and Splatoon amiibo. I've been looking forward to their respective games for some time.
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