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  1. I just updated my timeline. see the link in my first post.
  2. Yeah that's a pretty good idea. yeah I meant for it to be one time line that split. but I sort of Drew that part wrong. I did it in MS paint not the easiest thing to work with for something so complicated. update I added a second timeline.
  3. I have created this Sonic timeline to illustrate how Classic Sonic can both be from the past and an alternate dimension. Timeline one shows the main Cannon games referenced in Sonic Generations. I also added Sonic 4 for reference. I know there are some games I did not include But seeing as how I haven't played many of those I was unsure how to fit them in. I've honestly never played Sonic Colors I do not own a Wii or a Wii U. I'm hoping for a PC or switch port. anyway you can see I placed Sonic o-6 in a loop. Basically the events happen but they have no consequences on the timeline. Now for time traveling Classic Sonic. I originally made the assumption that Classic Sonic came from sometime after S3&K. The reason being that classic Tails in Generations seems to know Classic Sonic. I realiz that classic Sonic is pulled out of Green Hill, but Generations Green Hill is different than the original, It contains some Emerald Hill elements. I made the assumption that Sonic has returned to Green hill and things have changed. Now here is the weird part. After Generations Classic Sonic and Tails go home. but they would have remembered meeting their modern selves. This would cause changes and create a paradox, that could destroy all the games after S3&K, to prevent this the powers that control time (AKA Sonic team) Classic Sonic and classic Tails are copied. The timeline splits, one Classic Sonic and Tails remember Generations and one completely forget and go on to fulfill the events of timeline one. in Timeline to Sonic Mania happens, and so Classic Sonic gets sucked into Sonic forces. https://c.gmx.com/@562925481498778205/cwCDxfYZSjOpwzbkj_A8bQ
  4. I just thought this up a couple of weeks ago. The night before Christmas, with Sonic and Tails https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12283362/1/The-night-before-Christmas-with-Sonic-and-Tails
  5. I try not to destroy innocent cars. Sonic is a hero and heros don't intentionally destroy privet property.
  6. Still no Sonic Super Special mag #14?
  7. Sonic unleashed day Quick time events x square R circle L triangle L X square R circle triangle do it fast or your dead. I feel like I am playing Simon or Bop It and not Sonic
  8. Hay Is there any news on the sonic super special magazine #14? I still have not seen it out and I just want to know if its just my location or if its missing everywhere?
  9. First off I hate when people say that video games make you antisocial. Like if you’re antisocial and you play video games, than video games are why you are antisocial. There's a big difference between being antisocial because you play video games. And playing video games, because you are antisocial. As for ignoring the outside world. You can be vary social and still get depressed. What if you try so hard to be socially accepted that you lose the real you? This song is a good illustration on my point. Blue Man Group - Persona ( LIVE ) 720p or this Blue Man Group - The Complex - The Complex Tour.mp4 PS I love the boys Sonic suit. I want one.
  10. Has anyone on the east coast seen the Sonic super special # 14 in stores. # 13 said #14 would come in march but I still do not see it any where.
  11. Here is An interesting thought I have.In Sonic X when Chris goes back to Sonic's world it had been 6 years since he had seen Sonic. But for Sonic it had only been 6 months I think that was how it went. Any way if this world and Sonic's world had the same time discrepancy, from sonic 1 1991 to Sonic generations 2011. 20 years. only 1 year and 8 months. would have past in Sonic's world.
  12. First off we need every one to except the fact that the Sonic Time line is irreparably damaged do to too much time travel. This will excuse all the inconsistency’s.
  13. I think they needed to Go 3D but they need to waet a bit longer for the technology. And Sega should have skipped Saturn. Instead make one console that played Sega Genesis SEGA CD and 32X game and soled it for $200.00. they could then have make Sonic 4 32X CD.
  14. Not so shore that wood be a good thing. Although Sega and Sonic teem have been working with Nintendo. They need to have a separation between Sonic and Mario. Sega needs to keep doing what nintendon't. Or at lest what nintenwon't. Even if its on a Nintendo console. And Sonic needs to be better than Mario. Nintendo can't do what nintendon't. And they can't make Sonic better than Mario.
  15. Here is one. Are Sonic's chili dogs all beef? I have seen jokes about the pigs in the games being eaten. But I don't think any cows have ever been seen, in the sonic world.
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